Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Visit To Family

On Wednesday,August 29,my sister and I took a day trip north of Winnipeg,to visit family at their cottage.Actually this is Jake's brother,his wife and two daughters,but I prefer to call them my family,as the term in-laws just doesn't feel right.
They own a cottage on the shore of Lake Winnipeg.
We picked one of the hottest days of the summer to make this 2 ½ hour trip.
Today I am showing just a few pictures I took while we were there.

This was the beautiful scene as we approached the beach area.
On a less hot day,I would have loved to spend hours just relaxing in the shade of the trees and watching the water,but on this day,we chose not to spend too much time there.

Looking up at the sun through the trees,one can almost feel that heat.

Of course for those ,like my niece,who love the water,a dive into the water proved to be very refreshing. The water was very shallow here,but that did  not keep Claire from having a good time.

I took several shots of the waves and was pleasantly surprised to see the colours I had captured.
No,there was nothing in the area from which this could have reflected,so I have no idea what it is.

I think it must just be the reflection of the light. Whatever the cause,it makes for a pleasing picture.
I thought this one looked like someone had thrown a handful of pink confetti on the water.

I need to show the creativity of these two girls.Claire made this flower pen for me.The flower is made of duck tape.I think it is beautiful.

While Claire was making a flower,Olivia was busy painting her nails.
Look at the creativity shown here.I might add both hands were perfectly done.
This girl has great talent when it comes to drawing things,and some of that shows through on her nails.

We had a great time visiting with this lovely family and were served several delicious meals,in the air-conditioned comfort of their cottage.
Thanks Tim,Liz,Olivia and Claire for a wonderful time,I think I might have to make another trip up there before winter.


  1. sorry for the excessive heat, but glad you had some great family time. that rose is just cool. :)

  2. Glad you had a good time with family. I'm sure Jake was smiling from heaven.

  3. What a gorgeous place... Think I could live there FOREVER... ha... So glad you and your sister got to go...

    Love the colors in the water --and that duct tape flower is awesome...


  4. Not just the heat - but I seem to recall HUMIDITY around there! It's a beautiful place though! I do find the colors playing on the waves very interesting and you've captured it well. There are a lot of teens into the duck tape crafts and having lots of fun with it! And I thought it only comes in drab silver grey - what do I know! LOL! Family time is always fabulous!

  5. What fun Ruth. Sorry it was one of those beastly days, it's starting to cool off here, hope it is there, too. Diane

  6. Claire and Olivia must be fun to be around, with all that artistic creativity bursting forth. Beautiful duck tape flower and beautiful fingernails. Lovely pictures, all. Glad you had such a nice visit in spite of the heat.

  7. So glad you had time with family. It is always so healing in such a unique way. Was surprised that it was so warm.

    I wonder if the pink was algae?

  8. Wonderful that you were able to get away to visit family. It looks like a beautiful spot--well worth another visit!

  9. This is a fun post and that flower is so creative. makes me want to try my talents at it...
    You are so does look like pink confetti on the water...beautiful shots. sorry that it was a hot day for you. I've always assumed that the temps in Canada never got above 80. I have been proven wrong here..
    Hope your week is going great...Hugs Ruth.

  10. Family time is wonderful isn't it! Love the pictures of the water the the rose reminds me of roses I made years ago with ribbon. fun!

  11. Looks like you had a great trip. Beauty abounds there for sure. I bet it felt great to be with family, too!

  12. Looks like a wonderful way to spend a day...Even though it was warm, the water sure looked refreshing.

  13. my hubbies sister was like a sister to me, and his niece is my niece. so they are family. and my brothers wife is more sister to me than he is brother. that is a wild and beautiful rose.

  14. Ruth, what a wonderful place to have a cottage! We were at Grand Beach last time we were in the area. It's a wonderful area! Love the sugar sand! Being shallow for so far out is great with the kids!
    Glad you had a lovely family visit!

  15. How Fun!! That water does look refreshing!

  16. So glad you got to go visit them! Your photos are lovely memories for you to cherish.

  17. What a delightful place. I really like the spiky rays of sunlight bursting through the tree branches. It does look hot. You have some very creative nieces. I'd never seen a rose made out of duct tape before--what a clever idea!

  18. Looks like the perfect place for a return visit.

  19. I'm glad you had a wonderful visit with your family, although it's too bad the weather was so hot. I really like your photos of the 'pink confetti' water. Both girls are very talented -- I never realized that duct tape could be so beautiful.

  20. Gotta love the creativity of girls.. they each show such lovely talents. And that pink water is just wonderful.


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