Thursday, October 25, 2012

Birds On My Yard

It seems that I am having a hard time getting to regular posting on the blog.
I know I could be giving all kinds of so called reasons,but they would sound more like excuses,so I won't go there.I guess,in part my life has become busier,and that is not a bad thing.

Today I pulled up a few pictures of recent bird shots.
Looking at the leaves on this Silver Maple,it shows that the fall colours are just beginning.
Somehow,this Robin looked a little lost,like he/she should have headed south already.

The Blue Jays and I have what might be called a working relationship.
I give them peanuts and they have to 'work' for me by posing for pictures.
I don't think they see it quite the same way,but whatever the case,it works in my favour.
I put the peanuts at such a place as is convenient for me to get pictures.
I really like how the background turned out in this shot.

Of course,other birds come in at close range,to get a drink of water and maybe a sunflower seed.
Here the Red-breasted Nuthatch is on one side of the birdbath and the Black-capped Chickadee on the other.

The Black-capped Chickadees are always ready to pose for a picture,providing the photographer can be quick enough.It doesn't matter how many pictures I have of them,I keep on taking more.These are my very favourite birds.

This Blue Jay seems to be in a contemplative mood,but more than likely he is deciding which peanut to grab next.I like the fine details visible in the feathers.

Thought for today:
In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous. 


  1. Hi Ruth, I feel the same way that you do... I don't have time to blog these days. When we are not traveling, we are out in the yard BLOWING LEAVES.... ha

    Love seeing your little birds. I have the same ones here --but our Jays leave us for the winter... Don't know where they go because they are in TN---but just not here....


  2. sweet shots!

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>

  3. I'm finding it hard to post on my blog too - nothing much to say, no creativity - and too much to do around home and with family. Not a complaint - it is what it is like my sweet daughter says!

    Love your entertaining birds!! So pretty!

  4. HI Ruth...The blogging thing can get me to...I don't known how people do it everyday!!
    Your bird friend photos are great!!
    Love the Blue jay with the peanut, and that Red Breasted Nuthatch is one of my favorites!!

  5. Love that Bluejay with the peanut! :)

  6. I love the bird photos. Do you sit patiently by a tripod to get such great images?

  7. your jays make beautiful models. love that nuthatch, too!

  8. Every one of these looks perfect to me. The robin in the yellow leaves is just a beautiful picture. The nuthatch and chickadee are perfection. And the jay with the peanut...I just love that shot, as well as the other shot of the jay. Great post.

  9. oh my...What lovely photos, and the so true! Thank You
    Hug You

  10. That one is literaly posing for you with the peanut. Nice DOF in that picture.

  11. Gorgeous series of photos!! I like the background on the shots of the Jay too.

    I caught up on your fall shots over the last several posts after being gone for a couple of weeks to the PNW. Lovely fall photos!

  12. Good Friday Morning Ruth....
    Life can sure be busy sometimes. Of course, in my case, I choose to make it TOO busy at times.
    The picture of the bird and the peanut is just precious! He was one happy fella!! I believe that nature is a special blessing in our lives..
    have a good weekend..

  13. Beautiful bird photos. Our robins are hanging around later than usual too!

  14. Wonderful shots of your birds! All of them are gorgeous!

  15. A great bird showing. I really like the one with a peanut in his mouth. That is a prize winner.

  16. Hi Ruth, These are some great birding photos. In that first picture, I think the little bird is wondering, "How much longer can I stay?" :-) Thanks for sharing. John

  17. Ruth: Beautiful birds, when I put out peanuts the jays clear them out.

  18. wow, they work for peanuts and look like they belong on a runway for model birds.

  19. I too, seem to have a lot of things to be doing besides blogging. I enjoy it, but it's so time consuming. Love your Blue Jay shots! Nice background colors in those.

  20. Super photos, Ruth. I love feeding the birds to see which ones we can attract into our yard. It sure makes winter more colourful than it would be otherwise, ;)

  21. YES! Look at the feathers on that blue jay! All great captures Ruth.

  22. Wonderful close ups of your birds. I love all of these birds. The little ones like the nuthatches and chickadee are such fun. Watching Jays eat peanuts is really funny. I've seen them stuff several in their mouth at once. They are so pretty, you forgive them for their greedy manners :-)

  23. Love all these birds. The Blue-jays are eating me out of house amd home of peanuts. I fill the feeder, and in 30 minutes or less-empty!
    They are so loyal..and piggy LOL

  24. LOVE that jay with the peanut Ruth! Such a sharp photo!

  25. dear ruth,

    well..i don't have time to blog either...i just know what you mean,
    but i really enjoyed your photos!

    love, love, love your pictures of the little birds...oh, it takes a lot of patience and timing to get such good ones!

    hope your weekend is a good one!

    big hugs!

  26. Even the feathers of a bird is a wonderful art. And this one nailed it. I like close up shots. Nicely done.

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  27. i love my bluejays, they work hard for the peanuts!!

  28. All beautiful closeups! The background coloring is so warm and colorful.

  29. Wow Ruth...those are gorgeous. Do you have those birds trained? :)

  30. Beautiful photo's got the birds s welli love the bird with the peanut. Gorgeous.

  31. Wonderful captures, Ruth. The blue jay and peanut shot is amazing.

  32. Great captures, Ruth; love your backgrounds too. And your favourite colour shots were awesome; what a great time of the year for blazing reds !

  33. I know what you mean by life just getting busier and busier. I'm retired now, but I told Betsy I would have to get a job so I would have more time to do the things I want to do.

    Your photos of the birds are fantastic.

  34. Ruth I love the photos that you take of our feathered friends!
    The one with bluejay and peanut especially! No birds to be seen these days with Sandy's threat!!
    blessings to you dear friend. xo

  35. Your bird shots are fabulous. Love the peanut eating Jay.

  36. Chickadees are one of my favourites too. Yes, the background on the Jay turned out very neat.

  37. Son unas imágenes excelentes, preciosas fotografías!!Hermoso tu blog!Saludos desde Argentina.

  38. Great photos of the birds. The blue jays rarely sit still long enough to get their picture here.

  39. Oh Ruth, I so enjoyed this post. As you probably know by now, I too love my fair feathered friends. I call them flowers with wings. These shots are all great. I especially love the photo of the bluejay with the peanut. Such sharp detail, and great DOF.
    I live in a small city, and I had to take most of my bird feeders down in early summer do to a flock of pigeons that happen to fly by and see them. I did not want them moving into my neighborhood and so sadly I took them down. I was looking so forward to all the baby birds coming to my feeders but that didn't happen. But I was able to keep up my canister feeders and got some shots of the chickadees, nuthatches, and woodpeckers, and a few other birds. I have a small yard so it is always a challenge to get a nice bokeh in the background.
    I am curious to know what lens you used here.
    Well thank you for sharing all these lovely photos.
    Hugs, Dianne :)


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