Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Pembina Valley

I have often mentioned the Pembina Valley and the Hawk Migration which takes place there.
I took a drive to the Valley last Sunday and now I have a few pictures to share.

Before I got to the valley,I stopped at a place known to have Bald Eagles there frequently.
I was not totally disappointed.I did see this one in the tree,but much too far away to get a really good shot.This picture is heavily cropped to be able to see the bird decently.
I also three Eagles on a field,but none of them wanted to have their picture taken.They left the minute I stopped and even after waiting  while they did not return.

I approached the valley from the north this time and this is the scene that greeted me.
You can see that we have very little snow and this is a real concern.
We depend on the spring run-off to fill lakes and ponds and generally bring the water table up.

This is looking in the opposite direction.At this time of year this valley should be  mostly white with snow,and we should be seeing huge drifts on the sides of the road.
It is still early and March and even early april can often bring the largest amounts of snow.
If it is to come,I hope it comes in early March and that we have spring come April.

The air was very hazy so this looks almost washed out.I do believe this is what it really looked like.
I kind of like the soft look and the way one can look into the valley,even though it is not very deep.

As I got closer to the part where the Hawk Migration is monitored,I did find a few small drifts in the ditch.
These may only be about 24 inches tall,if that,but the shadows caught my eye.
With the lack of snow this year I find myself looking for some snow to photograph.

I guess it is a little dangerous to talk about the lack of snow and wishing for more.
Should we get a real dump of snow,I am sure someone will remind me of what I wished for.
On another note,Hawk Migration monitoring will begin on February 23.
I hope someone tells the Raptors about this,so they actually show up.

Thought for Today:
Let every creature praise His holy name
Psalm 145:21 


  1. i am worried for the parts of N America that rely on snowfall for crops and lake fill, etc., as well. Texas had their drought last year. I'm afraid other parts of the country are going to get it this year...

  2. we have been in drought here for about 4 years, our ponds are down to almost nothing. we need rain and rarely get it. we used to have afternoon showers daily, that stopped 4 years ago. the weather is really wacky. beautiful eagle and i love the valley scenes.

  3. Thank you for taking me on a Sunday Drive to this Beautiful valley. I enjoyed looking at your photos and your description of what you saw. I have never seen an Eagle in the wild like this. Only in other peoples photos and on TV. Hopefully one day I will see them soar in the sky with my own eyes. I heard they are making a come back near the Ivylee Bridge leading from Canada to the States. That is a couple hours drive from here near Gananoque Ont. I go down there to go biking along the Parkway every once in awhile during the summer. It is right along the St. Lawrence River.

    We haven't had too much snow this winter and it looks alot like where you are. We usually have alot of snow also.

    Thank you for stopping by and Hugs right back to you Ruth.

    Have a wonderful day!
    ox Dianne :)

  4. We have no snow either this winter...There's already been a grassfire up south of town that burned several acres. We need some snow. Look at my Moose Header photo - you can see how lacking in snow we are!

  5. I'm glad you got the picture of the Eagle. We are anxious to go back to the Eagle's nest and try to photograph them. They are such regal birds!
    Hope the snow come soon!

  6. Wow, I don't think I've ever seen the valleys without snow at this time of year! Even though no one wants to shovel it, we certainly need it! Beautiful eagle! Thanks for sharing!

  7. It seems as if weather extremes are evident everywhere, from no snow where there's usually lots to lots where there's usually little. But God is still in control. The photos are beautiful. I'm so glad you were able to get one of the eagle and that you shared it with us.

  8. Such a mild winter here, too. These are some enjoyable views.

  9. Hi Ruth,
    What a beautiful drive and too see and photograph that eagle must have been pure joy....I am concerned about the lack of cold weather here in North Carolina because next summer the bugs will be fierce if we don't get enough cold weather to kill them. Just as we've been talking about the mild winter weather, we are getting very cold here in NC tonight and this week. Maybe you'll get some snow this week......

    Thank you so much for your comments, I appreciate them so much...Have a great weekend...

  10. Hi Ruth, We have had virtually no winter here until TODAY... Right now, it's 19 degrees and we are going down to 11 tonight (F).... Bone-chilling cold!!!!!! We did get a little snow but not much, only about an inch or so.. AND--we had tons of wind today.. Made it feel even colder...

    Love the pictures of the Pembina Valley... Hope you can go back and see the migration on Feb. 23.... Love that picture of the big eagle perched up there in the tree... What a beauty.


