Thursday, December 16, 2010


Allow me to do a little reminiscing.
For today's post I have picked a few of Jake's old slide scans.
Jake was always looking for a new challenge,when it came to photography.
Night shots are a challenge,but one which Jake enjoyed.
Here are two shots taken in Calgary,Alberta.
I recognize the Calgary Tower in the first picture,but have no idea just where the next one is,except that it is Calgary.

This next picture is a partial Lunar eclipse.
I know that Jake took several eclipse shots over the years.

Of course,sunset pictures are always special.
I happen to like this one,but could have chosen any of a number of pictures.
Jake enjoyed taking pictures at sunset.
I look at these images and remember a man who loved life and had so much to share.

The final image is one of a comet.
This one was taken on a very cold night,I remember because I was right there with him.
I do not remember the name of this comet,but it was fairly easy to see and photograph.

As I spend time looking at these pictures,I have tears in my eyes.
Oh how I would love to go out and spend time taking pictures together with Jake.
This is now only a memory,but what a special memory it is.
I have always known that making good memories was important,but now I realize just how important it really is.
Take the time today to do that special something with the ones you love.You will never regret these moments.

The thought for today is a verse that has become very meaningful to me.

When you pass through the waters,I will be with you;and when you pass through the rivers,they will not sweep over you.
Isaiah 43:2


  1. Those are some beautiful pictures and beautiful memories, Ruth! I like that verse for today, too. You noticed that God promises to lead us THROUGH the waters. We don't have to STAY in the dark valleys. I'm so thankful for that!

  2. Thank you for the thoughts Ruth, we all need to remember that. I'm so glad that you had wonderful memories of your life with Jake. They, as well as your faith in God, will help you get through these waters and dark valleys. Your friend, Diane

  3. You know Ruth.... Jake is still with you---through all of his photos. He was (and so are you) a fabulous photographer... It's wonderful that you have all of those memories --right there in front of you... So many people don't bother to take pictures... i think that is sad since they can't see those memories --like you can.

    I'm sure that Jake is smiling since you are showing some of his great photos. I hope you show us MANY more....

    Merry Christmas my friend. Keep that special fellow alive --through your memories..


  4. These are stunning photographs!! The night pictures, the comet, all of them. Jake was an amazing photographer. I think he would have been glad that you posted these,what good are they unless they can be shown and appreciated? I know this month is so hard for you that I can't imagine. My prayers continue to be with you, I do think of you and pray for you daily, Ruth.

  5. Thanks for sharing these with us Ruth - even though it brought tears to your eyes. As others have said, his memory lives on in so many ways, and especially through his photos. I'm sure each brings the moment of its making back to you.

    I lived in Calgary for 15 years but I can't quite place that 2nd photo either.

    Take strength from the promise in that scripture verse. God bless you !

  6. Jake was a very talented photographer and these shots are all stunning. I especially like the comet shot. May your memories always bring you comfort and someday they will bring smiles rather than tears. Your loss is still so fresh but God will carry you through those waters.

    I too still pray for you daily.

  7. Wow, God has blessed you with such wonderful memories. We are honored that you would share them with us. Jake took great photos. That first one of Calgary is just fantastic. Love the comet one - I saw one years ago up north traveling home from High Level, AB. AWESOME to see - but didn't have a camera!

    Thank you for the verse of Scripture - one of my favorites. He's holding your hand as He brings you through. And Jake is always with you too. I find it interesting that we see TIME with human limitations. We'll all be together some day in HIS Presence in HIS time!


    Word verification is squall - we had more than a squall here yesterday!

  8. Thank you for posting some of Jakes photos, he certainly had a way with a camera. Seeing the tail on the comet was sensational and the sunset is certainly one to remember. The night time shots of Calgary are also impressive. It is 41 years since we were there and the city seems to have grown quite a bit.
    I am glad you are going through his photos and remembering the good times. Through the prism of a tear or few, things often become clearer and thank God for the gifts we have received and get an inkling of those yet to come as come they surely will.

    Love . . . Arija

  9. Lovely shots Ruth and lovely memories!

  10. Jake's photos are fantastic. I especially like the sunset shot, but they are all very good.

    It is important to take the time to make beautiful memories with our loved ones. We don't know what our alloted span of time will be, but however long or short we need to make the most of it. Through Jake's amazing photography you can look back and remember all the wonderful years you had with him. Your tears are part of the healing process. Eventuually you will be able to look at his photos without the tears. God bless you during this difficult time.

