Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter Scenes

I mentioned in the last post that I had gone out on a photography outing with a friend.
Today I will be sharing a few more images from that day.

A few days prior to this we had had some freezing rain.This left a sheet of ice on almost everything.
Here the grasses had remained undisturbed and so still showed that icy coating.
I thought it looked rather pretty.

We had wandered onto an abandoned yard site. This was one of only two buildings still upright.
I think this might have been the house.The interesting thing about this yard is that I remember the people who lived here.They had been immigrants from Russia,and lived very simple lives.
I recall hearing how they still had a lot of fear of being captured by the government,even though now they lived in a peaceful country and community.The old couple has long since passed on to where they do not need to fear anything.

I have no idea what this could have been.It must have been part of a building at some point,years ago.
The rough bricks were falling apart and the trees have grown up around the last part of a wall.
This reminded me of an old fort,a wall to hide behind as you watched for the enemy.

Looking east of this yard,this was the view.Early mornings could be quite spectacular from this vantage point.

As I wandered around the old yard I noticed this little scene.
A piece of snow was caught and held up by a few blades of dry grass.
Nature creates it's own beautiful scenes.

Thought for Today:
Even in winter an isolated patch of snow has a special quality.
Andy Goldsworthy 


  1. I can't say that I'm envious of the snow but you sure have made it look so beau5tiful. Lovely images.. yours always are.

  2. Beautiful icy, snowy pictures! I like looking for little scenes like you found! Keep posting beauty from your corner of the world! I hope for a little snow sometime this winter.

  3. The photo of the old building is perfect, and the story of those who lived there adds to it. Loved that stone wall, or whatever it was, with the determined trees growing around it, too.

  4. Oh Ruth, you are very brave to go out when things are icy! Please be careful. But it was totally worth it. The second picture of the house is amazing, it really looks like a painting, a familiar artist I am trying to think of, the one who painted Christina's World.

  5. Hi Ruth, This is a wonderful post. Those of us who are into blogging see a lot of pictures posted by people. But I think it is rare, at least for me, to see photos and think to myself ... yes, I would have taken that same photo. Well, on your outings photos I often feel that way. Guess we are sort of on the same wave length. Thank you for sharing and thank you for your kind comments on my blog as well. Wish you well, John

  6. HI Ruth...Beautiful images...the snow adds a new element to the otherwise dab time of year!
    I love the old house and the tale of the past!!

  7. For sure, it doesn't take MUCH snow for me to be happy... I love it --even when there's just a little bit of it... Great set of photos, Ruth.

  8. In the picture of the stone structure I'm wondering - are the stones holding up the trees or the trees holding up the stones? Beautiful pictures. Diane

  9. the house, the snow, the beauty and all that on a beach? this is a place i would love to see with you. i love the shot of the bricks in the trees. wonder if it could have been an out door oven? makes a great photo whatever it was. a sad story about the owners of the house.

  10. Beautiful photos Ruth. I love old buildings and wonder about the stories they hold. Too bad they can't talk to us.

  11. Wonderful! I love that old house and the fact that you know something about the people makes it more interesting. That stone structure and trees does look like a fort :-) Maybe an old kiln or oven of some sort? Reminds me a little of some of the old buffalo furnaces that Mike has taken me to see different places.

  12. even abandoned and almost forgotten, this place holds special beauty. thank you for sharing it.

  13. yes, that snow does make for some lovely pics!!
    Just Beautiful!

  14. Enjoyed seeing all your photos! The snow makes for great pictures. Like the old house!!

  15. i have always loved the snow, these images are really beautiful!

    nature is such a wonderful provider of breathtaking scenes!

  16. Ruth, lovely shots!
    I heresay that it's going to be a cold winter! But then, aren't they all! Bundle up warm!

  17. Oh these pictures....The barn, the old stack between the trees and the snow!! Outstanding!

  18. Very nice Ruth. I love that first shot...simple but beautiful.

  19. These photo,s are beautiful Ruth . The snow and the old house and the story that goes with it. Wonderful. Have a nice week.

  20. The snow and ice are artistry in themselves and your camera skills capture it beautifully.

  21. I think these photos are very lovely, Ruth!


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