Friday, January 25, 2013

Looking For Color and Warmer Days

Manitoba has been in a deep freeze recently and I need something to remind me of warmer days.
I do like winter,but I do not like getting into one cold vehicle after the other.
Enough complaining,time to look at warm weather pictures.
I have been going through all the pictures on my computer and saw some of the older pictures which I had almost forgotten about.

All of the following pictures are from 2008.
One evening we were out just south of town and I saw this scene.The sky was getting dark with an approaching storm.The old building,together with the trees in this warm light were begging to be photographed. 

Taking about half a turn from the previous shot I captured this.Obviously this was taken on a different day,as one can tell by the sky. The cows looked content and using the corner poles of the fence to frame them,I was pleased with this image.

I have to admit that I don't remember where this was taken,but I do know it is somewhere in southern Manitoba.I like the diverse colours and textures in this picture.

Just two blocks south of my home is a research station.The public part of this station has wonderful manicured lawns and gardens. I like this curved path leading to yet another garden area.

Not too far from my home is a series of marshes.Jake and I have spent much time here and have many pictures taken in this area.I like the reflections in the water of the marsh.

I am reminded of the many people,some who are personal friends,who are experiencing hardships in varying degrees. With this in mind,I chose today's thought.

Pray with a friend who has a special need.

I know we cannot always be there in person,but prayers travel over the miles and God can use them to encourage those in need.


  1. Great post Ruth...God answers prayer...great to see your pictures..I needed to see some green..thanks..

  2. The first photo here is pure perfection and reflect's God's glory in creating such beauty. Yes, let's pray for friends with needs today.

  3. That first photo is also begging to be hung on a wall! Oh my goodness, this is a stunner. The composition is simply outstanding, as are the colors and mood. A++++ I agree with your last sentence wholeheartedly.

  4. thank you, ruth, for the uplifting thoughts.

    that first image just jumps off the screen - like those cards you used to put into the bracket of the viewer, then look into the eye pieces to see 3D. it's just perfect.

  5. These beautiful shots warm up the day. I love the feeling of the impending storm in the first one, too. Diane

  6. All good, but the first one is literally bringing me to tears. Something about it, it evokes so many feelings all at once, it has everything in it, it amazes me. It may be one of my top ten for life.

  7. Dear Ruth ~ Your photos are exquisite. What a beautiful area you live in. I love the reflections in that last photo. My husband and I always enjoyed reflections.

    I do believe God uses prayers to encourage others as I have been blessed and helped that way a lot lately.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  8. It's wonderful to be reminded of summer by your beautiful pictures. They are all great!

  9. Ruth, Lovely photos of "warmer days". Keep warm and know that Spring is around the corner. Mickie :)

  10. the first photo is my most favorite, I love the tree and the texture.. and of course the view. these are all beautiful reminders that the cold will go away and you can start clicking away..... prayer is free and can be done anywhere and can comfort everywhere... good thought

  11. Some very lovely photos here!

    I hate getting into a cold, cold car. Worse than the outside cold! My own car sits in a garage so isn't too cold when I get into it.

  12. I agree with so many others that the first picture is perfectly stunning. It should be hanging on your wall. (Or mine.) :)

  13. Ruth, stunning landscapes! I especially like the first one! Something about it really catches my eye and holds it there!

  14. Beautiful images Ruth! I'm glad I'm not the only one that digs into the archives

  15. Gorgeous photos, Ruth. Thank you so much for the warm-up!! Brrrr, mighty chilly around here this week!

  16. Just breathing in deeply here, relaxing and enjoying the view! I may just grab this and put it as my screen saver to advance my feelings of spring! The photo with the cattle is a great composition.When I saw the reddish cows I thought 'red-velvet beef' homegrown, yum!!! Peter's fav dish is steak! Also love looking over the fields into the distance - simply beautiful!

    Good reminder to pray with a friend who has a special need. God bless you for blessing me through you!!

  17. i adore the way you closed this entry ruth, always thinking of others!!

    the first image made my heart skip a beat, it is picture perfect!!

    i also loved the feflection, nature provides everything we need!

  18. Awesome pictures! You have a good eye for composition. But the love of God you share is extra special!


  19. So promising of spring to come. Prayer is such a wonderful gift.

  20. Wow! I lived in Wpg the first 19 years of my life and have not been back since and I'm in my fifties now.
    This really brings me back.
    There is something about the prairies that is special.
    Wish I had taken photos.... but I was so young and didn't have a camera....
    Love your pics!

  21. Great photos, Ruth. I especially love that last one of the marsh. The reflections are marvelous!!!!


  22. I really like the sky in that first photo! Lovely! That marsh looks so inviting. Makes me want to go to the wetlands, but I know at this time of year there won't be much there to see. Time to start dreaming of spring.

  23. Your photos are beautiful. I could use a little greenery around about now. : )

  24. Ruth, these are gorgeous! Manitoba is beautiful. I hope someday we manage to visit that part of Canada.


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