Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Recent Photo Delights

On Thursday,February 13,I got this text from my friend Sydney.
Hey,Ruth! I just saw the moon,and it looks fantastic! Good photo taking opportunity. :)
I stopped washing dishes and went to look outside,but could see no moon.
You see Sydney is attending Bible college about an hours drive from here.I fired a text back,telling her that I couldn't see a thing.Finished the dishes and took another look outside and this time,there it was in all it's beauty.
I grabbed two cameras and stepped out,but not before sending another text to Sydney.I love all this new technology,we are many miles apart,but still connected.

I took several pictures first with one camera and then using the Canon SX50,I got this image.
This is the best picture I have ever been able to get of the moon and all thanks to my sweet teenage friend. Thanks Sydney,Hugs.

From the moon up above to two people down on earth who bring sunshine into my life.
Steve and Kai made use of some of the snow hills on my yard.The picture is not great because it is taken from inside the house.I love seeing Kai and her Daddy having fun together.

On Monday,February 17,my cameras won out and I took them for a ride in the country.
We even found a couple of birds to capture.
The Black-billed Magpie is not a bird which waits around to get its' picture taken,so this is far away.At least the sky is blue and the weather was pleasant.

Also on Monday,I finally saw my first Snowy Owl of the winter and it was only a few miles from home. I would have liked to be closer,but am still happy with this picture.

I waited until after Valentine's Day and was able to pick up a dozen roses at a reasonable price.
There is nothing more cheerful on a winter day,than a bouquet of brightly roses.
I had seen some pictures of roses in the snow,so I had to try my hand at this.
The sun was shining and it was so nice to be able to be outside and have fun with my cameras.

 I have many more images of the roses and no doubt over time I will be posting more of them.

Thought for Today:
If we had no winter,the spring would not be so pleasant;
if we did not sometimes taste adversity,
Prosperity would not be so welcome.
Anne Bradstreet


  1. A terrific moon shot. Seeing a Snowy Owl must have been a real treat. Enjoyed this series.

  2. the magpie made me ooh and aah. then you topped it with a snowy! beautiful pics, ruth! the moon is beautiful!

  3. The roses in the snow are just gorgeous; great idea...I can't image seeing a Snowy Owl...

  4. The snowy owl is beautiful.....I would love to see one of them. Wonderful post that is packed with all kinds of things you love. The moon, special people in your life, wildlife,'ve covered it! So, so sweet!!

  5. All your pictures are great, Ruth! Be proud of that moon shot, they are hard to make! Love the Snowy Owl and Roses in the snow,too! Great shot of Steve and Kai!

  6. Ruth, I would have been happy to capture a Magpie - much less a Snowy Owl, too. Great pictures of both of them. Your moon picture is beautiful and your beautiful family just finishes off this post. Diane

  7. The moon truly came out in its full glory and you captured it brilliantly dear Ruth :) Steven and Kai look adorable in the snow together.
    The snow owl reminded me of harry potter :)

  8. Ruth...awesome shots! The moon looks like you could just reach out and touch it! Your rose in the snow...just gorgeous!

  9. It's a terrific moon shot, Ruth. And the picture of Steve and Kai is precious. The magpie photo is really nice, especially considering the distance. Very clear and sharp. What a treat to see the snowy owl, too. Hope the roses survived their little outdoor photo op. :)

    Your quote today reminds me of a conversation between a tall friend of mine who often teased her short friend about her height. Then, one day, the short friend reminded her that if she wasn't short, my friend wouldn't be tall. :)

  10. Great pictures.

    We have been blessed with a beautiful moon this month.

  11. Hi Ruth, Wow, that moon shot is great. That was the full Snow moon. I've found it challenging to get a good shot of the moon here ... a tripod helps, did you use one? In any event, nice work! John

  12. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with us. I really like your picture of the moon, but the Snowy Owl is very majestic on his perch.

  13. Love your Roses in the Snow photo... We have some flower photos in the snow--but not any roses. Guess we'll have to 'doctor' them IF we want Snow and Roses together.

    Love the Magpie and the Snowy Owl... Gorgeous.

    Awesome shot of the moon.... AND--I love the photo of your son and granddaughter.

  14. I've never seen a Magpie or Snowy Owl before, they are beautiful! The moon photo and the rose in the snow are wonderful, too.

  15. Oh Ruth...these are awesome! LOVE that rose in the snow - and the Moon shot WOWS!!!
    But the best treasure is the one with your son and granddaughter :)

  16. great shot of that big beautiful moon, we have been admiring it each morning when we get up at 4, it is the same one shining on you and us at the same time... cool shot of the rose in the snow, waiting for the rest of them. joy joy in Kai and her dad...

  17. LOVE that moon shot. I have such a hard time with getting a decent photo like that. May I ask, what setting did you have your SX50 set on for this photo?

  18. That rose image just reeks of romance!! Beautiful.

    Love the birds of course...

    And the photo of the 'two down on earth' with their smiles just makes me grin big! How sweet.

  19. HI Ruth that Moon shot is wonderful and the Snowny Owl was great to see even at a distance

  20. Ruth, these are great! How sweet of your friend to alert you to the full moon. Love the golden hue. I saw a magpie once, in Oregon, but failed to get good shots. So jealous of your snowy owl!! What an awesome sighting. :)

  21. Love your moon picture and the snowy owl is fantastic. I've never seen one.

  22. I envy your magpie shot. I have never seen one!

  23. I like the photos. The moon is really nice.

  24. Beautiful set of photos! Nice work on the moon shot.

  25. I love the moon shot, I cannot get them right yet. Fun to see your family too. How very lucky to have seen a snowy owl, one of my very favorite things! (Owls in general) We have 2 that have been hunting at a small local airport, but my pictures just show a white bump in a snowstorm. What a great sight for you to see!

  26. I am sooooooooo jealous! I would love to see a Snowy Owl so much!!!! They are gorgeous. What a great shot. I was thinking how wonderful the moon shot and magpie were and your family, but my heart goes to that Snowy Owl over all.

  27. Absolutely love your snowy owl! : )

  28. Love the moon and especially the birds. We don't see magpies or snowy owls down here. Your granddaughter is growing more beautiful -- in your likeness.

  29. I'm late to the party again! Ditto on what everyone else said!! A beautiful post!

  30. What a great collection of photos, Ruth. The owl is a treat and your Kai is just adorable. I love how you placed the roses in the snow but the best treat was the how your friend thought to let you know about the moon. How sweet is that! And the photo turned out perfectly.


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