Friday, January 14, 2011


Right now I am so in need of some bright colours,so I decided to do something about that.
I went back into Jake's slide scans and picked five of my favourite flower pictures.
Most of these have been posted on this blog before,but I feel they are worth sharing again.
In my opinion,Jake had a good eye for composing flower shots.
OK,maybe I am just a little biased,but I think I have that right.
Looking at these images brings back wonderful memories,of time spent together and a precious love that we shared.

I would not be able to choose just one favourite,but this first one would come close to that.

More Tulips.
I love the back lighting.
Actually Jake loved taking that kind of picture and often encouraged me to try it.

The gently and delicate beauty of a Wild Columbine is seen here.

Look at this,another back lit picture.
These Tulips were growing in our own garden.

Daisies! I love Daisies in all colours.
Again,this was on our yard.

Two things I wish for right now.
One would be to have Jake at my side again,but I know that is not possible.
Perhaps,he is even closer than that.He is in my heart with all the memories I have.
I remember telling him,during the last weeks,that I had a heart full of memories,which would help me through the tough times.
Besides the memories is the assurance that God is leading me,yes,even carrying me through these days.

The other thing I wish for right now is no less possible.SPRING.
This year the winter feels much longer than usual.
I know it is not,and that it is my circumstances that make it feel that way,but I am so ready for spring.

Thought for today:
Whatever our problems,
Our troubles and sorrows,
If we trust in the Lord,
There'll be brighter tomorrows.


Regina said...

Truly amazing and gorgeous!
God bless you.

Unknown said...

Ruth, beautiful images. I too am in dire need of colour. Things are so drab this time of year. I love flower shots a lot. I am also longing for spring!
It will be here in a blink!
Bless you

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, words, memories, faith...thank you for sharing...ah spring...bring it on!

Sandra said...

i see what you mean about joyful flowers today. that first shot is stunning, the droplets make it perfect. i do lots of back lightning on flowers and bushes, so i really like that one, my favorite is the last one. my favorite flowers are wild ones, fields of them and that photo makes me want to wander through it with my camera and just to enjoy the sun shining on God's creation. these are all good and you do have so many wonderful memories. thanks for sharing. your blog is looking fantastic with all the new things on it.

Tracy said...

This was my first visit to your place but it certain ly will NOT be my last. The photos are gorgeous and Columbine is one of my absolute favorite flowers so just lovely!
Thank Valarie for connecting us and I look forward to going back and reading about Jake.
Have a great day! and stay warm...

Karin said...

Ohhhhhhhh Ruth these are gorgeous! I would love to use these photos to make some posters for our residents at the nursing home - giving you credit of course! I would put a large-print quote with the pic! They need some color too - just like I do!

Cicero Sings said...

Lovely flowers. We've had such a dump of snow, the colour is nice. My back is so sore again. Sigh. Fortuantely, BIL came and snow blew my driveway this afternoon ... I just couldn't do it. Hopefully the snow has left off for a while.

Had a melt down this morning ... somehow got overwhelmed with it all. I want to go HOME too ... but I guess that journey isn't now, isn't yet.

Susan said...

Ruth..thanks for the pictures and the write up today. We certainly do need some colour and the winter does feel long. We haven't had sunshine for so long your lovely colours certainly did brighten my day...Thanks..

Ginny Hartzler said...

Jake was a wonderful photographer, and I am so glad you are going back and posting some of his photos. Since I am a relatively new follower, I have not seen most of them. I could not pick a favorite. All are filled with color, detail, and shaprness. I can almost feel and smell them through the screen. They are powerful. Jake would love it, I think. Blessings to you, Ruth, and a very early spring.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Love seeing your COLORS today, Ruth... On a cold winter, snow-on-the-ground day, COLOR is nice. Your pictures are fabulous --and makes me yearn for Spring...

We did get out today to get some groceries and run some errands. The main roads were good and the back roads were fair.. It was nice to get out though.

Have a wonderful weekend.

S. Etole said...

What a welcome sight on another snowy, wintry day. I'm glad you have these beautiful reminders of your years and adventures together.

Dorothy said...

Beautiful pictures of flowers, Ruth! We all need a big dose of color about now! Memories are wonderful things! So glad we have them and can go back and re-live those special times.

Montanagirl said...

The flower shots are just gorgeous. He definitely had an eye for what makes a good photo. Thank you for sharing them and your thoughts.

eileeninmd said...

Hi Ruth! I am longing for spring now too. I am not a winter person at all. Jake's flower photos are all just gorgeous and your right colorful. Take Care and have a great weekend!

Shelley said...

I hold you in my thoughts and prayers Ruth. You are an amazing woman!!
P.S. I am still oohing and ahing over that first photo!

Diane said...

I feel your sadness through your post but I know you're a brave, sensible, and Godly woman and that will get you through to a glorious spring. I'm so glad you have this love of photography which you and Jake shared and you can hold that in your heart. These pictures are stunning. I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite so I'll just enjoy them. Diane

George said...

