Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Sunset That Wouldn't Quit

On April 30,I realized that we were in for a very pretty sunset,so off to the lake I went.
I took pictures with my camera,but also captured some with my iPhone.
Today I am sharing just the iPhone shots

This was the start of some amazing beauty.

This was the sunset that wouldn't quit.It just kept on getting better and better.
You can see our local lake still had some ice on it that day,but the colours of the sunset were so pretty,I hardly noticed the ice.

Here you can see in those patches of open water how the colors were reflected in the lake.
This was one of those evenings where the beauty was unbelievable.

I thought that the event was over so I headed for home,but looking in my rearview mirror,I realized that it was far from over.

I was getting back into town and even though I now had buildings in the shot,I had to capture just one more picture of that gorgeous sky.
Shortly after this the colour faded and the beauty was gone for another day.

This was one of those times when I was happy that I followed my instincts and went out to see the sunset.

The day is done,the sun has set,yet light still tints the sky;
My heart stands still in reverence,for God is passing by.


  1. that last brilliant color is so beautiful! :)

  2. Each photo is more beautiful than the previous one. Thanks for following your instincts and for sharing the results with us.

  3. Oh Ruth...this is just breathtaking! I have been known to chase fact, one of my very first posts was about doing that very thing and like you, I saw it in my rear view mirror! No one can paint a masterpiece like our Creator! Thanks for sharing!

  4. There are many sweet blessing for those who get up early....such a beautiful canvas....

  5. Love those colorful sunsets and sunrises! These are some beauties!

  6. It is so beautiful, especially in the Lake!

  7. It just gets prettier and prettier. The color in the last shot is just awesome!

  8. Beautiful shot ! The romanticism takes over, occasionally, to you. Seen in your writings.


  9. Glad you followed your instincts and are sharing that lovely sunset with us here in blogland. I love your closing statement.

    Thank you and have a great weekend and a Happy Mother's Day.


  10. ...all I can say Ruth, is, extraordinary!!!

  11. The further I went, the more beautiful your skies got!!

  12. So beautiful and changing by the moment.

  13. So very pretty!! I have done the same as you, driving away thinking the event was over. Hubby and I have learned to linger a little longer now. I loved that last sentence...."for God is passing by."

  14. Gorgeous!! Brilliant colors!!

  15. It's amazing how quickly the colors change. So glad you followed your heart and took these. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.

  16. What a Beautiful sunset with so many vibrant colors. One can not help but stand in "Awe" as we watch the work of our Creator.
    Great captures Ruth and so glad you were Blessed with the view.
    Hugs Dianne:)


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