Friday, April 29, 2011

My Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday my sister and I went to Winnipeg.
I went to photograph birds and she was happy to join me.
We did see lots of birds,but they will wait for another post.
Today I will take you to the Conservatory at the Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg.

One end of the Conservatory is a tropical house and the other end is more floral.This place is used for wedding and family pictures.The flowers change with the seasons,but are always quite lovely.

I do not know the names of some of these plants and flowers.

The Hibiscus is such a stunning flower.

Being Easter the floral displays had lots of Easter Lilies.

I liked the delicate look of these flowers.

More easter Lilies as well as other flowers.

Sunlight streamed through the windows,and lit up this leaf.

This is in the tropical part.The paths wind through here and it feels hot and humid.

Looking up into the trees and vines.
What a tangle of growth!

I have no idea what kind of tree this is,but I like the designs on the trunk.

Some of my readers have Banana Trees on their yard,so I had to take a picture of this.No it's not on my yard,but it is in  Manitoba.They look like they are thriving in this tropical atmosphere.

I see spanish Moss on pictures from Florida,but this is as close as we will get in Manitoba.

I just liked the look of this little plant,tucked in under the trees.

For those of my readers who love waterfalls,here is one for you.I will admit,it is small,but still pretty.
This was in a corner of the Tropical House.

Over the last few days I have felt some deep and tender emotions.The storms of life are still not settled,but this I know that God will see me through.With this in mind here is the thought for today:
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.
It's about learning to dance in the rain.


  1. Your pictures are besutiful, as usual! My favorite is the tree trunk right before the banana picture, I have never seen anyhting like it!! I love the quote at the bottom, it is really good. I hope you have a good weekend.

  2. Lovely set of images! I really like that tree trunk with the strange pattern on it, and the flowers are gorgeous.

  3. The one trunk looks like eyes and eyelashes ... what a great variety of plants and flowers.

  4. Beautiful photos. I love taking pictures of flowers.

  5. What a fun place to visit with a camera!! Gorgeous flowers and images...

    Praying for you my friend...
    that you will feel His peace and arms around you.


  6. Holidays have a way of making us miss those we love, but also bring back many wonderful memories. Good for you for getting out and doing something special. After our son died I found planning those special days was much better than just letting them "happen" to you.

    Your flower pictures are really beautiful. I just love going places like that.

  7. those are beautiful. the tree looks like albino peacock feathers wrapped all around it.

    i'm hoping your wave of emotions leaves your heart at a bit higher ground than where you started. it's the least these tides can do.

  8. What a nice way to spend the day. Love that tree trunk.

  9. WOW....all of those are gorgeous!

  10. Holidays are very difficult times. I'm glad you did something lovely. These pictures are beautiful. It would be nice to live close enough to a place like this to just meander around anytime. Especially in the winter. Diane

  11. Stunning photos!

    Yes, we should all learn to dance in the rain.

  12. These are just lovely, Ruth, especially the "embroidered" tree trunk. I'd never seen a banana tree and found that image interesting, too.

  13. Wow, I haven't been in there in YEARS!! Every time we go to Winterpeg - oops, Winnipeg - we spend all of our time with family and friends and before you know we have to head home. Somehow we never make enough time to go anywhere except maybe the Forks! Simple a gorgeous park - my fav was always the English Country Garden and I know you've had pics from there. So glad you know that Jesus is the Master over the storms of life - He'll hold you securely! Hugs!

  14. Hi Ruth, I know how hard life is for you without Jake. I would be the same way without George. I would feel as if a part of me was always missing... BUT--you are doing GREAT... You are learning to dance in the rain!!!!! God Bless You, my friend.

    What a gorgeous place you visited. Reminds me a little of the Biltmore Gardens or the Garvin Gardens in Arkansas... SO beautiful... Your pictures are fabulous.. Thanks for sharing, especially the WATERFALL... ha


  15. Ruth, what a beautiful place to visit. The tree trunk is realy interesting, I like the design. Lovely post and words, it would be nice if we all danced in the rain.

  16. Dear Ruth,
    Beautiful photos as usual...I like those patterns on the trunk too. I guess i am trying to "dance in the rain" mom has had a few set backs during her knee replacement recovery, so I am still in Illinois with her. She has a wonderful you do. Have a good weekend Ruth...our prayers are still with you.

