Thursday, March 17, 2011

Baking and Birds

Let me introduce you to my family.Well,sort of.
I have only one sister,we were born seven years apart.
We both got married and had one son.
Becky,my sister,lost her husband 14 years ago,and as most of you know I said a final good-bye to my husband last year in November.Both our sons got married,both have one daughter.These two girls are 6 months apart.
I have said all this to introduce the next two pictures.
Becky and I,together with our Granddaughters spent a day together a few weeks ago.
I caught the girls playing on the chair.
L-R Kai,Addy
The girls,Kai and Addy ,were very willing to help me bake French Bread.
These were their creations.In the foreground is Kai's butterfly and in the back is Addy's teddy bear.Addy had some help from Grandma to form the bear.
I might add that Kai ,who is the older one,took the picture.
It also helps that her Daddy is a photographer.
We had a great time,making memories.

Now on to the second part of my title,the birds.
Spring migration has started at the Pembina Valley,here in Manitoba.
I have only been there once this year and on that day the birds were absent.The following pictures were all taken on March 17,2010,by Jake.
This is a taste of what it is like on  a good day at the Hawkwatch.
Bald Eagle

Golden Eagle


I am hoping to go take part in the watch,sometime soon,perhaps this weekend.
I had planned on going today,but my plans were changed.

Thought for today:
The wisdom of nature speaks to the heart,
and nature's first language is beauty.


  1. Nice to meet your family! Wow, 2 sisters, each with 1 son, each with 1 daughter. How sweet that you are close enough to spend time with one another. I wish I had family nearby. And baking with grandmas? How much fun would that be!? I never knew any of my grandparents and I envy those that have such a great bond.

  2. What two beautiful little girls! what a wonderful was to spend your day bzking with them. I have two grandaughters, one is almost four ans the other is only two. One lives in NB, the other in Ontario ao I very seldom hsve them both visiting together. Isn't spring such a wonderful time? My past few days have been filled with bisyness relating to spring. The eagle photos are beautiful, They must hold such memoties for you. I find my pictures do that for me. They bring such instant recall of the day and details of the event. I would love to see a hawk soon, I have seen so few the past year. My camera is hungry for a hawk picture. Maybe soon. I find myself now waiting for Grackles, more ducks and Robins. I find that spring brings contentment. Ann

  3. The girls are just precious! And the bread so cute! I bet they had so much fun eating it! Warm from the oven? Nothing beats the smell of fresh baked bread. This Sunday at communion, we are having bread machines in the sanctuary so we can all smell te bread, and we will break fresh hot bread!

  4. the girls are beautiful, both of them and look like sisters. love that bear, yum. the birds are stunning so far up in the sky. beautiful post Ruth

  5. The girls are precious...Beautiful eyes! And...Wow, pretty good bakers at that. What a JOY!

    You will be so proud of me...I took a picture of a bird in my yard today...Hope to post it tomorrow..I have no ideal what kind it is. Oh my...the bald eagle is beautiful...The last picture of the Merlin looks a whole lot like our Hawks...Are they the same thing?

    Loved this post!

  6. What precous little girls, Ruth! I know that you enjoyed baking memories with them. Sounds like fun!

  7. Those two beautiful little girls look like they could be sisters. It is nice that they are so close together age-wise.

    How neat that you can go watch Eagles fly close to where you live. They say Eagles are coming back to Indiana, but so far I have not seen any.

    Have a nice day....Hope yours is warm...It finally is here (at least for today.)

  8. Beautiful little girls. The bread looks wonderful, I can't decide between the butterfly or the teddy bear. So I guess I'll have a slice of each. I hope you get to go to the Hawkwatch Ruth. You'll enjoy it. Blessings, Diane

  9. Enjoyed your entire post today. However, since I am partial to children, I love the precious little girls best.

  10. Hi Ruth, How neat to have a sister with so many things in common with you... Each of you having a granddaughter about the same age is awesome. Those little cousins will be friends forever....

    The bread turned out GREAT... I'm sure the girls loved it... YUM!!!!!!

    AND--I hope you get to go and see the birds soon. Your pictures are marvelous. I am enjoying watching the nesting eagles SO much...


  11. what precious granddaughters ...

  12. What sweet children! I love their bread loaves and can imagine the smell when they were baking.

  13. What precious little girls, and what a delightful way to spend the day, baking with their grannies! Jake's photos are spectacular. He really had a talent for that. I hope you get to see the eagles soon.

