Monday, July 18, 2011

Time to Cool Off

Put on a warm sweater and pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa or coffee.
No I have not lost my mind.
I need something cold to look at and I thought you might enjoy this as well.
The temperatures are super hot and high humidity,all not the kind of weather that I really enjoy.

A peaceful winter scene.

Snow formations courtesy of the wind.
All these angles and designs,and no human hand has touched this snow.
This amazes me.

Looking out over a winter field.
Here too, you can see the snow sculpting,done by the wind,as directed by God.

Sunlight streaming through the trees in the early morning light.
Every bump in the snow is clearly visible.

Of course I had to show at least one winter bird.
The Common Redpoll is only seen here in winter,and oh,how welcome they are.

I hope this has helped you to feel cooler,I know that is has done that for me,or maybe it is the fan blowing over me that is doing that. LOL

Thought for today:
The treasures of the crystal snows,
And all the wonders nature shows,
Speak of a mighty Maker's hand'
That all in love and wisdom planned.


  1. Thanks for the cool scenes ... it is hot here, too.

  2. HI Ruth...I loved it, and I do feel much cooler...or maybe it is because it is night and the sun isn't shining lol
    It has and continues to be very hot and humid....Humidity is what kills me yuck!!
    Thanks for those lovely scenes and the Red poll is a beauty!!

  3. Love it --Love it--Love it, Ruth...What a wonderful time to see some WINTER pictures.... They mean more to us now... Guess we need to show our summer pictures during the winter... ha

    They are great pictures..Love the Redpoll also. Love that last snow picture with the sun's reflection... Awesome.


  4. The second picture is absolutely my favorite, God's art!!! Amazing!!! The redpoll looks a lot like a house finch, only his beak is smaller. The picture above the redpoll, it could be gentle waves on water. I needed some cooling down tonight, it is to remain in the 90's all week.

  5. On a hot day like this it's a real treat to look at your beautiful winter shots. I feel cooler already. Diane

  6. Thanks Ruth...boy, I needed to see these "Cool" pictures of snow...We are scorching here in Texas and it looks like we have no relief coming any time soon...
    We all need to Pray!
    hug to ya

  7. Thanks so much for this wonderful treat for the eyes! It's cooled down here for the night - lots of clouds and rain coming and going.

  8. i am laughing here. thanks for this!

  9. Thanks for sharing these cool snowy pictures with us. I'm not sure I feel a great deal cooler, but I did enjoy them. Isn't the artistry of God amazing?

  10. perfect for today, in every way!!

    it sure has been hot!!! xo

  11. Ruth, It blows my mind that y'all way up there in Canada actually have "hot and humid" weather.:)
    Love the Redpoll capture!

  12. I enjoyed your wonderful winter photos, even though we have not been having such hot weather and even though winter will be back again before we know it.....

  13. Posting winter photos in mid-summer is a very nice idea, Ruth. I do dislike the terrible heat we're experiencing right now, but last winter seemed so long that I hate to complain now about the heat. But I do. :) The photos are beautiful, especially the bird.

  14. the 3 sculptures by God are incredible, the snow like that AND the photos you took. so beautiful and i do feel a tad cooler, I love paintings by God

  15. Brrrrr, now where is that sweater?

    Thanks for the reminder and if you look at it Fall is not far off. This is how I get through these hot days.

  16. burrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I got goose bumps. Great minds must work alike, I posted a winter picture on facebook today.

  17. Great shots and a fine idea! I wouldn't mind looking out the window and seeing a few inches...HEAVY emphasis on FEW....of white stuff right about now.

  18. Ruth, this morning it feels like January here, without looking at winter shots. Only about 13 degrees. Seems our summer has forsaken us!
    We hadn't had much before it turned cool and wet again. I think we've only had one day when it's got over 30! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for August. July seems a bust!

  19. Love this post. And I really like the photo of the sun streaming through the trees onto the snow. Nice work!

  20. Thank you, Ruth. I was taking Vacation Bible School pictures this morning in a school without airconditioning. It is supposed to be in the high 90's here throughout the rest of the week.
    I feel much cooler now! Thanks.

  21. Thanks for the snow photos; a reminder of a few months ago. It's 95 today and expected to reach 100 tomorrow.

  22. Great winter pics- except we are rather on the cool side over here in B.C.! I'm not complaining though as I like cool over hot, hot, hot!

  23. It was very cool west of Calgary and we passed snow along the road west of Kamloops. But it sure is hot in Ontario now too! Your pictures are refreshing.

  24. I'm feeling cooler already, Ruth! Thanks for these beautiful snow scenes.

  25. Hi Ruth, I am new to your blog. I have seen you around some of my friends blogs, and thought I would check yours.

    It seems we have a few things in common. We both love the Lord, and enjoy Photography. I enjoyed this post with all the winter photos. They are all wonderful and the snow formation and redpoll are my favorites.

    I loved your thoughts for the day also.

    I feel cool at the moment but I think it is because we have the A/C cranked up. Ha!

    I live in southern Ontario and it has been in the mid 30's and tomorrow they are saying it could go up to 37cel or higher.

    Hope this isn't too long.
    Well you take care and stay cool.

    Dianne :)

  26. Oh my gosh, yes! Please bring on the snow and cooler temperatures. I have a built in heater at the moment and feel like i'm sweating all the time even when I'm inside doing nothing in the AC :-) ha ha!

  27. Lovely scenes. I actually felt a cool breeze just looking at them. Or perhaps my AC just kicked in. ;)

  28. Yes, it does feel a lot cooler. :) Now to stop by McDonalds for a Smoothie. :)

  29. Ruth, Beautiful snow scenes--it is sometimes better than any "human" sculptor could do!!! Thanks for trying to cool us off--I'm not sure it is going to be quite enough--we have had 20+ days of over 100 degree temps and still have August to survive--whew! Have a great weekend. Mickie :)

  30. Thanks, Ruth! I am already feeling cooler. The snow gave me shivers. Love the redpoll, beautiful bird. Wonderful photos, take care.

  31. This snow actually looked appealing with the heat wave we've been having! Lovely shots!


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