  11. Those are so beautiful Ruth. It's so wonderful that you have so many of these images to bring back happy memories of your Jake. Hugs to you today.

  12. Those are good!! I've never tried many night shots because I don't have a good tripod. That sunset is absolutely gorgeous.

  13. Beautiful photos. I love that you both enjoyed photography together. There will be a total lunar eclipse on Dec. 21st...Jake would have liked that!

  14. these wonderful and beautiful photos do indeed prove the quote that is on my blog. photos are the pilot light of memories. and these give you many wonderful memories

  15. Thank you for sharing Jakes beautiful pics with us Ruth. I hope you continue to do that ... and to share with us the wonderful memories that you made with him.

    You are never far from my thoughts!

  16. Absolutely gorgeous photos. He was quite an artist with a camera! Love the "thought" too.

  17. Enjoyed the photos, Ruth. I have many pictures of my hubby at various times thru 25 years and everyone is a special memory too.
    God bless and be with you during this Christmas time.


  18. These are beautiful pictures. As you well know, Jake was a wonderful photographer and I thank you for sharing his work with us. Of course, you are sharing Jake and his memory at the same time. Thank you.

  19. Ruth, the photos are absolutely beautiful! and how wonderful that you have those knowing full well they are a piece of Jake that you hold in your hand.

    If I don't see you before Christmas ;)... many blessings to you dear lady and God bless Jake.

  20. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos and memories, Ruth. You and Jake had some precious times together and a very special hobby that illuminated God's creation and glory, such a gift! Keep talking and sharing about your life together.

  21. Beautiful photo's beautiful thoughts, and beautiful memories!

  22. Hi Ruth -

    Those pictures are splendid indeed.
    All of them capture such beauty. I loved viewing them. Thank you, Ruth, for posting what Jake loved and for reminding us of the loving man that he IS!

    What struck me in particular is that yesterday the Lord had me to read up on the solar system and this morning He told me to look up lunar eclipse. And then I come here and you have a photo of a lunar eclipse and a comet!! Wow, Ruth, I wonder what he Lord is saying there...?

    Sidebar: On Wednesday December 15, 2010, I posted a post, "SON KISSED." It is about the joy of being kissed by JESUS.

  23. Jake's talent lives on! Thanks for sharing wonderful photos. Take care and God Bless.

  24. Hi Ruth -

    If you feel so led, please visit my blog and read under the separate tab section, "TO EVERY THING THERE IS A SEASON" the topic titled, "HOME FOR CHIRSTmas" and the prayer that follows.

    Thank you, Ruth, for your consideration.

  25. gosh! i took almost similar pics in my recent biz trip.... what a coincident, i just blog on the city lights as the first entry, WOW.

  26. Beautiful images. Love that Lunar eclipse. Such special memories I bet... thank you for sharing them and I hope you will continue to do so as you wish...

  27. Wow Ruth, you have some gorgeous memories and happy times together with Jake. This post is a great tribute to Jake.

  28. beautiful photos. I remember that comet too. I was just reading last night about a path through the water. my thoughts and prayers are with you

  29. How wonderful that you and Jake shared the love of nature and photography. Not only do you have the photographs but you have the memories to go with them.

    I know these next few days will probably be difficult for you.
    The passage you shared is a great verse to cling to.

  30. For some reason I had missed this post ...

    These are beautiful images and memories. I'm so glad you have both. May your heart be blessed with comfort this Christmas season.

  31. For a moment I was totally lost. The pictures are extremely perfect. I feel that it would be good to place 'copyright by' label on each of the pictures.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful shots that carry the man's mind within each.

  32. Jake was a very accomplished photographer, Ruth. His photos will help you keep him close to your heart in these dark days of sorrow. I hope you have a blessed time with your son and family on Christmas.

  33. I loved each and everyone of these beautiful shots. I have not figured out to use my night feature yet. After seeing these lovely sights, I have got to learn how.

  34. These are unbelievable Ruth. Jake was certainly a marvelous photographer. Night shot are so challangeing, and what a beautiful job he did! Love the comet too.

  35. Jake was such an amazing photography. He had this special gift from God, that just truly captures the moment. Thanks for sharing.


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