Monday, August 27, 2012

Corn and Apple Festival 2012 - Part 1

Hang onto your seats. This week I will be taking you to Morden's Corn and Apple Festival.

Today we will start out by watching the rides.No,I DO NOT set foot on a ride,but don't mind taking pictures of them,so here goes.

I will start by showing you the kiddie rides,although,they would be more than enough for me.
I thought these guys had cute faces.Kind of goofy,yet cute.

Of course the Merry Go Round is a big hit with even the youngest of the children.Watching the faces of the parents who are holding the little ones,I think they enjoy it every bit as much as the kiddies do.

This was a new ride for this year.It was called the Froggy Drop.
It went up slowly in stages and then dropped down,but also fairly slowly. 
The children seemed to love it.

I don't even remember he name of this ride.When I look at it I almost begin feeling dizzy.Again,the older children and perhaps adults seem to love being on it and screaming throughout the whole ride.

The Sizzler is a ride which has been around for a very long time but always draws the crowds.
My granddaughter thinks it is fun. It spins around and while that is happening each seat also turns in different directions.

 Spin-put was new for this year,and In my opinion,crazy.
It starts out quite innocently,then begins to lift up and tilts and spins in all directions.
You should have heard the screaming coming from this ride,but as I watched most stepped off the ride with a smile on their face.

Just another view of the Spin-out in action.
Anybody ready for a ride? I'll be happy to get your pictures while you are on it. LOL.

I loved the look of this colourful sign.

And here is a better look at this ride.It's like a big boat that swings from side to side.

This is the Sky Master.This picture and the next show what it does.

When the arms are straight up and down it comes to a complete halt and the people hang in the air for a moment,before swinging back down.

The last picture is one I took for it's creative worth.I liked the starburst effect from the sun.

 I have many more pictures and will put out another post in a day or two.


  1. Colourful and tons of fun for a photographer. Like you, I would pass on the rides. :)

  2. i can practically get nauseous just looking at these. :)

  3. Your pictures are great but that's far enough for me. The last ride I ever had was on the Tilt-a-Whirl with my girls. I was green when I finally got off - never again. The carousel is beautiful - a classic. Diane

  4. Oh my wild ride days are long behind me. I'd much rather be where you were capturing colourful photos. Wonderful shots, Ruth.

  5. It's been six years since we've ridden the roller coasters at a big amusement park a couple of hours from our home. It's a little like horseback riding...I like to think I could still do it, but it might be best if I don't try. :)

  6. Great pictures of these interesting looking and colorful ride!! But I'm like you, I'll pass on taking a ride on one of them!

  7. FUN FUN FUN ..... brings back some wonderful childhood memories of our State Fair.

  8. Oh my! I definitely would not get on the Spin-Out!!!

  9. Great shots of the rides. Really like your Starburst shot!! P.S. I don't do rides either...

  10. I am with you, a watcher only and I would also be snapping pics. no spinning and dropping for me. but i do like to wander and look and listen and eat popcorn, hotdog and elephant ears

  11. You don't even ride the merry-go-round? I used to love the rides, but admit that I would skip them now :-) What fun this looks and I love your photos. We used to go to Cedar Point amusement park every year when we visited my parents, so this brings back a lot of nice memories of watching my own kids enjoy this type of ride.

  12. I enjoyed the kiddie rides, and I'm happy to report that I didn't even get dizzy. I, too, really like the starburst sun in the last photo.

  13. Nice photos! I used to love those rides but not so anymore. My kids do. Must be a kid thing.

  14. Hi Ruth, Very nice post and I can almost feel like I was there. You take some great pictures! Yes, I remember riding the Sizzler a Looooong time ago. Those were the days, but like yourself, I don't think I would get on it today. Thanks, as always, for sharing on your blog, and thanks for your kind comments on mine. Have a great day, John

  15. Ruth, I'm with you! Leery about these rides! Especially when I see the people who maintain them!
    But then again, thousands of people enjoy them! And they are quite welcome to!
    Nice shots!

  16. There is not one smig of thrill-seeking in my DNA makeup... don't like to be slung around quickly, on land, or in the air. LOL! Great photos Ruth. :c)

  17. Wonderful shots of the rides! The last ride I went on was last year with my little granddaughter, and you've got it--a kiddie ride! Just my speed!

  18. Oh, WOW! I would sure love to go there. I would ride all of them but the boat one. The point where it stops? That's where I (re)discover my lunch. haha!

  19. I can sense the excitement in the air at the Corn & Apple Festival's rides...always fun for the kids. As for me, many of them would be nausea-go-rounds! In my lifetime, I have never ever gone on any ride that went upside down! In late twenties I realized that even swinging in a playground swing made me queasy!

    Great captures--very colorful, Ruth!

  20. Hi Ruth...oh to be a kid couldn't get me on those rides now, I get dizzy just looking ...I am with you I'll take the pictures ; }
    Thanks for sharing the rides at the Morden's Corn and Apple Festival : }}

  21. I get dizzy just looking at these, especially the Ferris Wheel. Looks like a fun place to visit though.

  22. PS: my mother was about 75 when she went for her first roller coaster ride; she loved it!

  23. Ah rides ... I never did care much for rides. It was interesting to see them again, but quite sufficient to see them through the lens of your camera!

    We just had our garlic festival (one thing that does grow well in this country) but no rides at that.


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