  17. Ruth, What beautiful photos of all the different kinds of flowers--just lovely. I have heard that quote before about not waiting for the storm to pass but dancing in the rain. Great thought stated in a lovely way. Have a great weekend. Mickie :)

  18. Great pictures Ruth..I opened up your blog and this was just what I needed today. With the dreary weather today and the snow storm advisery..this just hit the spot. your pics are like a ray of sunshine!! Thanks. Love your saying..its a motto I try to go by.

  19. Hi Ruth,
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures with us! I always enjoy looking at beautiful gardens.

  20. Your garden is just beautiful!

    I loved looking at those flower photos. So pretty!!

    They put me in the Best of moods.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Have a lovely weekend, dear Ruth!
    Betty x

  21. Oh Ruth, these are lovely! The sunlight streaming thru the leaf just makes my heart sing!! Wonderful post!

  22. Ruth - these latest photos are just awesome and beautiful!!

  23. Beautiful photos as always, Ruth. We love the tropical plants, but all we can grow here is one cultivar of a banana, wonderful large foliage, but no bananas of course. I will anxiously await your bird photos.

  24. Beautiful, beautiful pictures Ruth. I love visiting these kinds of places, and I always take so many pictures. I could almost small that Easter lily too.
    The thought for today hit home..

  25. Oh wow Ruth...Lovely pictures!
    I know this must have been a wonderful day...And I simply love the Easter Lillies.

    Glad you were able to enjoy the day and also glad you shared these pictures with us...
    Have a Blessed Sunday

  26. Beautiful! I love to visit places like this, so I'm glad you took us along in your blog. That trunk is certainly unusual looking!

  27. What a great place for you to take us on a tour ! I loved your photos, Ruth; I think my favourite was the trunk with the cool design !

    I wish you a blessed, peace-filled Sunday - with hopefully no rain ;-)

  28. I have heard so many nice things about Assiniboine Park and it's wonderful to see it through your lens.

    I hope your emotional storms pass soon. It takes such a long time to heal especially when the wound is so deep.

  29. I'm glad you got out and visited this fine Garden. I enjoyed all the beautiful plants and flowers. You do have a great eye.
    I also really,really like your Header with the birds in song.What a great greeting!

  30. awesome photo's, beautiful thought. having multiple sclerosis i know my storm will never pass...i have learned to dance in the rain!!!

    great post!!!! debbie

  31. What lovely photos Ruth! Looks like your Easter was well spent in such a beautiful place. Hugs!

  32. Thanks for the memories, I was there as a child

  33. Wow such mesmerizing moments!
    Thank you for sharing Ruth.
    Have a wonderful new week.

  34. I'm so glad you took us along on this visit. This is a fantastic series of shots. The shot of the hibiscus and the leaf are stunning! Nice work.

  35. Wow, Ruth! Your photos are simply stunning. Thanks for sharing this adventure with us; I thoroughly enjoyed it. My favorites are the singled out leaf, the banana tree (how cool is that!!!), and the trunk with the interesting design. The quote is wonderful, too. When paired with your's truly inspiring.

  36. All the flowers are beautiful, Ruth, but I especially love the lacy azaleas. Love the light.

  37. Wow, beautiful series of photo's Ruth. I love that little waterfall. So sweet. Have a good week

  38. I enjoyed this series of photos of lovely flowers and other beautiful plants. As for the storms of life, I use to say that nothing lasts forever; neither good nor bad. I am glad you are aware of it because you are believer; so it is easier for you to go through life difficulties. Your saying at the end of this lovely post is great. (Hug)

  39. I enjoyed this post. I enjoy all of your Posts, and we all, could "learn to dance in the rain"
    God Bless.

  40. Such amazing flowers! I love the frilly ones! :o)

    Sending you big hugs and lots of love; like always!

  41. Awesome pictures! So great you could spend the day with your sister.

  42. Ruth, these photos are marvelous. I just love that lacy tree trunk. If you ever learn what it is, I'd love to know, please. Great post.

  43. "The storms of life are still not settled, but this I know that God will see me through."

    This literally brought tears to my eyes Ruth.

    Thank you for the beautiful photos on Easter Sunday.

  44. What beautiful pictures! Thank you for dropping by and visiting. I too love to take pictures of birds. It is so exciting to capture them. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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