  11. Hi Ruth – Sure enjoyed your post on the visit to Pembina Valley. Many years ago I rode Via Rail’s “The Canadian” from Vancouver to Toronto and, of course, that train goes through an area in Manitoba. Your photos reminded me of some of that scenery. Although the great prairies are not quite like the mountains, they do have a definite beauty of their own. That is certainly true of the Pembina Valley. I would like to see it for myself someday. The amount of snow is a definite concern. Time is still available and I do hope that enough falls to take care of the water needs for next summer. Sure liked your picture of the eagle. Even though it was cropped a lot, it looked good and they are tough birds to get a nice close-up on. Thank you for sharing your photography and positive thoughts and verses. Best to you and yours, John

  12. Beautiful series of shots, I especially love the snow drift in your last shot!

  13. We too depend on the winter snows in the high Sierras for our water supply in California and we have had very little of it...It's becoming a concern, and this coming right after record-breaking snow and rain totals last year. May the Lord look kindly on us here and where you are that we might get that precious precipitation

    Thank you for your kind birthday greetings. I had a very nice birthday today.

  14. We've had summer in winter Temps in the 70's and sunshine all day since Christmas.
    If we didn't have weather what would we talk about?!

  15. Lovely Sunday drive! I look forward to seeing your photos of the hawk migration.

  16. I love that shot of the eagle, unfortunately i will never be able to get shots like that here in the UK, really like the photo of the snow drift aswell. Good work

  17. Very beautiful valley Ruth. The eagles are so shy, aren't they? Hope the raptors show up on schedule for you. Looking forward to some great shots. Diane

  18. Ruth, gorgeous winter photos! Even with the lack of snow!
    I always did like that area very much!

  19. It seems the wimpy winter is a topic across the continent. I love the shadows you caught in those snow drifts and I hope you get some more wonderful raptor shots for your own enjoyment and to share. I hope to get the opportunity to get some this year to.

  20. Nice documented account of your trip.
    Love the Eagle!!!

  21. there's something so awesome about seeing an eagle, hawk etc. in the open. Great pics.

  22. Just seeing an eagle is a joy, even from afar! What a beautiful place...we have been pretty much snow free to and the picture taking has been less than inspiring. Now, I'm just going to wait for spring, I'll just pass on snow for this year!

  23. Hi Ruth...we here in Texas sure know what a drought is...I am still hoping for some much needed rain this Spring, in order to fill our lakes again. this weather is sure a hard thing to understand, but one thing for sure...the Lord knows exactly what we have need of...

  24. We're already behind about 3-1/2 inches this year in rainfall. Love your photos and can't wait for the others. Have a good week.

  25. This is still a really swell picture of the eagle. It would have been worth the trip for me just to see this one, as I have never seen one. Will you be going to the monitoring? Sounds like fun, we have one here every year.

  26. Hello Ruth,

    I've enjoyed your beautiful photos very much.

    Yes, wishing for snow can be dangerous, wishes sometimes come true.


  27. Such beautiful photo;s of he valley Ruth. Isn't weather strange. It is everwhere. We had fall like weather and suddenly snow and frost many degrees below zero. NOw we have rain again and all the snow is gone. No more frost either. BUt like you said Ruth, also in your country there can come still a lot of snow. It is only half of February.
    Have a nice week

  28. We've had an especially mild winter here in the Midwest. Very little snow, as well. So glad you were able to spot a few Bald Eagles. They are truly magnificent birds! Love your first photograph of the majestic eagle! Pembina Valley looks like a lovely place to observe hawks. My fingers are crossed that you will get some snow soon ... though, not too much.

  29. Happy Valentine's Day, Ruth. i am finding not a whole lot of snow out in our valleys so much but the mountains are heavily laden with the white stuff but gosh it was very cold..(hugs)

  30. the valley scenes are beautiful. thank you for taking me on a drive to this beautiful valley.
    you document everything there so beautifully.

    i really like the photo of the eagle.

    have a nice day!


  31. hope you get more will be exciting to hear about the hawk migration....hope they show up!

  32. I've enjoyed the mild winter and haven't thought of the negative effect the lack of snowfall might have on some parts of the country.

    I would love to see a Bald Eagle in person. Hopefully they will be more cooperative for you next time!

  33. Wonderful eagle shot! This winter has certainly been a strange one. Without all the snow, will there be enough water later?


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