I don't think you're biased at all. Jake was a wonderful photographer and had a marvelous eye. These are wonderful pictures.
You're not alone in looking forward to Spring.

Arija said...

I have always loved Jakes flower shots and these certainly are no exceptions.
Ruth dear, no matter how much you long for spring, don't wish away one day of winter. Life is too sort for wasting days in wishing them away. No matter how painful they may be right now, 'the dark days of winter' are there for a reason and God will continue to carry you through them.

Buy a bunch of bright flowers and light some candles every day. The simple light of a candle first thing in the morning always makes me feel closer to God and the flowers near Jake's picture will bring a little spring into your life.

Hugs and Blessings . . . Arija

Kerri Farley said...

Oh Ruth .... these brighten my morning! Jake had outstanding talent!! I remember that first one and it is truly one of my all time faves!! And the others are just as amazing. Thank you for sharing these with us.

PS - I'm longing for spring as well. On the bright side - we are 1/2 way thru January! Woo Hoo!

Jayne said...

Those are all so very beautiful Ruth. I do believe that first tulip photo is my favorite as well. It's so lovely that you have so much of Jake to "see" each day as you look at the photos he saw through his eyes. Blessings to you today.

Valerie said...
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Valerie said...

Ruth -
Just got back from driving my sons - one to basketball practice, and one to work. The weather this morning is yucky with constant snowfall, very slippery roads and dreary white skies with everything covered in snow - a dreary white ground as the wind is blowing and it isn't even a pretty snow. My youngest and I just had the conversation of of how dreary our days become when we don't see the blue sky or shining sun for days at a time. I remember last year I did a couple of mosaics - One showing the colorless winter - the other the colors of winter. After I dropped him off - I couldn't help but see the reds in the bush stems and sumac bushes, the muted yellows and browns and golds of the old brush from the fall, even on this very dreary day.
I know exactly what you mean about longing for the Bright Colors - it does get tiresome looking for the muted colors.

These photos are beautiful and certainly do brighten up a sense of dreariness. Thank you for your thoughts, your honesty and sharing the beauty that Jake captured!

(sorry for the error in my first comment - it was very jumbled and so I deleted it and reposted after rearranging!)

Lily Riani said...

at first i wanted to say i like the first, but then i like the 2nd and 3rd one too... then... sigh... you know what, all photos was beautifully captured.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Wonderful flower photos.

Carole Barkett said...

I agree, I miss color and that tulip photo is stunning. Beautiful poem to remember.

Unknown said...

Ruth, these are gorgeous! You are very right about Jake being an extremely talented photographer. I feel blessed that I am able to continue experiencing his talent through you. I love that you two would take pictures together and I love hearing about the things he taught you and encouraged you to do. It gives me hope.

Thank you for sharing this loveliness. I hope you are well. Keep warm, sunshine!

Dawning Inspiration said...

I almost posted an image today regarding Spring... just wasn't ready though. Maybe tomorrow. These are gorgeous images. I love that first one... but all of them are fabulous. I will have to watch for more backlighting situations like Jake did!!

Rick said...

It's so wonderful that Jake left you these precious memories - thank you for sharing them with us ! While there may not be much colour in your world right now and it's certainly not spring, these photos of Jake's have done much to bring colour and spring into your heart.

Have a blessed Sunday Ruth !

Ruth said...

Beautiful thoughts, beautiful pictures. I too am ready for spring but know it is 8 weeks away at least.

jeanlivingsimple said...

...and I needed for you to post color...and you did.:)

Leah said...

Beautiful picture's!

Patty said...

What beautiful photos of the flowers. Yes, Winter does seem to be long this year, but stop and think here it is the middle of Jan. all ready. Seems like it was just Christmas last week. The thing I dislike most about winter is the cold. Seems as I get older it also gets colder. My favorite time of year is late Spring. Have a fantastic week.

Neal said...

Wow Ruth. Those are amazing beautiful.

What Karen Sees said...

Ruth, I think you speak for so many of us. The drabness of winter really gets me down, and I long for color and spring, and your flower photos and beautiful and are just what I needed to start this new day. I wish you comfort and peace as you move forward with Jake forever in your heart rather than walking by your side.

LV said...

What beautiful photos. He may not be with you in person, but he left you with a lot of beautiful pieces of beauty and heart full of memories.

Willard said...

They are exquisite image. There is so much beauty in nature and Jake did truly have the "eye" to see it and the skill to photograph it in an outstanding manner.

lioneagle said...

Hi Ruth -

I especially like that first flower photo. Splendid.

Thank you, Ruth, for sharing.

Pat said...

These are so beautiful, Ruth. Jake did indeed have an eye for beauty in his photography.

May you sense God's loving arms around you in your sorrow and loneliness.

Mary said...

I think we have reached that point in winter when we all long for spring! That first photo is just gorgeous....the curves and the! He did have a great eye, but then so do you. We will enjoy your photos along with your memories of Jakes. Sharing blesses all of us.