Monday, December 20, 2010

Birds and Blessings

As I think about what to post,I am drawn in different directions.
I decided on posting some pictures taken about a year ago.
You will notice the photographers name on each one.

This picture was taken just west of town at Lake Minniwasta.
This is the road that leads to the back of the lake.
The way the weather looks outside right now,tomorrow could look almost like this.
It is snowing fairly hard.

Today the temperatures are quite mild,so no build up of frost on the windows.
I enjoy the fancy designs the frost makes.
Again,this was taken last year,but before long,as the temperatures drop,there will be more fancy windows again.

I appreciate the feeder Jake put up,right in front of the dining room window.
The window seldom ever is very clean,but that is a small price to pay for having the birds so close.
The Black-capped Chickadee is a favorite bird,showing up all year.

Last year we had this Yellow-shafted Flicker staying around,well into December.
Here there is just the glass between me and him.
Isn't he a handsome fellow?

Jake caught him at the suet feeder.
This was his favorite food.
Since I make my own suet,the pieces don't always fit into the feeder neatly,but the birds don't mind.

On another note.
Yesterday would have been Jake's birthday and I was dreading this day.
I have to say,that I have some of the best in-laws,because they got together and came over,taking me out for lunch and then spending the afternoon with me.
We had a wonderful time together.
I also had the opportunity to pass along some of Jake's collectables to his siblings.
I believe he would have smiled as he saw the pleasure this was giving the recipients,especially his two young nieces.

I had a thought for the day picked,but as I looked up,another one jumped out at me,so I will use it instead.

 Thought for today:
Rejoice though your heart is broken in two;
God seeks to bring forth a rich harvest in you.


  1. You really do have some caring in-laws! How nice that they thought of you and showed you how much they care.
    All the pictures are wonderful! I especially like the Flicker and the Chickadee! You were luck to get such close-up pictures!
    Christmas Blessings to you!

  2. How special to spend this day with the in-laws for Jake is the one who ties you all together and makes you family! You are so thoughtful to share mementos of Jake with them!! I'm glad you had a meaningful day! Ruth, those photos are incredible - thanks for sharing them!

  3. I hope you found some peace on Sunday. For what it's worth, the pictures are excellent and I especially like the one of the frost on the window. Best wishes for Christmas...

  4. It's so nice that your in-laws are so thoughtful and spent the time with you. The photos are special, Ruth. The birds exquisite and the winter scenes gorgeous. I love the ice on the window, too. Hugs, Diane

  5. Your photos are just excellent ... and I'm glad you had someone to share the day with.

  6. All of these photos are fantastic. They help make winter weather truly beautiful.
    I'm glad your family was able to share Jake's birthday with you.

  7. You are an amazing person, Ruth. I am glad that you had your in-laws around you for this day! They must be so thoughtful, thinking of you this way! Jake was an amazing photographer. Who took the picture of the frost on the window, that one is my favorite. The bird pictures are so close, was a zoom used, if not, then why weren't the birds scared away?

  8. Ruth - these photos are simply beautiful; thank you for sharing Jake's passion for God's creation also.

    God's goodness was amply demonstrated through your in-laws - how wonderful that you were all able to spend time together to remember Jake on his birth day. There were smiles in heaven.

  9. I am not surprised but rather awed how God organised Jakes birthday so that you would after all have a good day.

    God truly works in mysterious ways.

    May blessings rain down on you thicker than the snow is falling!

    Lovely chickadee and I always enjoy Jack frost's artistry. Unfortunately here he has no chance as we seldom drop below freezing point and then only barely. I do miss the wonders of ice flowers and ferns sparking on my window so well remembered from childhood.

  10. All those special days are hard to get through, but thankfully you had others to share the day and memories with.

    All of the photos are beautiful. It would be very hard to pick out a favorite.

  11. a beautiful post ruth...

    there are so many blessings in every day~ even when times are so hard.

    i'm so thankful for the blessing of family that helps us on this journey.

    hope that you have a wonderful christmas filled with family friends and love.


  12. What a wonderful view of those feeders from your window Ruth. Glad you were able to spend the day with people who love and support you in such a wonderful way.

  13. How beautiful to see how Jake lives on.

    We see thru His eyes in his photos, we see the result of his handiwork - having the feeder so close by -

    Although not physically present - his person still envelops you and your life.

    THis is a beautiful post Ruth. Thinking and praying for you often this week.


  14. Beautiful photos and memories - I especially like the frost one.

    How thankful I am that you got to spend Jake's birthday with his siblings - eased the pain for all of you. Your thought for the day is wonderful.

