Monday, March 10, 2014

March 7,2013

What happened on March 7,2013? 
Nothing earth shattering at all,except that in my area we had one of the most beautiful displays of hoar frost.
Today as the sun is melting the snow and the thermometer reads 6C or 43F,I will choose to look back at the beauty I captured last year on March 7.
Let me say that I am very ready for spring and am enjoying the sunshine and watching the snow disappear,but these pictures were such a joy to capture that I don't mind revisiting that day.

I had driven out of town looking for anything that might be picture worthy.Little did I expect to find the beauty that I did.

Each twig was coated in a heavy layer of frost and glistened in the sunlight.

It was one of those days when it didn't matter where I turned,it was all gorgeous.
Even a fence and a small shrub created a scene of beauty.

Getting a wider view at the landscape,you can see the frost on all the trees.
I took many pictures that day and kept most of them.Each picture had it's own value.

Right alongside the road was a small hill,created while making a pond.It was still somewhat cloudy and I liked the way the hill almost melted away into the sky.

Zooming in on the top most branches of a tall tree,we see still more beauty.
I love times like these and I was so thankful that I chose to drive out of town that day.

Overnight God had transformed the landscape into such beauty that no camera could really capture it adequately.
I hope you enjoyed seeing these pictures as much as I enjoyed getting them a year ago.

Who is like You among the gods,O Lord?
Who is like You,majestic in holiness,awesome in praises,working wonders.
Exodus 15:11


  1. Really beautiful photos, Ruth! It's nice to come across someone who isn't complaining about the weather conditions and actually embracing it. That bible verse is perfect for your images, too!

  2. They are truly coated with beauty.

  3. Absolutely stunning, Ruth. I have still yet to see hoar frost for myself, and if ever there was a winter to see it, you'd think it would be this one. Your lovely images put me right there though. Thanks for that.

  4. Beautiful photographs. I have never seen anything like that. But then I was born and raised in southern California and still live here.

  5. Absolutely stunning, Ruth...all of them. I liked that shot of the hill with the fence in front of it.

  6. AMEN! Spectacular, Ruth

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    =^..^= <3

  7. So glad zoo followed your guardian angel's prompting and went for that drive. We are so often led to something God wants us to see and enjoy, like a reward for heeding that prompting.
    The wonders of nature that man can reproduce but not create. Beautiful.

  8. Absolutely stunning! I can only imagine the beauty of seeing this with my own eyes... So glad you captured these photos and that you shared them with all of us...
    I certainly did enjoy!!
    hugs to ya

  9. Totally amazing! God's beautiful world dusted with icing sugar on top!

  10. Hi Ruth....What an amazing sight, like waking up in a fairy tale world!
    God's hand at work!!!


  11. so beautiful and i have never seen frost like this. i would have thought this was snow. the only frost I have seen was in GA and it was just a light cover. truly spectacular

  12. Ruth...what beauty to behold, for sure! I love how in every season, God can just reach His hand down and create such wonder. Just breathtaking!

  13. My goodness...I can definitely see why you returned to the year before...what delicious beauties!! Nature is grand, and you put the delicate and spectacular scenes in a blog!!

  14. These are gorgeous, Ruth! This is another post that I didn't see til now. I keep having to go back through posts, and am always finding posts I've missed.

  15. Ruth, what wonderful images! I remember the Hoar Frost when growing up. It always amazed me. We walk down the road to catch the school bus, in the dark mornings, and there'd be Hoar frost. It was always magical to me!
    We have a couple of crocus coming up and one Daffodil! Can Spring be near!!

  16. HI Ruth well I didn't see them before and I am very glad you posted them now, they are magnificent.

  17. You got some beautiful pictures!

  18. i am sooooo glad i did not miss this!!

    gorgeous with a touch of not-real!!

  19. Just gorgeous! I like your patterns in the snow from the last post too. I've taken many photos very similar, just because I liked the way it looked.

  20. Hoar Frost makes for the most gorgeous photos. I remember one year when we were in Arkansas, we saw lots of hoar frost at Mt. Magazine... That year, we got many beautiful photos --just like you got.


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