Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Snowy Memories

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American Friends.
In Canada we celebrated this holiday in October,but now I wish for you a day filled with love and laughter,family and friends.

I went back to pictures taken about a year ago.
These are scenes from on my yard in the end of November of last year.
Today we had a high of +11C or 51F.
Needless to say,the little snow we had is now gone.
I think I like the looks of last year better,it is so much prettier than dirty brown.

These light and fluffy snowflakes clung to every little seed head,piling up to make snow cones everywhere.

The last rose buds of the year were adorned with sparkling white snow flakes.

I enjoy seeing the snow accumulate on the tips of the evergreen boughs.
It looks like each tip has it's own little hat.

This picture was taken in the end of November 2010,but i don't remember having that much snow on the ground at that time.
I guess this proves that I need to take pictures just so I can remember what has happened in the past.
That is a good enough reason for me,now if only we would get a nice soft layer of snow so I could get more pictures. LOL

Thought for today:
The color of springtime is in the flowers, the color of winter is in the imagination.  ~Terri Guillemets


  1. Love the color of winter when it looks like your photos Ruth! Gorgeous!! Love that about winter! Hate the dirty brown and the filthy car!! OK, hate is too strong - intensely dislike!! Enjoyed your photos!

  2. Your snow pictures are so pretty Ruth. I especially love the one of the snow on the roses. Diane

  3. The autumn leftovers look so much better when they're adorned with a top hat of pure white snow. Marvellous photos, Ruth. And that quote says it all about attitude !

  4. I love the color white, accept when it is in my hair. Ha! I enjoyed reading your post, and looking at each one of your beautiful photos.

    Thank you for stopping by Ruth. It is always nice to hear from you.
    Dianne :)

  5. thanks for sharing these - i especially like the roses in the snow. and thanks for the thanksgiving wishes for us 'late' americans. :)

  6. HI Ruth...thanks for the wishes...
    We had snow here today about 8 inches out there...yesterday I was out roaming the woods and the field,but not today!!
    Lovely photo's of the snow it is so pretty ...I just wish I didn't have to shovel it! lol
    The end quote is great!!


  7. Our weather today must have been about like yours...mid-fifties and sunshine. Very nice for this time of year. Your snow photos are lovely, though, especially the roses. Thanks for the Thanksgiving Day wishes.

  8. I love the last quote! The last picture is my favorite, so beautiful!

  9. I love the fir tree with all the little hats!

  10. beautiful, all of them, especially they pine limb scoop of snow.

  11. Beautiful photos, Ruth. What a nice way to start my Thanksgiving Day off--thank you. Just wanted to wish you a lovely and blessed day, my friend. Mickie :)

  12. I love that quote...need to remember it when winter comes! Happy Thanksgiving, Ruth!

  13. Ruth, they're lovely shots and if you want snow, I'll wish it for you. I'm happier without it for now... just a little while longer..

  14. Obviously you were on the bit to get out there to get these gorgeous pictures before the elements of wind and sun did their damage . . . such delicate puffs of snow! Great job!

  15. Oh Ruth...I'm inlove with the photos and the words...
    I'll keep comming beccause this is a piece of Paradise, here.
    Thank you ...

  16. your snow pictures look heavenly!
    love the quote.

    have great weekend!

  17. gorgeous and a great thought for today!!

  18. I really like the lacy snowcones on the seed pods--so pretty. The snow does make everything look prettier, as though you are in a different place than home.

    How did your photography presentation go? You do a beautiful job photographing nature's beauty.

  19. Hi Ruth. Winter white is so beautiful and I love your photo's.Most of the times when it snowes here it is gone too soon, except for last year in December, we had so much snow that had never happened before.
    I only remember because it was our 50th anniversary and some people couldn't come to the party. We hardly ever get snow in december, mostly in February so another sighn that weather is weard everywhere.
    Have a nice weekend.

  20. I don't really care for winter, (too many gray dreary days), but the pristine pure white snow makes it hard to dislike it completely.

    Your snowy images make me almost look forward to it! :-)

  21. Hello Ruth, Your photos are so delightful. We have a little snow where we live but nothing as pretty as this.

    I really enjoyed your post and thank you for the lovely Thanksgiving wishes.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  22. Sitting here at my Madeline's lap top. nice and warm, temp outside is 76 deg. I enjoy the snowy scenes. LOL


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