Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fall Hummingbirds

I guess it is about time to share some new/old pictures.
The last 7 ½ weeks have been hard,and I know there will be more difficult days ahead,but for now,I want to share a few pictures I took on September 4,2010.
These pictures were taken on our yard.
The birds were getting ready to head south,so they allowed me to come fairly close.
I also want to take this time to once again thank each of you for your encouragement,prayers and phone calls.
I always knew that blogging was special,but during my time of need I really found out just how special you all are.THANKS.


  1. I think they were there to bring you a note of joy ...

  2. Ruth - what beautiful detail you've captured in these little creatures ! I'm glad you've taken a little time to share your photography with us again.

    The road ahead will be difficult, but you're never alone. I'm not sure if you're familiar with this song - it's loosely based on an Irish blessing. It's a favourite of mine. God bless you.

  3. These photos are beautiful -- you did a wonderful job of capturing their beauty.

    I know from personal experience that some days ahead will be difficult, but remember that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. I am glad to see your new post, Ruth!! My, what wonderful pictures, you even captured one with his beak open! I have tried, very unsuccessfully, to get hummer pictures. But they are very hard to snap, even with stop motion!

  5. Well---we love you, Ruth, and just wish we could do more for you... Your hummingbirds are adorable. Continuing to enjoy nature is one of the best things you can do---and is one in which I'm sure Jake would want you to do...

    God Bless You, my Friend.

  6. Such beautiful little birds and you've captured them so well! They praise their Creator with their whole being.

    May comfort and joy be yours as you continue to live life to the full as Jake would want you to. No doubt there will be difficult times ahead and the Lord will remain at your side.

    Big bear hug,

  7. According to Native American Indian beliefs Hummingbirds teach us Joy!
    May Angels wrap their wings around you and your family and Hummingbirds grace y'all's dreams.

  8. I don't see hummingbirds in our yard very often, but when I do, it's a special sight.

  9. These are great hummer shots! Visits from such beautiful little creatures help brighten your life. The days ahead won't be easy, but Jake will be with you in spirit. You're still in my prayers.

  10. These are lovely Ruth .... just like you! ~ Thinking of you ~

  11. What a treat to see the hummers - and to be able to get close! A blessing to look back on!

    Let the blessings of those happy and comforting memories be the song in your heart right now. I am continuing to pray for the journey ahead.

  12. It's so good to see you posting again, Ruth! These are beautiful birds! I enjoyed mine, especially as they got ready to leave. I held the feeder in my hand while they drank from it and buzzed all around me.
    I also found out what really great friends and prayer warriors my blogger friends were when Joe got burned. They stuck with me for the whole two months with prayers and encougagement!
    Peace and Blessings to you!

  13. oh, these are so special. Take care Ruth!

  14. I know God will continue to bless you and hold you up wiht his rightous right arm. these little humming birds are really precious.

  15. *hugs* Thanks for taking some time to share these with us; they are awesome! I always wish we had hummingbirds here.

    We'll all continue to be here for you. Lean on us all you wish. :o) *more hugs*

  16. Your hummingbirds are utterly lovely, I have seldom seen them so clearly photographed.

    For some time I have wanted to share a little poem my sister, who is a pastor, sent me.

    The Weaver

    My life is but a weaving
    between my Lord and me
    I cannot choose the colours,
    He worketh steadily.

    Oftentimes He weaveth sorrow
    and I, in foolish pride,
    forget that He seeth the upper
    and I the under side.

    Not till the loom is silent
    and the shuttles cease to fly,
    shall God unroll the canvas
    and explain the reason why

    the dark threads are as needful
    in the weaver's skilful hand,
    as the threads of gold and silver
    in the pattern He has planned.

    Hugs and Blessing . . . Arija

  17. Very nice shots of the Hummers! Aren't they fun? One of God's little miracles.

  18. Beautiful pictures, Ruth. Prayers are going out to you during this time. I'm sure it can't be easy, and I truly feel for you, friend. God Bless!

