Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Here Come The Raptors

Here come the birds,but not just any birds,the raptors are here.
I love this time of year,snow is melting and hope of new growth is beginning to appear and the annual spring migration of hawks,eagles and falcons has begun in ernest.

Of course,seeing a mature Bald Eagle is always a thrill.
The birds coming through our valley is the reason we go there,but it is so much more.

This is an immature Bald Eagle.
Meeting friends at the valley,who may only see each other once a year is one of the highlights of this time.

The majority of birds which use the valley to migrate are Red-tailed Hawks.I love seeing these birds soar in that blue sky.
The friends I have made through this activity are very special to me.True,I may not be going for coffee with them,although that too would be enjoyable,but when we meet we share our common interests.

As cameras and binoculars are trained on the bird in the sky,we notice little details.This particular hawk dropped its feet for a moment and I was able to snap a picture at just the right time.
Most of the birds have their legs and feet neatly tucked up against their tail.

 This is a Harlan's Hawk,a sub-species of the Red-tailed hawk.
The coloration and patterns on the wings are a treat to see.
It is wonderful to be there and watch the excitement that this hawk generates.
As we share these experiences,our friendships deepen and for that short period of time during migration we almost become like a family.

I am so thankful for each of my birding friends,people who share one of my interests.
Some of us also share the interest of photography and the two go hand in hand.

I have learned that to have a good friend is the purest of all God's gifts,
for it is a love that has no exchange of payment.
Francis Farmer.


  1. I love the beautiful patterns underneath the wings. We ran into a great blue heron today. Literally RAN into. He flew straight into our wind shield and at the last minute he pulled up. I thought he had something in his mouth from the creek there, but was so panicked that I couldn't tell.

  2. such beautiful feather patterns!

  3. I know you are having fun getting to photographing these Raptors! I hope to get back to the place we see Eagles sometimes. Keep posting these great pictures!

  4. Such a lovely post, Ruth. You're so blessed to have that group of people who you enjoy so much. Wonderful pictures of the birds, too. Diane

  5. HI Ruth...Amazing bird raptors are, and such a treat to see along with others with the same interest!!!

    Lovely shots, the last one I am not familiar with!! He is wonderful marked!!


  6. Great shots of this wonderful bird.
    To have a wonderful friend is indeed a great gift. Best Wishes.

  7. It is a wonderful blog. And a close friend of nature.


  8. The raptors are making there way into Ontario too right now. I fear I won't see the spring migration as I'm spending my days at the local hospital but maybe we'll see them migrate south in the fall.

  9. Terrific photos, Ruth! They're truly "rapturous".

  10. they are all gorgeous. and it is a wonderful thing to have friends to share the same love of birds. a bird tea party beats a coffee/tea party in my book.

  11. Wonderful flight shots! I'm looking forward to Spring migration in Alaska.

  12. Ruth, what an exciting time! Great images!

  13. Wow...some magnificent birds and wonderful shots of them!

  14. Thanks for the wonderful post, Ruth! It is always a treat to go to the valley and see the various raptors and sure is more fun with like minds!

  15. You captured these raptors in flight so well!! I agree, bird-watching and photography with friends is such a blessing!

  16. Ruth, these shots are absolutely stunning! Loved them!

  17. Excellent shots Ruth. I would love to go on a hawk watch. I don't see many around here since the Cooper's and Sharpie's have moved on for the summer. That's fine because now I can let my homing pigeons out to fly free.

  18. Beautiful shots. I know there are bald eagles along the river here but have never seen it. Great shots of the red-tailed hawks in flight. They are beautiful. I run outside when I hear one overhead.

  19. What a thrill to take a good photo of a bald eagle!! Just to see one soaring majestically in the sky is always exciting. Very nice captures, Ruth. Have a great weekend. Mickie;)


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