Saturday, February 25, 2012

Snow At Last

Many of you already know that I happen to love winter and snow.
This winter has been so mild and vary little snow,so when we got a few inches the other day,I couldn't wait to get out with my camera and get me some pictures.
I spent about 1 ½ hours outside and had a wonderful time.
Allow me to share a few of my pictures from that morning.

When I see a fresh layer of snow,I get excited like a child at Christmas.
My cameras and I headed over to the Morden Research Station for some quality time with nature. Before leaving my yard I was able to capture a few images at home,
This is the seed head of a Purple Coneflower,all decorated with snow.
Using the Macro lens I was able to get up close and personal with this one.

 I found a trio of trees that had these golden fronds on them.
I do believe that these trees are suffering from some sort of disease or from lack of moisture in fall.Whatever the case this bright colour made for some great pictures.

Here is a close-up of one of the fronds. I just loved that gold against the whiteness of the snow.

The snow had crowned each dried flower stalk and turned it into a piece of art.

By the time I was about ready to leave it was once again snowing hard.
I loved being out in this weather.It was not cold and seeing the snow falling all around me was so peaceful.

 I had to stop and get a shot or two of the old cabin which is in the Research Station.
I don't think this cabin serves any other purpose,but to be a decoration and a wonderful backdrop for a photographer.

I have had many a strange look when I tell people that I love snow.The first question usually is,don't you drive school bus? I guess because I need to be out in all kinds of conditions they figure that I have to hate snow.NOT SO.
As I am driving I notice all the beauty around me,and snow covers that drab brown of winter and makes our world look clean and  new.

Thought for today:
Whatever the season of life,
Attitude makes all the difference.

I think the same could be said about the weather,attitude makes all the difference.


  1. I especially loved the cabin! You are so right - attitude makes the difference. Furthermore, you practice what you preach. :)

  2. You're right - attitude is "everything"!! I really like that cabin too. Your photos are beautiful.

  3. I'm totally with you on loving snow and winter - I just hate the cold when it is bitter and windy! Not such a fan of driving in deep snow and ice either! I LOVE your photos! Thanks for sharing!

  4. You make a very good point about attitude. The fact that you're a school bus driver proves that you take your own advice. :) Thanks for these beautiful snow photos. I agree about the golden frond in the snow. Lovely.

  5. Ruth, these shots are wonderful....The one with just snow coming down looks so peaceful and serene...I would love to just climb into that one and enjoy for alittle while....

    I am glad you were given your heart's desire with all the snow..maybe you will get a little more before spring....

  6. What beautiful pictures! I especially love the third one that is the close up of the tree frond with the snow around it, also the one of all the landscape with it snowing...I'm so glad it snowed for you. We got ten inches last weekend, then it was 70 degrees for days!

  7. I always admire your attitude and your beautiful photos.

  8. Hi Ruth...
    You are so right...attitude does make all the difference in the world. I love snow too!
    Your pictures are so pretty and I appreciate you for sharing them..

  9. I see your point since I love snow also. However...rarely get to enjoy it in Georgia.
    Super frame worthy photos Ruth!

  10. Beautiful pictures Ruth. The cabin in the snow is particularly picturesque. Glad you could get out and frolic in the snow. Diane

  11. Although we're now 'snowbirds', Ruth, I'm with you about loving a good blast of snow - the more, the merrier. Nothing like a good 2 feet of snow to get the adrenaline going. Lovely photos you made. (I similarly took advantage of a fresh snowfall around Christmas when we were back home).

    Have a great Sunday.

  12. You and I are truly sisters of the heart... We BOTH love SNOW.... YEAH!!! You get to see much more of it than I do though... Maybe I need to move to Canada!!!!! ha

    Great pictures.

  13. Beautiful photos! It always feels good to get out for some photos in the snow when it's not cold. I agree that watching the snow falling is very peaceful. I think a person's attitude is the most important part of being happy. Nothing is ever good enough if you have a bad attitude.

  14. What pretty snow images. I like it about once each winter. ;)

  15. so now you have made me think that Snow is God's makeup for the dreary winter world. I like that. the gold tree is special, so beautiful and my fav today is the macro of the gold tree. wow on that one Ruth. i like the smell of cold and the ease of breathing it. so happy you could get out and snap merrily away.

  16. Love your photography...I am drawn to anyone that loves photography .... I discovered you from Seeing Through God's Eyes, Ginny's blog....I have enjoyed viewing your blog

  17. it's all about the view!! these are all gorgeous ruth, maintain that positive attitude!!

  18. Ruth, wonderful winter shots! As bothersome as it is, for the most part I like the snow too! I like how it transforms our world.
    Hope you are having a great Sunday!

  19. Beautiful pictures Ruth. I love to walk in the snow as well but I afraid for people who have to drive in it. Have a good week!!

  20. Beautiful snow pix, Ruth. I love when it snows here, too. It looks like a Christmas card outside when it snows. Some years we get a few inches once or twice a year, but this year we've gotten none. It has been a very dry year so far. That doesn't bode well for the water tables and reservoirs which supply our water needs. I see water rationing and higher water prices in our future in CA.

    Have a great week. I always enjoy your photos.

  21. I've really missed the ice and snow this year too, but . . . I hope winter does not come when it is supposed to be spring. Loved your shots for this post.

  22. Beautiful winter pictures Ruth, and the snow is so pretty as it dresses the things around it. and makes it look so pure and clean.

    I too love the fresh snowfall and we have had very little in south eastern Ont. We got 10cm's on Friday and I had to work all day and wasn't able to get out with my camera. Everything looked so pretty and was covered in snow. By the time I got off work it had all melted off the trees. Oh well it was pretty to see and I took many visual photos in my mind. You are so right about attitude. It does make a whole lot of difference. I love to walk in the snow and I use to cross country sky, and I still love to snow shoe when there is enough snow, and of course I love to capture it with my camera when I get an opportunity.

    Well you take care and have a lovely week ahead.
    Hugs, Dianne :)

  23. The yellow in those trees sure added to the beauty of the photos! Lovely combination. I like that cabin in the snow. Glad to know you finally got some snow. Seems to be mild everywhere this year.

  24. Well, I love snow too. It's beautiful, insulates perennials from heaving during freeze-thaw cycles, covers the drabness of winter, is photogenic... I could go on and on. :)

  25. I had a bible school teacher say that "attitude is everything". So I try, really try to have a positive attitude about shoveling the white stuff. I try talking to the Lord mostly. After a while one gets into a rhythm. But the last couple of times ... weariness of flesh (and back) have won out.

  26. Lovely white snow.... we had a few flakes fall yesterday - with the sunshine. It was unique to say the least!

    Glad you are enjoying!

  27. I don't really like snow, but your pictures are marvelous. I really like your pictures of the golden fronds against the snow. To be honest, you didn't post a picture I don't like.

  28. Ruth, those are beautiful.

  29. I spent 20 years of my youth wishing for snow, I had two snowy winters in Canada. That satisfied me.

  30. I love the snow, too. I really miss it!!! Your photos are lovely.


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