Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Blossoms,Birds and Reflections

Monday,August the 12th,I had a chance to wander around at St.Vital Park in Winnipeg.
I enjoy going to this park,the ducks and geese are usually quite cooperative about having their pictures taken.The only unfortunate part on Monday was that all I had was my iPhone.
I felt somewhat restricted,but tried not to let that get in the way of capturing some of the beauty.

There were quite a few either immature or in eclipse plumage Wood Ducks.
Despite the fact that they were lacking the bright colours,they still were beautiful.
This one in particular,kept coming close enough for me to get a decent picture.
I like the crossed wing feathers.

A short walk from the pond are a couple of small flower beds.
Again,the lack of a bigger lens has it's drawbacks,but I still like how some of the pictures turned out.
I am not sure what this flower is called,but I thought it was quite pretty.

This picture makes the flower bed look much larger than it really is.
It is a short path,but even though small the  displays are lovely.

Another look at the flowers.The gardeners managed to put a lot of different flowers into a small area.
Here the Impatiens are filling this shaded are with loads of colour.

One more shot of the pond.
Water,trees and sunshine and the result is a beautiful reflection.
It seems that I take at least one,no more like several,reflection shots each time I am here.
This may well have been the first one with the phone.Yes,that water looked very dirty,but I still liked the reflections.

Being forced to use what I had with me,my phone,helped me to see that I can still capture beauty even without my big camera with me.
Having said that,the next time the other cameras are coming along.

Thought for Today:
Teach me,Father to value each day,to live,to love,to laugh,to pray.
Kathi Mills


  1. you still captured the peacefulness and beauty around you and shared it. thanks, ruth.

  2. Hi Ruth, What fabulous photos. The iPhone does a good job.. I especially love the lighting in that purple/white flower one... GREAT!!!!

    That place looks so peaceful.

  3. Everything looks so peaceful and filled with beauty.

  4. You've shown that it's the photographer -- not the camera -- that is the most important component of a great photo. All of these pictures are wonderful.

  5. I love the colorful impatiens shot. And the mallard with the blue cross on his back, that is a unique shot!

  6. I'm always impressed by the photos you get with your iPhone. I'm concluding that it doesn't matter what instrument you use...you're just a good photographer. I especially liked the second photo, the one of the beautiful and unusual flowers.

  7. No matter the equipment, you have a great eye. Thanks for bringing us along on a stroll. And you always have a great thought for today.

  8. Even with an Iphone, you captured beauty.

    I love the crossed feathers of the duck and the wonderful reflections. It is something my husband always loved taking photos of. Reflections are a different way of looking at things.

    The flowers are lovely and what a peaceful little place to visit.

    Enjoy your day today ~ FlowerLady

  9. How lovely Ruth! I always LOVE "walking" with you :)

  10. the duck with her feathers crossed is so sweet.. and i would be back there with the big camera right away, but your phone takes great photos. wandering those flower lined paths is something i would love

  11. I imagine you found it challenging to take photos with your iPhone but the photos actually turned out well. I think iPhones are amazing!

  12. You and your iPhone managed some wonderful photos! I always a enjoy visiting your blog, and especially like reading your "Thought for Today".

  13. Such a nice place to be and I love your wood duck which is so very different from ours.
    Ruth dear, you have been through your great loss, now it is my turn. Peter is in palliative care and time is running very low.

  14. Ruth, these are wonderful shots and they really reflect what you were after....beauty in nature.....

    I love the blue on the crossed wings of the duck and I too love reflections in water shots.....

  15. HI Ruth Yes your shots are great so always carry your iphone even you have your other equipment with you. Everything looks very peaceful and I love the Wood duck.

  16. Oh I like the crossing of the ducks wings too. : )

  17. Ruth, thanks for the walk around the park! Very nice!
    We have some of those Christmas tree looking flowers. My wife tells me they are called Joey

  18. Very nice Ruth, what a peaceful place to capture beauty.

  19. The best camera is always the one you have with you (vs the one you have at home) and you proved it, Ruth. Lovely scenes - especially like that 'unknown' flower.

  20. Each sight very well done, but the duck with his wings crossed is the best.

  21. what a pretty, peaceful landscape....beautifully reflected in your images!!

    that fluffy purple flower is a beauty, i don't know what it is!!

  22. I keep seeing such wonderful images taken with the iPhone and yours are no exception. Beautiful captures. I'm used to eclipsed mallards but seeing a wood duck without its usual colours is quite startling.

  23. A wonderful 'wander' indeed and a lovely thought for the day.

  24. Beautiful, as always, Ruth. I always enjoy catching up on your blog.

  25. I'd say your iphone does very well. A lovely walk around the park with some nice photos. Always a pleasure to scroll through your posts and see your interesting and lovely pic. Mickie ;)

  26. such a beautiful and peaceful post, ruth dear.

    that first shot of the duck is a fine art photo.
    thanks for brightening my day!

    have a blessed sunday!!

  27. Ruth, you have a good eye for capturing beautiful scenes. I felt peaceful just looking at your photos. Thanks for your kind comment and your congrats for our newest little grandson. We'll meet him in person in a couple of weeks. I'm sorry I've been such a slacker in reading your (and others') blog posts---I've just been really busy with Gideons Auxiliary...I'm the president of our group... church stuff (singing/practicing with the worship team and also teaching Sunday school which takes a lot of prep time) and various maintenance jobs around the house I still think of you even when I've been neglecting visiting your blog! I always enjoy your beautiful photos!

  28. Beautiful photos. It is amazing what can be done with the iphone.


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