  19. Beautiful...any hummingbirds are not easy...

  20. Dear Ruth. What wonderful photo´s you show us here. I am sorry I didn´t know about your loss before but I haven´t been on line as much as I did. My heart goes out to you in this difficult time. My sincere condolences.

  21. Sweet little hummingbirds Ruth. We're with you as you take these difficult steps. Diane

  22. You did such an awesome job of capturing the detail and color here. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Beautiful birds, and beautiful pictures Ruth. Our little hummers have left long ago.
    We all will be there for you at any time.
    Take care my friend.

  24. Hi Ruth
    Thank you for sharing those beautiful photos!
    I would like to share a prayer with you by Roy Lessin from DaySpring cards.

    Prayer of Hope
    By Roy Lessin
    Father, thank You for being the God of hope and my hope. You alone are the source and the reason for my hope. Because of You, I can pray in hope; walk in hope; believe in hope; endure in hope; overcome in hope; live in hope.
    When I look to the future I have hope because You are already in the future. I have a future that is secure because You are my future. Father, it is Your hope that frees from the despair of hopelessness and the insecurity of false hope.
    When I look ahead, I do not see the details clearly, but I see You, the One who is in all the details of what is ahead. I believe in Your plan and purpose for my life. You have assured me that I will never be disappointed as I trust in You.
    Thank You for the confidence Your hope gives me to be faithful today and to move forward in the pathway You have for my tomorrows. I put my expectations, not in others, but in You. I am confident that all Your desires for me are good. The hope You give me brings happiness and rejoicing to my heart.
    Thank You, Father, for being the author of all the chapters of my life that are yet to come. Thank You that my life will have a happy ending because I will be with You forever, in the place that You have prepared for me and for all those who have put their trust in Your salvation through Jesus Christ.

  25. Delicate and beautiful little birdies aren't they?

    You have been in my thoughts and prayers. Have been in your situation--twice. And the Lord has seen me through both times. Take care, my friend.


  26. Very sharp color and cheerful looking!

  27. Great pictures Ruth...enjoy the beauty of all the nature around us. Today we have had our first snowfall. I don't like winter,but the beautiful white snow covering everything is breath taking. Everything dirty is now covered by a white blanket..

  28. Hi Ruth -

    Prayers are indeed with you. Certainly this is a sorrowful season. We love you...

    The bird photos are precious. Thank you for sharing them.

  29. i love these amazing little birds...
    hope many more blessings like this are sent your way.

    thinking of you often~

  30. Beautiful captures Ruth...hope they put a smile on your face if only for a moment.

  31. Ruth, we have all missed you and hated the hard time you were going through. I know you have more bad days ahead, but I pray that God gives you strength for all the bad times and a lovely photo op to take your mind off the sad times. Hugs

  32. Things happen we will never understand and life will never be easy. We have to stand strong, pick up the pieces and go on. Nice post and trust things are better for you soon.

  33. What fantastic cpatures of the hummingbird(s), Ruth. I hope and pray that God's beautiful creation all around you will always encourage you and cheer you up!

  34. I love the poem Arija included. I just used that idea, showing the kids the back side of a needlepoint picture, and then the front side to illustrate Romans 8:28.

  35. What beautiful little birds and although gone now they will be back to see you come spring. Thanks for stopping by CC and leaving your nice comment.

    I spent most of today out in the fields & woodlands and a number of times could hear flocks of Canadian geese honking overhead as they passed over on their way south.

    You are passing through a winter now but spring will be there for you when your winter is past.

  36. These are the cutest little buggers around. I just love them. We only had one or two this summer and I guess the drought affected them so they moved on. I really like your photos on these.

  37. They are so beautiful and remind us of the good things in life that may be found among all of the troubles and strife.

  38. Wow, those are neat. I've never gotten of them as good as these. You must have them trained to pose for you. :)

  39. Ruth - thank you for popping over and your kind comments.
    I keep wondering how you are managing and wishing I were closer and could help at least in some little way.

    Hugs and Blessings . . . Arija


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