Monday, February 28, 2011

Snow and Roses

Winter is still holding on up here,so I may as well make the best of it.
On Sunday,February 27,I drove to the Pembina Valley,hoping for some Hawks or Eagles,but instead I found was another birder who was also waiting for the Raptors to come.
I determined not to leave the area without at least one picture.
This is the scene which greets everyone who goes to the Pembina Valley Bible Camp.
I thought it looked quite attractive in all the snow.
I think I may have to take some pictures here as the seasons progress.

The rest of these images are from a week or more ago.
This was just the other day.
I think I am getting bored so any photo subject will do.
This is the frost on my living room window.
I put the frame around it just to give it some depth.

As my Valentine flowers were fading,I found them to be pretty   just the same.
I added a little saturation to this one,because the flower was fast losing it's color.

Sometimes I get these little surprises in my photos.
This is one example of just such a surprise.
I had placed this,past it's prime,rose on a white table.
The first image is edited to give a little color to the background,but the next one is SOOC.

I like the curled edges on this dying flower.There is beauty,even in death.
Hmmm,I didn't think I would be able to say that.

I received the following text message from my teenage friend,
She is a sweetheart and knows how to make my day.
Thanks Sydney.

May the sun always shine on your window pane,
May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain,
May the hand of a friend always be near you,
And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.


  1. That was lovely - all of it.

    Your header banner - is that birds you hope to see/photograph in March?

  2. I had frost this morning on my window that looked so beautiful but didn't think to photo it. Yours is fantastic, especially with that frame around it! WOW!!!! Love what you achieved with your beautiful roses!

  3. Your photos are wonderful. Frost is always such an interesting pattern and yours is beautiful. Those roses.. just amazing. Yes, there's beauty in death.. as long as it doesn't come too soon. ;)

  4. How lovely to have such a thoughtful teenage friend!

    Like the first pic with the wagon wheel and the frost on the window is so interesting. I don't get the frost on my windows?

  5. Hi Ruth, What a sweetie Sydney is.... I love it...

    Beautiful snow picture... Yes--that is a place where you need to go back in other seasons...

    The flowers still look gorgeous, even as they fade...

    We had HUGE rains today... I'm blogging about it tomorrow.

  6. What a lovely young friend you have Ruth.
    I love what you have done with your roses. Do you know that the sweetest perfume comes just before they die off?
    I have never seen such symmetry in iceflowers before. It looks like a negative of a rosemary bush.

    Wonderful collection of shot even it the elements were against you, you still got great pictures put of them.

    Hugs and Blessings . . . Arija

  7. The photos are there it is the eye of the photographer that captures them.
    Keep rounding up the pixels.

  8. The photos are beautiful...especially the faded and curled roses. When I was in Illinois a few weeks ago, we drove through Elgin hoping to see the wintering eagles eagles that trip, but beautiful mallard ducks by the hundreds!

  9. You have such a great eye for photography. There is beauty all around us. I think that's one of the things I love about photography--I began to notice so much more of that beauty as I began to look at God's creation through the lens of my camera. I love all of your pics!

  10. Yes, the curling edges of the dying rose give it a darkly attractive border. Well, all I can say is I wish you would get bored more often!!! The frost on your window, never have I seen anything like it!! Truly amazing!!! It actually looks a bit like a tree.

  11. Your roses are still beautiful Ruth. Like your new header too!

  12. All of your photos are wonderful. I really like the picture of the frost on your window. It really looks beautiful with the frame you created for it. The picture from the Bible Camp is also beautiful.
    You have a wonderful friend in Sydney.

  13. Wise and lovely poem.
    Your photos are beautiful, the birds in your new header are beautiful, especially the eagle. I guess I'm partial to them. The rose shots are so pretty, too.