  15. How thoughtful! And such a treasured way to spend his birthday. I love the frosted window and how lucky you are to have the birds so close! Thank you for sharing your striking photos and your most encouraging thoughts!

  16. Beautiful photos Ruth! I just love the face of a chickadee, so sweet! Glad you were able to spend Jake's birthday in such a special way. Thank you for your encouraging comments on my blog, I so appreciate them, and yes, we do need to count every moment, don't we? Merry Christmas, Ruth. God bless you!

  17. I'm so glad you have a great support system. Family is so valuable. Your picture's are just beautiful!

  18. Beautiful photos, Ruth! Those frost designs are just amazing. Love your thought for the day too.

  19. Ruth, It seems to me that you are one of Gods finest, it thought, in word and deed! Thank You.

  20. The kind of weather you featured today can cause a lot of problems. In another way, nature provides us s with one of the most beautiful white shows ever.

  21. The window is spectacular ..cant wait to see more of them.

  22. Wow .... those are nice. I like all of them a lot.

  23. These are amazing!
    A blessed Christmas Jake and Ruth!

  24. You definitely have warm and caring in-laws, Ruth! I'm so glad they took you out to lunch and spent the day with you. I really like your thought of the day.

    That Yellow-shafted Flicker looks quite healthy--It looks like you make a very nutritious suet for the birds!

    It was so thoughtful of you to pass along some of Jake's collectables to his siblings and nieces. I'm sure they will treasure them.

    May the Lord continue to uphold you in this difficult time and give you peace and comfort.

  25. Such beauty in those images and words Ruth. Hugs to you.

  26. Beautiful post Ruth.

    Thank you for you many visits and your very thoughtful comments over the last year. You certainly are a special blogging friend. Here's wishing you a wonderful Christmas season.

  27. Great pictures Ruth ..I love the frost on the window..its amazing. The beauty outside today is breath taking. Everything covered with a thick layer of hoar frost that lasted the whole day is a great Christmas gift that God created for us.Thinking of you this Christmas..may you feel the presence of God as you sit across from the empty chair this Christmas...Merry Christmas Ruth and I wish you a blessed New Year...Susan

  28. Oh my, such beautiful pictures Ruth. Jake is certainly smiling for sure that you are sharing his wonderful work with us.

  29. Dear Ruth, the photos are beautiful, as usual. sorry I don't seem to get around to all the blogs I would like to. Thank you for your visit. I'm glad your in-laws came to visit and take you out to lunch. That had to help. May God be with you at Christmas and the whole year through.

  30. The photos are so pretty. I love the frost on the window and the bird shots are great. I'm glad that what could have been a very sad day turned out to be a nice one for you. Each time it will get easier. God is working on that harvest. Hugs from here and I hope you have a good Christmas with your family.

  31. Ruth, all of the photos you have chosen for this post are so beautiful. I usually like to single out one that is a favorite, but can't. I'm wishing you much peace, faith, hope, joy and comfort at this difficult time, and I pray you will feel Jake's presence with you always.

  32. Beautiful photos- he was such a talented man. Thank you for sharing his work.

    I've found that sometimes the anticipation of the say is so much worse than the actual birthday. I'm glad your inlays were there for you. I wish you peace this Christmas Ruth and many many blessings.


  33. It's amazing how people step into a void, they step up somehow, sometimes even people you least expect.
    Blessings of peace and joy on you and yours this week.

  34. Oh the pictures are lovely Ruth! That frosted glass is just amazing.

    And what a wonderful family you have!!

    Blessings to you!

  35. Beautiful photos as always, Ruth! Like Coy I wish to thank you for your many visits to the blog during the past year, and for sharing your positive outlook on life and your wonderful photographs. Merry Christmas!

  36. That Northern Flicker is beautiful. All of the pictures are but that one is really special. They are seldom seen here and I don't know how to really attract them. I never saw one eating suet. They usually come in the summer about the time the ants are swarming.

  37. I just found your blog! Wow! Beautiful!!

  38. Hi Ruth -

    I loved those pictures, especially of the ice forms, and the birds.

    That is great that your in-laws came to love on you. Praise our Lord.

    Thank you, Ruth, for sharing these photos, and your thoughts of Jake.

  39. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  40. Beautiful birds and photos! Merry Christmas! And Ruth, I wish you all the best in 2011.

  41. Ruth these images are so special to view knowing that Jake's spirit is with each. I admire the courage you show in sharing these special memories with us all and I know that you find comfort knowing that he is with you, in that special place in your heart forever.I wish you peace as you live each day moving forward. Wrappin my arms around you. love and light Anna xo

  42. Loved your post, especially the birds.


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