Friday, January 4, 2013

Fun With My iPhone

I have decided that from time to time I will post some of my fun shots done with the iPhone.
These are not amazing,have less than ideal quality but I am having fun with them.

I have to start with a picture of my sweetheart.Kai turned 7 on January 3rd. She had been reminding me about this for a while.I gave here a make-up kit with a light up mirror.She was so proud and actually wanted to pose for a picture. This young lady is growing up so fast.

Here is a cool shot.I recently found a new App for my phone,it is called WaterMyPhoto and is free at the App store in iTunes.They say it is free for a limited time.
All I did was open the picture with this App and this was the result.

This is the original shot. I took this at a garden centre just before Christmas.I liked the unusual colouring of this Poinsettia.

On New Year's day,my sister,Becky and I went to Portage La Prairie,this is a town about an hour's drive away.They have what is called an Island of Lights.The park is located on somewhat of an island and is a great place for bird watching in summer,but at Christmas they set up lots of beautiful lights.
This was where we had to drive through as we left the park.I thought it was gorgeous.
The picture was taken through the windshield of my car,so you can even see the crack in the window.
In the background you can see the lights covering the bridge which crosses the river.
We enjoyed the lights ,but the drive home was a little snowy.


  1. your little model is beautiful, and the watery pic is really cool. i have seen pics like it and wondered how they did it... i wonder if the app would work on a laptop... love that half a wreathe...

  2. your little girl is adorable. :)

  3. This app is totally cool! I had to stop in the middle of your blog and buy it, it was ninety nine cents. I have been experimenting and I really love it. Our grands are the same age, can I ask where you got the makeup case? It is very nice. I love the big wreath arch! Your iPhone pictures are good, you should post more, who knows what else we are missing if this is any indication.

  4. Ruth, thanks for the advice on the Water It! I'm downloading it right now!
    Aren't Grandkids just so much fun! We have a houseful right now! No school here until Monday and they are enjoying their holiday break!

  5. I think these photos are wonderful. You're almost convincing me that we need to get an iPhone ourselves.

  6. What a cool ap..."Water My Photo!" I like that effect.

    Kai is a beautiful little girl.

    And, finally, I always love photos taken from a moving car...I do that myself on occasion. That is a colorful and unique wreath of lights you got to drive through on the bridge. Happy New Year!

  7. Such fun shots Ruth! Kai is growing up right before our computer screens! She's very beautiful and that makeup kit looks like such fun. Love the lights, too. Diane

  8. These are all beautiful and that's a fun app for your phone!

  9. Gosh Ruth.... she sure is growing up fast!! LOVE that "water" app - I'm going to check it out now!!

  10. thanks Ruth...I enjoyed seeing these. Kai is so cute! I'm guessing she's the sweet apple of your eye.
    The poinsettia photo is so cool! Love it!!
    Have a marvelous weekend..
    Stay warm.

  11. Kai is a beautiful little girl! And to have a willing model for a photographer is awesome. Thank you for sharing that app! I'm going to download that right now. :)

  12. Happy Birthday to Kai - she certainly is pretty and she looks like a nice little girl. : )

    I really like that wreath of lights!!

  13. Gorgeous photos... I love your WaterMyPhoto app... We are 'talking' about getting an iPhone --but need to save our pennies first!!!!! Can't wait...

    By the way, do you use Facetime on your iPad or iMac? If so --we can talk sometime. We have it on our iMacs....

    Have a great weekend.

  14. Love the all the new ideas you are trying out... the new water app is beautiful and so is your model...Kai is so cute. have a great weekend...cheers.

  15. Oh, what a sweet gift that was for your precious Kai. No wonder she was proud. I still remember getting my first tube of Tangee lipstick. I don't even know if they still make it anymore. Your iPhone takes amazing pictures. The lighted drive-through wreath through the windshield came out beautifully.

  16. I am doing the same thing, trying to learn to use an IPad sometimes in my blog...she is beautiful

  17. Very nice. I love to play around with pictures. Have you ever played around on this site?

  18. I have to try that is fabulous!

  19. I don't have an iPhone but that app looks like great fun.

  20. Kai is very cute!

    Thank you for showing us what you are doing with your iPhone. I like what I see...bit I don't have an i{hone. :)

  21. Kai is sure a sweet little gal. Ahhh ... they do grow up too fast.

    Love the watery picture.


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