Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Flood Waters In Morden

OK,as promised here are two collages of the scenes around town on May 31,2013.
We had received a lot of rain and because of previous rains the ground was saturated and so we had some flooding.  I know this is not severe as it is in some places,but many people went out taking in the sights.I was one of them.

I did not want to overwhelm anyone with picture so I put them together like this.
The centre shot happens to be my son driving down a street filled with water.Let me tell,he was laughing all the way,I am sure.
On either side of this picture are pictures taken at the campground.Notice the tent and picnic tables in the water.I'm sure the campers found a dryer place to be.
The bottom picture is on the beautiful Minniwasta Golf course.No one was out golfing.I wonder why. LOL

Another set of pictures.
The top scene is another angle of part of the campground.
Center picture is part of the lot at Tim Horton's. To the left is a scene from on the hill,looking into town.
The bottom shot is one of the intersections which has a natural dip in it.I would not have wanted to drive through there with a car,but it worked well with a four-wheel drive truck.Notice the bridge on the left side of the picture.This is a walking bridge,but for at least one day was not accessible.

By now the water has receded and most things are back to normal. One intersection is closed because of a washout and will be closed until the town has time to repair it.

Hope you enjoyed my little tour around my home town and that your feet stayed dry through it all.


  1. Great goodness.....that is a whole lot of rain water!
    too much rain for your area....and here in East Texas, we could use some rain. The most wonderful thing is: God knows what we have need of and His timing is always perfect...
    hugs Ruth

  2. glad your son's vehicle survived the dive!

  3. WOW! that was quite a bit of water! Glad things are back to normal :)

  4. It looks to me as if the car in that first photo had no business driving into that water. Hope it made it through all right. It didn't look like it could turn out well.

  5. HI Ruth, That's alot of water!!!! We've had much much rain here this spring--but, even though there was flooding around the low areas, we didn't get out to check it out... Water like that scares me to death... I went through high water once when I lived in Texas ---and it scared me to death... Not good for the car either.....

    I know it's hard to tell a guy---but tell your son (mine would be doing the same thing) to be careful... ha ha (Good Luck with that one.)


  6. i would have loved them full sized so i could really see it.. you can't overwhelm with photos, so post what you want. i love photos of things like this and that is a lot of flooding, more than i have ever seen... glad you are ok.

  7. That was a LOT of rain Ruth. Great photos.

    We've had lots of rain ourselves but no flooding like that and I hope we won't have any like that.

    There's a tropical system south of us that may give us more rain.

    Have a nice afternoon and evening.


  8. I didn't realize you had so much flooding in your town. I'm glad things are now returning to normal.

  9. Your town was certainly wet for a while - that's a lot of water. For some reason the water like that is frightening, it's so destructive. Thanks so much for sharing. Diane

  10. My goodness, these ARE scary pictures! Around here, they tell people not to drive if the water is over 8 inches, that is all it takes to float away, but you do not KNOW how high it is when you are driving!

  11. Oh my goodness that's a lot of rain.

  12. Hi Ruth...so glad your town is drying out! We had so much flooding 2 years ago. I remember thinking that I was shocked what areas were "high" and which were "low"...I was shocked to see where the water pooled.

  13. Yikers! So much water. Glad it's back to normal and hope the one intersection is repaired soon. Spring sure brings some volatile weather conditions. Hope things settle down soon!

  14. How oblivious we are to things happening a few hours away from us. Floods in the streets is not nearly as bad as when it comes into the homes. So glad things are back to normal for everyone.

  15. cute town, but i'll bet it's a lot cutier with a little less water!!

  16. Hi Ruth...you sure this is not Watertown haha!!
    I imagine it is pretty crazy for awhile!! Glad you got through ok and had the photos to share of the ordeal!!

  17. Oh my, that is a lot of water. Glad it has dissipated. We never get that kind of water where I am living ... in fact could use some of that water to replenish our lake!!!! Glad you ventured out to take a few pictures for us to see.

  18. Wow, that is some serious flooding! Was your son's car OK after driving through all that water?

  19. We're one of the rainiest places in the US, but only get flooding about half a dozen times a year. We had some flooding earlier in the month, but your flooding looks far worse. Hope you've dried out by now.

  20. Any trouble crossing that pool? The flood is so terrible, it seems like we could swim in there. Anyways, keep safe always from any flood damage.

  21. I'm glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I have a friend whose town saw much damage. Very scary. But your photos do show the lighter side of things. Everything should have a lighter side.


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