Saturday, October 1, 2011

Early Morning

Yesterday,on my way to work,I saw the sunrise and wanted to go home and get my camera,so I could take pictures. Of course I didn't.I don't think the boss would have been to happy about my being late,just because I wanted to get a few pictures.
So what was I to do? I got up early on my day off and went out for that sunrise shoot.
I was not disappointed by what I saw.

The large grain elevator in the distance just seemed to fit the whole scene.
The elevator is 3 miles away,but it adds to the look,along with the tracks.
I spent almost 2 hours around the Morden area,capturing the fall colours and the sunrise.It was a good way to spend a beautiful morning.

Today I am thankful for beautiful sunrises.

For anyone who would like to follow Steve and Linda in their month of Gratitude,go to the side bar and click on the link under {express} Life.


  1. that is really stunning! the highline wires really make this photo perfect. :)

  2. I did not know that you work, Ruth. What do you do? This is one of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen! I am amazed that the grain elevator is three miles away, I would have thought much closer. Your photography is stunning.

  3. This is beautiful Ruth. I love the composition of it. The grain elevator - 3 miles away! Diane

  4. So much fun to go out and catch the first morning rays. I usually tary over my coffee in the morning and then stop by sites like yours to enjoy another sunrise.

  5. Wow - this is lovely!

  6. With your first lines, I wondered why you don't always have your camera with yo, now I know. If you had had your camera, you would not have got up that early the next day and had such fun getting that lovely sunrise as well as enjoying the fall around you.
    I look forward to the rest of your lovely shots.

  7. so very beautiful, i really like the tracks and the composition, it draws my eyes right to that wonderful sunrise. these are wonderful, Ruth. I did not realize you work, what do you do, what type work.

  8. How pretty! It certainly was worth getting up early. :)

  9. gorgeous two are ever the same.

    your place looks great, i love how you redecorate for every season!!

    have a wonderful sunday!!

  10. I am looking forward to see your fall colors photographs.


  11. Oh Ruth, what a welcome site to feast my eyes upon this Sunday Morning. As I soak in the morning sunlight from your beautiful photograph, it is cold, and raining here this morning. What a difference from last weekend when I was in Algonquin Park, enjoying the warmth from the sunlight, and all the stunning colors that surrounded me.

    This is a stunning composition Ruth. I am so glad you got up with the sun and captured the moment.
    I can relate,as there have been times I wanted to stop on my way to work, and capture the moment with my camera, but couldn't for the same reasons. But taking the visual photos and having them linger in my memory is wonderful also. We have so much to be thankful for each and every day, rain or shine! Our God is Awesome, and Faithful with new Blessings each and every day. I thank the Lord for you Ruth. You truly are a Blessing to me with all you share.
    Have a wonderful day dear sweet lady.
    xx's Dianne :)

  12. Beautiful Photo. It takes a little effort to get such fantastic photos.

  13. So very Beautiful. Some people dont like lines. I however love them and its pure energy. Gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful night Ruth.

  14. Gorgeous color!! I love the focus on gratitude. Thank you!!

  15. Ruth, That is a beautiful photo--the sky is gorgeous and the telephone poles as they fade into the distance make it quite an interesting picture. Very nice capture. Mickie :)

  16. I am thankful the lord has blessed me with sight so I can see these lovely pictues. What a way to welcome the day.


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