  14. Very lovely young ladies. You are building very strong memories when you spend time with them and especially baking. My madeline is the same way always cooking for our grands. We have 7 grand children 5 boys and 2 lovely girls. These are our treasures.

  15. It was fun to "meet" your family. Enjoying time in the kitchen baking bread the BEST kind of day!

    Jake's pictures make me want to find a place like that near us (NC now). Such amazing birds. He did a great job capturing them. What joy for you to have those pictures to look at and remember the fun he had taking them. I hope you will get a chance to go, Ruth. And...I hope the birds will be there to put on quite a show.

  16. Love those photos by Jake! Oh, to be free and be able to fly like that, eh!!

    Your grandangels look lovely. So much fun to spend time baking bread. Yum! Fresh out of the oven with just some butter!

    Thanks for sharing photos of your family with us.

    Have an awesome week-end!

  17. Kai and Addy are are absolutely precious. I'll bet they had almost as much fun baking bread as you did.
    Jake's photos are wonderful, as they always have been. I hope you are able to take part in Hawkwatch soon.

  18. Lovely girls, and the bread looks great. Also, your flight photos are just fabulous.

  19. Can't think of a better way to spend the day!

  20. How nice to meet your similar your lives have been!
    I would love to see eagles like this...beautiful photos!

  21. Ruth, I don't know if I can leave this link here, but we have been watching this eagle cam for a few weeks. There are 3 eggs in the nest...the parents switch off sitting on the eggs.

  22. Both girls are so very beautiful
    The eagle is fantastic. I havent seen anybirds coming back here yet . I cant wait.
    Thanks for the welcome home.

  23. Oh the girls are just adorable. What a joy it must be to have them visit.

    I love the eagles and merlin shots. Such beauties in flight.

  24. Absolutely adorable 'kitchen helpers' ! How great it is to have grandchildren visit - they brighten up the day like nothing else can. Lovely baked creations, and I'll bet Kai will follow in her daddy's (and grandparents !) footsteps into photography.

    Superb bird shots too - another of Jake's legacies.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Ruth.

  25. What beautiful girls! How fun to spend a day like that - and oh that bread looks delish!

  26. Your wee ones are beauties! We are lucky to have wee ones around to keep us on our toes.:)

  27. Thanks for the great pictures. Baking with the grandkids are special memories made. They did a great job (with a bit of your help). I too am waiting for the birds to come back. I saw one lonely goose flying around here yesterday..he must have been lost..he was all alone. I'm waiting for my special bird,the gold finch, to make his appearence..Happy bird watching.

  28. Ruth, your granddaughters are both adorable. It must be a treat to have them visit and bake with you. Wonderful photos from the Hawkwatch. I would love the see the Golden Eagle and Merlin in flight. Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

  29. Ruth, Thanks for the link. I checked it out and there's a hawkwatch about 35 miles from where we live. I can't wait to go!

  30. Hi Ruth, Your granddaughters are little sweethearts and the baking project will make for some neat memories. Your post reminded me of times when I was a kid and visited one of my grandmothers who, at least in my opinion, was one of the best cooks in the world. She made a Sunday dinner that still brings a smile to my face some 60 years later. Jake's eagle pictures are great. Hope you are able to go to the Hawkwatch soon. Have a great weekend. John

  31. The girls are so cute, I am sure you really enjoy the viist. Building memories for them to pass on, even though they are young the pics will help them remember the day of making french bread with you.

  32. Wonderful post Ruth! The girls look like twin sisters!!

  33. Ruth, thank you kindly for visiting my blog and leaving an encouraging comment. I have just spent some time browsing your blog, and you have captured some wonderful images. I LOVE that cedar waxwing shot of a few posts back. Just gorgeous. I am so sorry for the loss of your husband just four short months ago. May you sense the presence of the God of all comfort as you work through your grief.

  34. They are so cute...the kids that is. :) I love your other pictures.

  35. Looks like you had a wonderful time together baking!

  36. Kai and Addy are such cute girls! They could be sisters. And I love the bread they got to help you bake!

    Jake took such great photos of flying birds. I'm very impressed. I take mostly silhouettes, I'm afraid. I still have much to learn.

  37. What precious girls Ruth.
    We do have some things on common. My sister and I are 7 years apart. I have a son Steve, and 2 granddaughters.
    How much fun to bake. Our oldest granddaughter is taking baking in 4H this year. Should be interesting.
    Love all the hawks.

  38. Loved getting to meet your family. Two very pretty and special little girls. Love the eagle and merlin, too.

  39. What beautiful girls. They did a great job on their bread creations.


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