Friday, February 15, 2013

Snow Art

I enjoy driving around the country-side looking for potential photos. In summer I find flowers and grasses and birds.In winter I see a different landscape,but no less beautiful.
On a mild Sunday afternoon,recently,I was out and found,what I call,snow art.

A winter landscape may look barren and dull at first glance,but when I take a closer look I see so much beauty there.

A closer look reveals some of the  patterns in the snow.

In every direction,the wind has created snowy artwork.I enjoy seeing all the swirls and designs.

Zooming in still closer and more details are visible.

Still closer. I am amazed at the  beauty the wind and snow can make.I shouldn't be,because they are directed by God's hand,and creating snow art is no big deal for Him.

When I took my focus off the snow details and zoomed out with the camera,I was equally impressed with this scene.The leftover stalks of grain or whatever it is,made a great addition to this shot. I am quite certain that this particular spot would not attract my attention so much in summer,but I sure like it here.

 Pointing the camera towards the sun,I saw this path of light across the field. Yet another pretty scene in my eyes. When we have our eyes open to finding beauty,it truly is all around us.

On another drive early this week,I saw,what I call my first 'spring bird'.This is a year old Golden Eagle. Now lest you think I am smarter than I really am,I was told this by a Dr. of Ornithology.I'm thinking he should know what he is talking about.The light patches on the wings and tail are what told him that it is not an adult bird.Whatever the case,I was pretty happy to see this and also get a few pictures.

Thought for Today:
If you tend to think melancholy thoughts while you walk,
or mull over problems,
next time make an effort to notice every speck of nature around you and thanks God for it.
from the Perpetual Calendar:365 Great Things About Nature.


  1. God's lovely artwork is always a joy to behold. I love all the patterns there in the snow and the blues and lavenders too.

    What a great shot of the eagle.

    Have a wonderful weekend dear Ruth.


  2. gorgeous to behold... it looks like frozen waves, like the ocean was frozen in place.. so beautiful

  3. Absolutely Stunning!
    Nothing better than God's Artwork!

  4. What gorgeous snow images. :) Very nice!

  5. cold but you see oceans of beauty, anyway!

  6. I truly feel like soaring with the eagle above this gorgeous snowscape - have had to deal with a couple of 'turkeys' today trying to get my passport renewed - not that I'll be traveling soon, but just to have it in case I might! Have a great week-end and God bless Ruth!

  7. I love these snow patterns! Especially #4

  8. Love your snow pictures! The close ups look like sand dunes or snow covered mountains! Yes, beauty is all around us! We only have to look for it.

  9. Beautiful....I had not thought of art in the snow but you are right...amazing

  10. Hi Ruth....Isn't it wonderful the patterns the wind sculptures with the snow !!
    The fourth photo reminds me of meringue on a lemon pie : )
    Great photo it is not easy to shoot snow shots ...yours are great!!
    Golden Eagle is something I didn't know about until recently..good for you!!

  11. thank you for this nourishing post!

    Wishing YOU
    a happy weekend, from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  12. I seriously thought that today's quote came straight from your thoughts, until I read the credit in the fine print. It sounded so like you. The photos are lovely. I love how you see beauty in virtually everything. The eagle was a special treat. As was having an authority on hand to identify it. :)

  13. I love the snow and all the wonderful possibilities it holds for amazinging images! These are beautiful Ruth, I especially enjoyed the sun glistening on the snow!

  14. God's beautiful creations are everywhere in this post, Ruth. Beautiful patterns. Diane

  15. Beautiful snow art you captured. Lovely shot of the eagle. :)

  16. Hi Ruth, You do a wonderful job of getting us to slow down and appreciate all the beauty that God has placed around us. That is one reason your blog is one of my favorites. The snow art is an excellent example. Thank you for sharing your photography and also for your kind comments on my blog. Have a great weekend! John

  17. There is no better artist than God! Beautiful!

  18. Beautiful photos! I really like your attention to detail. The shot with the tree in it is really nice!

  19. There is so much beauty when we take the time to look. Happy Sunday, Ruth.

  20. Beautiful. You wouldn't think just simple pictures of snow could be so beautiful. I love your header.

  21. Beautiful snowy winter shots, Ruth! The light and darker shadings in the snow are so pretty.

  22. snow and wind surely do make for some interesting patterns ... add a bit of melt and freeze and more interesting views are created


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