Friday, March 7, 2014

Snowy Landscape and Snowy Owl

The temperatures are slowly climbing but still winter is hanging on.

This picture was taken in January,but the landscape still looks much the same.
I do know that with a few warmer,sunny days that will change quickly.

 I am often fascinated by the shadow patterns created on the snow by the trees. I know,I see things differently than many people do,but to me this is an interesting sight.This is on my yard.

While on my way to my hairdresser's on March 6, I saw a Snowy Owl. My hairdresser lives about 2 miles out of town.The owl was still sitting there on the way back,so I hurried home to get my cameras.Sure enough,that owl was still sitting there.I was pleased.It allowed me to drive right up next to it. This picture has been cropped a little to show the owl better.

When I first lifted my camera up to get a shot,I noticed that this owl had been tagged.Notice the tag on it's wing.I took several pictures with the tag showing,because I knew that I needed to find out more about this.I have since found out that this owl was tagged in Saskatchewan. I am waiting to hear about more details.

Back at home the birds that visit my feeders are quite predictable.The White-breasted Nuthatch is a regular.He usually doesn't hang around long enough for a picture,but I finally got at least one decent shot.

Folks,winter may be hanging on,but of this we can be sure,spring will come.
Let's take the time to enjoy each season and the beauty it brings.


  1. I'm glad you were able to find some information about the Snowy Owl, but I hope you can find out more. Your snowy landscapes are beautiful. I really like the shadows in your second photo.

  2. I love shadows on the snow and snowy owls ~ and here you have both on one post :) Keep thinking spring and warmer weather ... yesterday was our first day in 56 that we broke above zero readings for our overnight lows! Things are looking up:)

  3. sweet little bird!

    nice shots.

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    =^..^= <3

  4. I'm so glad you were able to capture some shots of the snowy owl. The little nuthatch is sweet, too. We always get those lessons, don't we, always bring your camera. Too many times I've driven home from somewhere at breakneck speed to try to get my camera before I lose a sunset or something. The snowy owl is beautiful. Diane

  5. beautiful nuthatch, and congrats on the snowy! awesome! i really like that 2nd shot w/ the shadow patterns. really nice, ruth!

  6. Wow--the Snowy Owl is beautiful. I have never seen one (other than photos)...

    Great photo of the Nuthatch. You are right about them being hard to photograph. So are the Tufted Titmice.


  7. The image of the shadows on the snow is very pretty. And I think you got a super shot of the nuthatch. But the snowy owl is the highlight today. A friend has told me that one has been seen not terribly far from where I live. I need to drive out there and see if I can see it.

  8. It's fascinating how the shadows begin to change this time of year. What a thrill to see the owl.

  9. That photo of the shadows in your yard is almost 'too busy' for me to look at, if you know what I mean. I always love seeing the shades of blues and purples and grays in snow scenes.

    That snowy owl is wonderful. How great that he waited for you to go home to get your cameras. :-)

    Have a lovely weekend Ruth.


  10. Oh Ruth, you should share this link to this post on my Birdin' Photo Blog today [linking opens at noon Texas Time -Saturday]!!]

    Phenomenal bird shots. And the owl...fabulously beautiful.

    And your first section of still remains the same? Whoa...this has been a long, long winter indeed.

  11. Beautiful Nuthatch bird, I love the shadow patterns.

  12. So glad you managed a photo of a Snowy Owl! They're so beautiful. Keep us posted on what you find out. We had an irruption of Snowies in 2011-12.I took literally hundreds of photos, if not thousands.

  13. Hi Ruth Great capture of that magnificent OWl and I love the shadows on your snow. I am sure it will be melting soon.

  14. Ruth, wonderful images! I agree with you on the patterns on the snow! Fascinating!
    A very patient Owl indeed. I'm glad it stuck around for you to capture it! Very interesting with the tag! Makes it even more special.
    I'm feeling the same about winter. Looking forward to it's departure. It has been very rainy around here. It's pouring today and 7 degrees. We got up to 14 degrees yesterday afternoon. What a treat! Spring can't be far away!

  15. What a great treat to see that snowy owl. I'm so glad it was still there when you returned. I hope you'll fill us in when you learn more about it.

  16. The snowy owl is a pretty boy. You got some great shots! I hope you find out more info on him. Love the little nuthatches, too. I agree they are hard to capture, they sure don't stay still long! The shadows in the snow make a great photo, too.

  17. What a terrific shot of the snowy owl.
    I too was at the hairdressers on the 6th. : )

  18. Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!
    So happy that you were able to capture the beauty of this owl...
    Would love to see one!!

  19. Hi Ruth.... I love that first shot of the landscape!! I am so glad for you on that Snowy catch!!
    I guess I will hope for next winter for myself!!
    Hope you get some news on that tag!!
    Have a lovely Sunday!!


  20. Lucky you to have found such a cooperative snowy owl!

  21. You are so very, very lucky to spot AND photograph a Snowy owl. We have 2 living close to here, but they are so far out in the fields I can't get a photo of them. I have met several photographers there with their giant lenses...their pictures, like yours, are wonderful!

  22. How exciting to see a Snowy Owl. It looked like he was sleeping and have a "sweet dream." They are so beautiful!

  23. How exciting to see the snowy owl and to get such crisp shots!! Lucky you. :) The nuthatch photo is exceptional as well. So sweet. :)


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