  14. Oh - what a sweetheart your friend is! And, lovely images...all of them. That frost on your window is gorgeous!

  15. Ruth, wonderful pictures. The frost is really special.

  16. Beautiful Photos Ruth.
    You are so blessed to have a teenage friend who is so careing.
    Beneath that snow, Spring lurks.

  17. Your photos are beautiful! You are a truly talented photographer. I love seeing your frosty winter pics but I'm glad we've got a little warmth going here right now.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  18. Love that frost photo! You should add some Christmas decorations and post it again - it looks just like a beautiful Christmas tree in someone's window. Lovely little poem too.

  19. It looks like you are enjoying learning PhotoShop. You pictures are really pretty..I liked the frosty window, but I think your header is awesome.

    Have a great day!

  20. you are truly blessed to have a teen friend that would send that message to you. perfect. your new look on the blog is sensational, love it and the roses are magnifico!! keep snapping. great post

  21. God speaks, doesn't He, through the gift of the unexpected in a photo ...

  22. Nice Photos...we'll be waiting for the raptors...

  23. Beautiful photos, Ruth. Also enjoyed reading the post.

    I have a story to tell about one squirrel who lived here. Sad but I promised him I would always remember him and tell his story from time to time.

  24. The bible camp phpto location is nice. I can really identify with treying to find interesting things out there to photograph. But sprisng is on the waym sooner or later and today I am feeling optimistic. Lovel photo editing on the roses also. Ann

  25. Ruth you have the hands of many friends near you.These images are absolutely beautiful!Be still my heart!
    To meet and part is the way of part and meet is the hope of life..perhaps this is the beauty we realize in death. blessings from the hand of a friend
    hugs Anna xo

  26. Cold from looking at your snow. I'm sure you're ready to dig out. Your flower pictures are wonderful. Have a good week

  27. Beautiful Picture's, Ruth! Thanks so much for sharing!

  28. Hi Ruth....I'm shug and I am coming to you from over at Ginny's place..
    Love the beautiful pink rose! Such a wonderful Blessings to see the beauty that surrounds us. Enjoyed your post...

  29. Beautiful winter scenes! The roses are gorgeous! I have a frosty window picture, too, which I'll be posting soon. The inclement weather that keeps us inside for the moment is a great opportunity for playing with photo techniques - lots of fun. Enjoy your day.

  30. Do the raptors always return at about the same time? I very much like the photo of the wagon wheel.

  31. Ruth, I always enjoy your posts! The photos and the writing- you are quite an inspiring woman!

  32. Wonderful series, Ruth! Your roses are still looking gorgeous. Cool looking capture of the frost. Take care!

  33. Ruth, Great photos. I enjoyed my visit. That frost photo is really neat!

  34. What lovely images. I esp. like the first one.~karen

  35. Ruth: Your Winter scenes are beautiful. You did a great job on your flowers.

  36. Beautiful captures, Ruth!

    You are a special Lady. Expect major blessings to arrive shortly.

  37. I like your banner, Ruth ! And you have a variety of interesting shots - again. Even the (almost) withered rose has a beauty all its own. And there's beauty in the ordinary things around us - keep shooting.

    A great quote too - and may it come to pass for you.

  38. I love the barn you posted on the meme today. wow, great shot

  39. Really beautiful shots Ruth! I LOVE the uniqueness of frost .... it's never the same!
    What a sweet friend to text you that :) You are loved!!

  40. Beautiful winter scenes! And sweet roses.

  41. The beauty in death is that your loved one is in the presence of God, where there is no more sorrow or sadness, pain or tears...and some day you will be there, eternally!

    Beautiful post, th!

  42. That frost on the window looks just like a tree with white branches! Beautiful capture.

    Love the flowers too. I got a nice surprise (and one of my favorite shots ) when I held a gerbera daisy up to the sun in one hand and shot with my camera in the other - everything was blown out white around it and the flower was just gorgeous! I love those surprises too!

  43. I like all the pictures BUT that first picture is something special...absolutely gorgeous.


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