Monday, August 29, 2011

Corn and Apple Festival 2011

Sunday August 28,at 6PM,marked the close of the 45th annual Corn and Apple Festival in my home town,Morden,Manitoba.
This three day event is always busy,and the big thing is that it is free.
I again want to share some images of this year's festival.
These are taken with my iPhone and have not been edited in any way.
The events begin on Friday around noon.All the street vendors are ready for business and the rides are up and running.
Saturday starts with a big parade.I was not able to watch this year,as I needed to be at Steve's display.

As I was walking from my home to downtown I passed many people sitting and waiting for the parade to start.
This young woman caught my attention.She was not willing to waste precious moments,so was busy cross-stitching.This happens to be a relative of mine and also a missionary on furlough from Papua New Guinea.She is working with Wycliffe Bible translators.

 The Ferris Wheel is a popular ride.
I of course will not be seen on this or any of the rides,after all somebody has to stay on the ground and take pictures.

Along with the rides,come the popcorn and Candy apples.
They do know how to empty the pockets of willing parents.

A little further down the street are the many food booths.
This one is owned by a Christian family,and sell some of the best Pizza and burgers around.

The balloon man is a popular attraction for the younger children, He walks around on his stilts all day and can make some amazing balloon sculptures in only a few minutes.

I could not show the street displays and leave this one out.
This is my son,Steve's display.This is also the place where I spent most of my time,helping out when he couldn't be there.

Not all the vendors have large booths.This small hotdog and hamburger stand is just a few feet away from Steve's display.They do a fantastic business.I might add they are also very friendly people.

Here is another ride,I think it is called the Sky Master.All I know is that I hear a lot of screaming coming from it.I suppose it must be fun for some.

Bessie's Famous Shish-kabobs,has been at every festival I can remember.
She is always at this exact same spot and most often has long line-ups of people waiting to get their shish-kabob. 
I have been told they are very good.Maybe one of these years I will have to try one.

I end this with a picture of one of the many beautiful baskets of flowers which decorate my town.

Folks if you ever decide to visit Manitoba,I invite you to come during festival time.
You would be welcomed with free apple cider and free corn on the cob.
Oh and most important,I would love to see you and show you around.


  1. that sounds like a fun place to be! a great festival to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. so glad you decided not to ride the rides and sacrifice for the sake of photos. ;)

  2. I'm in awe of your iPhone. It takes such good pictures that it makes me wonder if DSLR cameras will soon be obsolete. :)

    Was Steve doing portraits at his booth during the festival, or was he just displaying and selling some of his past photographs? I hope he did well. It looks as if he had some beauties there.

  3. What fun this looks like! Is your son the artist who made those paintings? I made them bigger to look at, he is very talented! I would be too afraid to go on any rides, so I would stick with you! What are the beautiful red flowers?

  4. OH-- I'd love to be there with you, Ruth... Wouldn't that be fun???? Steve's booth sounds wonderful. Did he sell much? That entire festival sounds wonderful... I love cider and corn... yum!!!!

    Thanks for showing all of the fun...

  5. Festival or not - when next I'm in Manitoba I do hope we can meet up with each other. Not sure when we're coming - I think most likely next year! Loved your photos - great fun activities, but I'd not be on those rides. Never liked them when I was young either! Glad you're having fun!

  6. You got some wonderful pictures with your phone. Your pictures sure make an exciting invitation to visit Manitoba. But we wouldn't need a festival to have a reason to visit you.

  7. This looks like a wonderful time for your town. You did get some great shots with that phone. The last shot of the flower basket is so pretty, too, and so clear. Thanks for sharing your wonderful festival with us Ruth. Diane

  8. What a fun festival ... there is such great color in that Ferris Wheel.

  9. Ruth, this is such a wonderfully fitting post for our Our World meme. I do wish you would link it in. I am sure many people would love to see it.
    Did your granddaughter come to the fair? I do hope she did. It would have made it so much more fun for you.

  10. It looks like such a fun time and you had such beautiful weather with those clear blue skies. And all those food booths are making me hungry. Fine photography, particularly from an iPhone.

  11. What a wonderful festival Ruth! I'm so ready for some beautiful fresh apples this fall.

  12. I enjoyed my visit to your festival, and i would be on the ground with you taking photos of the things i would not ride. i would also be stopping for burgers and pizzas and hot dogs. looks like great fun to me

  13. What a neat post! One of the things I especially noticed from your pictures was how BLUE the sky was. It must have been a wonderful day!

  14. I love festivals and this looks like a great one! Looks like it was perfect "festival weather!" I enjoy your blog so much and your beautiful photography.

  15. Wow! Your iPhone pictures are great! This looks like a fun festival.

  16. Looks like a lot of fun Ruth. Thanks for the tour, and thanks for the invitation. This is a great post.

  17. Ruth, great post! Looks like it was a fun filled weekend for all! Also looks like the weather was good!

  18. Your colorful photos give the flavor of the festival so well! I'm with you about rides...I'll go on none none that are roller coasters, or go upside down or go around and around, inducing nausea, not even ferris wheels. Your son's photography is exquisite! He must have learned from his dad.

  19. good friends of us also went to PNG as Wyliff Bible Translates. She is wise people, not letting a minute to be wasted.

  20. Wow, those are great shots from an iPhone. Looks like a great festival.

  21. You and your iPhone take very lovely photos, Ruth.

    Oh how I'd love to visit you and your beautiful town.

  22. Looks like a wonderful festival! I'm with you, I avoid the rides. I did go on a kiddie train ride with my granddaughter at our fair, and that was excitement enough for me.

  23. These places are always so much fun to visit. So many different and interesting things. I definitely will never get on a Ferris Wheel again.

  24. Ruth looks like the festival was fun for everyone there. Thanks so much for sharing.

  25. I loved the tour...but your son's photos on display really caught my eye. Goodness...he got his talent from his parents! You must be very, very proud of him.

  26. thanks for this lovely pictorial tour.
    the festival looks like a great fun.

    what a lovely way to say farewell to summer and hello to fall.

    the pictures are beautiful!
    and i'm loving your new header.

    have a great day
    betty xx

  27. There is nothing I would enjoy more if I had the time and the money than to visit Manitoba and see my dear blogger friend!

    Love and Prayers...Jan

  28. This looks like fun and what good food too!

  29. If I ever get to Manitoba again I'll be sure to look you up.

    Amazing what those iPhones can do. Sometimes I'm tempted - just can't justify one though.

  30. How Fun! I used to love all of those rides .... now I think I would just love to watch ;)

  31. Looks like fun. Your son appears to be as talented as you, Ruth. Hope you have a good weekend.

  32. I can just imagine all the sights, sounds, and smells. I love these kinds of festivals.

  33. This looks like such a cute traditional fun fare, takes me back to having candy apples as a child!


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