Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Beauty All Around

Today's post features beauty in a variety of forms.
I trust you will enjoy these scenes as much as I did when I captured them.

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I love visiting the A Rocha site nestled at the edge of the Pembina Valley. On a recent Saturday I had the pleasure of going there again. This time I was accompanied by my granddaughter Kai and her Mom Anita.
We spent a few delightful hours on site,enjoying the beauty of creation.
Getting a picture of Kai is not easy.She may have been in front of her Daddy's camera once too often. I did manage this quick shot while she was busy checking out the outdoor pizza oven.
I have been told that pizza out of this oven is perfect in every way. I hope they prove that to me some day. LOL

Kai was thrilled to see a batch of baby kittens.She couldn't wait for me to see them and insisted that I take a picture of them,so here they are.They were only a few days old.

 This Grandma was more interested in seeing all the beautiful flowers.Don't get me wrong,I love animals and baby kitties are very cute.
These yellow flowers brighten up the gardens at A Rocha.

Here is a sight that brought a smile to my face. The combination of colours is pleasing and I like that one lone pink Poppy standing tall among the other flowers.

I had to get a picture of just the Poppy. Isn't it a pretty little flower.
Delicate yet bright. Those papery petals are charming and for me,a lover of pink,so is the colour.

Purple Bee Balm and the ever present yellow flowers,for which I don't have a name.
I guess I just don't worry about the correct name,but rather enjoy the beauty I see.

I wish I could take all of you with me to A Rocha. Perhaps we could have a pizza party there.
Until that happens,I can at least share my pictures with you.

Thought for today:
Direct my footsteps according to Your Word.
Psalm 119:133


  1. the blooms really are pretty. kai and the kitties are cute!

  2. The picture with the three different colored flowers is gorgeous Ruth. Love the picture of Kai, too, she's growing so fast. Thanks for sharing this special day with us. Diane

  3. gorgeous blooms!! that kai sure does know how to dress ;)))

  4. Those flowers are gorgeous!
    I'd love to join you for a pizza party there:)

  5. Perfectly lovely place for a pizza party.

  6. Your granddaughter is a busy, and cute little girl! Love the kittens all snuggled up like that!
    Beautiful flowers, especially the pink poppy! I've never seen a pink one. Call me when you get ready to have the pizza party;-)

  7. Wow, Kai has grown! Glad you could take her along and instill in her your love for nature and photography! Such beautiful compositions - a photo essay!

  8. I'd love to go with your to A Rocha sometime... Pizza sounds wonderful ......

    Your pictures are great --and that granddaughter is growing up much too fast.

  9. Your floral pictures are just wonderful, Ruth...such sharpness and detail. Not to mention the beautiful colors. And, yes, the pink poppy is lovely.

  10. A pizza party with pizzas out of that special oven - sounds mighty fine to me!

    Glad you had a fun day with your granddaughter.

  11. P.S. Mingus is camera shy too - cuz his first Mom used to take many pictures of him to put on the internet when he was up for sale! Now i can hardly get him to look my way when the camera comes out!

  12. Great flower shots here and in your previous post, Ruth. The one of the poppy especially stood out. And don't grandchildren just grow up way too fast ?!

  13. The pink poppy is a stunner, very beautiful. I can understand Kai excitement over the kittens too!

  14. Such wonderful colors! And your granddaughter and the kittens were an extra special treat.

    Have a good week!

  15. i wish i could go with you there, these are amazing. i love the one you said made you smile, it is dazzling. so is Kai. and your new look is bright and sunny and happy

  16. Oh I love flowers too!! I like the shot of the bee balm. I have 2 bushes on my porch I need to get in the ground. One is pink and one purple. They smell heavenly. God is so good isn't He? such amazing beauty for us to see!

  17. Wonderful post.
    I love flowers to. and the kittens.

  18. Ruth, wonderful shots! I find it so soothing to look at shots like that! The colours are candy to my senses!
    My Grandson is like that with photos. His Mum is a photographer and then there's me! He does abide the odd one!
    All the Best,

  19. Beautiful all so beautiful.
    Pizza there sounds great to me. Let me know when. : )

  20. I've missed your beautiful photos Ruth! :c)

  21. Nice to have an outing with Kai and her mom. Your flower photos are wonderful--love that lonely pink poppy popping up!

  22. Great pictures Ruth! I always enjoy your blog. The poppy pics are so colorful and perfect focus. Thanks for sharing your trip to A Rocha. John

  23. The colours in that tri-flower photo are especially wonderful. So pleasing to the eye. Your little Kai is adorable and really.. who could possibly resist kittens? :)

  24. I'd like very much to join you there, Ruth. It looks like a photographer's dream. Kai is very cute!

  25. I would very much enjoy going to a pizza party at A Rocha with you. Actually the pizza would not be necessary. I like your quick picture of Kai.

  26. Poppies are so beautiful...I have never had any luck growing them, but we have wild smaller ones in the prairie.

  27. Your granddaughter is a doll :-) Nothing cuter than a pile of baby kittens! Lovely flowers and color.


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