Sunday, February 23, 2014

Roses In Winter

Yes,it is still winter but we are in the home stretch now.
After all,in one week March will be here,so the warmer weather must come soon.
Until that time I will look for ways to enjoy the winter.

On a recent drive out in the country,I saw this scene,and although it is snowy and looks cold,it still has beauty about it.

And now without further delay,I bring you roses in winter.
I had fun getting pictures of these bright flowers,even though they didn't last very long.
Using the telephoto lens it creates a nice dark background.

Here is just another angle of one of these pretty blooms that brightened my day.

 The day after I brought these flowers home it was a very pleasant winter day and since a couple of the flowers were well past their prime,I chose those and took them outside.

I had not swept the snow off the deck railing and now that was the perfect place to lay my roses and capture image after image of them.I kind of like this wider shot,showing my yard in the background.

I hope these roses brought you at least a touch of joy today.
No profound thought for today,but the reminder to take the time to enjoy the little things in life.

May God bless each of you richly.


  1. Snow and roses are a great surprising combination.

  2. These are lovely rose and snow compositions Ruth!
    Also, I felt like making a funny face of the snow bank, with the two bushes on the top as the eyebrows. Glad you're having fun! Spring MUST be around the corner; March is almost here! Blessings for a great week!

  3. That last photo is just really nice. I like how you composed it.

  4. What a fabulous image of the roses on the snowbank!! And such a vivid, bright beautiful color. That first photo looks so quiet, pretty, and peaceful.

  5. What a wonderful combination. I love seeing the roses with your property in the background. It all looks quiet and peaceful.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  6. love the snow roses in the last shot and that rose with the black background is stunning... i love long lens macro... your header is gorgeous....

  7. good morning ruth!

    seriously lovely rose photos!
    snow and roses do make an awesome photo opportunity.

    have a great week ahead!

  8. Very nice, Ruth. I do like the last shot, with the roses in the foreground. But I enjoyed the macros, too.

  9. The roses are very pretty and I LOVE your backyard. I really enjoy reading that you are embracing each season as it comes along instead of wishing, wishing, WISHING for something in the future (like spring or summer).

  10. Roses in winter are especially beautiful. While I enjoyed all of your wonderful photos, I thought the last picture was especially beautiful and artistic.

  11. This is so pretty. The closeups with the dusting of snow is particularly nice.

  12. How pretty they look in the snow.

    Some of our snow started to melt, but we still have huge piles of it all around. (I'm glad it didn't melt all at once. Fort Wayne has three rivers that intersect and we did have a bad flood once when a large amount of snow melted all at once.) Anyway, there is a flowerbed in front of our garage that the snow melted completely off of, and there are spring flowers starting to pop up. Yeh!!

  13. A splash of pink in a winter pretty!

  14. A cheerful sight in the midst of the snow. It will still be awhile here before spring arrives.

  15. what a great entry ruth, i really enjoyed it!!

    i treated myself to a hyacinth, purple of course, and the house smells amazing!!

  16. The roses in the snow is a very unusual and beautiful shot. Thank you for your positive attitude about winter, every little bit helps. Diane

  17. Great pictures! Love the roses in the snow!

  18. Much Joy from this post...and the title is so catching..
    beautiful roses and beautiful snow..Two things I LOVE..

  19. I'm loving those roses. You're so creative in how you photographed them.


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