Wednesday, October 3, 2012

From Summer to Winter

A while back I did a couple of posts about our Corn and Apple Festival.I also shared a picture of some metal art,saying I would show more pictures later.
So here are a few of those pictures.

I don't know who the fella is that is doing this work,but it is well done.
Here you can see one of the welds up close.I like the various colours shown here.

Look at all the detail in this metal flower. You can see a lighter one in the background.
These were quite tall,probably about 4-5 feet.

 This is a different sort of flower,with larger petals.
I think they are really quite lovely.I have no idea how they would weather,but it would be interesting to see that unfold,and,no,I didn't get any.It was cheaper just getting them in pictures. LOL

I had to throw in a couple of nature pictures.
I don't remember where or when I took this shot,but I do love how the sky looks.

This one was taken in late August,near Lake Winnipeg.
It had been a super hot,yet fun day spent with family.
The close of the day was spectacular as you can see.
I love the beautiful shades of colour here.

When I look at these summer pictures,it is hard to believe that parts of southern Manitoba are under a winter storm watch tonight.My guess is that it won't be that serious,but at least we are getting some much needed moisture. Yes,temperatures are near the freezing point,but I don't really mind.
It feels really good to put on a warm sweater and turn on some heat in the house.


  1. Beautiful images! Hope it doesn't get too cold!

  2. i really like the metal work. i bet it was pricey, though. :)

  3. pretty, unique art!! i love the non-cookie-cutter stuff!!

    i have my a/c on,. it was 80 here today!!

  4. I can't say I enjoyed the heat and drought of this past summer, but I'm not really looking forward to thos winter weather advisories either. I guess I'm just hard to please. :)

    Loved that sky photo and the beautiful sunset. It's rare to capture a beautiful sunset without clouds, but you certainly did.

  5. Lovely images of both the metal flowers and the pretty skies.

  6. What a wonderful talent this man has. I do enjoy the metal art and actually have a few pieces myself. The last picture is gorgeous...Love how it is layered in color.
    blessings Ruth

  7. i really like the third pic down, that flower is beautiful. the artist is very talented.the colors of the sky in both pics are done with God's crayons... so beautiful. i hope the snow parts of our country get some this year, last year did not and it really has the country in a drought.

  8. The metal art is beautiful and so well done. Thanks for sharing.

  9. That artwork is great. The flowers are so graceful even made of metal.

  10. Those metal flowers are really pretty and different. Like them a lot!!

    We've been having it hotter than normal here in Maryland. Supposed to get in the 80's today!!!!

  11. I agree with you Ruth. Glad to have that scorching hot summer behind me. Hard to believe those metal flowers are that BIG! Lovely post. Diane

  12. Ruth, lovely shots! The welder is very talented.
    We have had a great Fall so far. It's been clear and sunny, although cool. The clear skies at night have been nice for seeing the moon, but have brought cooler temperature too. It was down to 3 last night.
    We bought a new furnace in August, and it's finally getting it's first usage!
    Hope it doesn't winter on you to badly!

  13. Love the metal sculptures! Great work!

  14. Interesting. Those clouds and that sunset are gorgeous.

  15. Gorgeous sky photos. Just gotta love those colors! The metal artwork is really nice too.

  16. Hi There, We have a VERY busy weekend since my son is getting married..... Should be TERRIFIC.

    Fabulous pictures--especially that last one. WOW!!!!!

    Hope we don't have a frost here anytime soon. I want to enjoy my roses longer.

  17. Those are so beautiful Ruth. I loved the magnolia sculpture! And, love your beautiful sky too. ;c)

  18. The metal work is beautifully crafted. I love seeing these artworks in gardens but I don't own any myself. I hope you didn't get as much snow as the weather person here said you were likely to get. :)

  19. Hi Ruth, Very interesting on the metal work and some nice photos there. I too am glad the heat has gone and cooler weather is upon us. Thanks for sharing your blog and for your kind comments on mine. John

  20. Very creative and skilled welder - what an artist! Love the work and bet it comes with a price tag worthy of his work! Those nature photos are incredible. God's handiwork knows no end!


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