Monday, June 30, 2014

Flowers,Clouds and Family

I have been waiting to get some pictures of garden flowers and that time finally came.

This is a flower cluster on a Ninebark shrub.The flowers are tiny but have such wonderful details.

My Peonies have started blooming,but as is often the case,we are getting lots of rain and Peonies don't do well in rain. I'm glad I got some pictures before the rain took away the beauty of these flowers.

I like the simplicity of this picture.The water looks like silk and of course the reflections are lovely.

Here are two more pictures of the recent clouds.I love this one,especially.

The contrast of light and dark make this picture interesting.

I was out with Steve,capturing cloud shots.Look what happened.Steve wanted a picture of me,but I also got one go him in action.

This is the picture he was taking.It's fun to be out with my son,enjoying our hobby together.Thanks,Steve for joining me.

 A quote from Robert Louis Stevenson:

There is no duty so underrated as the duty of being happy.
By being happy we sow anonymous benefits upon the world.


  1. so very cute - the photos of the two of you. :)

    loved that first bloom! neat!

  2. All of your photos are beautiful, but I especially like your picture of Steve taking the picture of you. It's great to be able to share our hobby with others.

  3. I'm glad you got those beautiful photos of your flowers before the rains ruin them!!!

  4. Your photos are wonderful and I especially love the silky water.

    Love the photo of you too dear heart.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  5. The swirly water is indeed beautiful. But I LOVE the photo of you. I did not know that your son is also into photography. I miss doing that with my daughter. Enjoy!

  6. Love the quote Ruth and the family shots. Yes, I'd de happy too to spend a day out in the field with my photographer son. I always learn so much. A pity he is so far away.
    Lovely your peony. I do miss the ones we used to have in Montreal and Vermont.
    Beautiful cloud shots and such a great time for you.
    Almost forgot, I really love your reed and water shot, that is a beauty!

  7. Thanks for helping to keep the happy going

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= <3

  8. You are absolutely gorgeous in this picture! And my favorite is the last cloud picture, it is just perfect. I love snapping peonies. They have a true overabundance of petals, which is one reason for their rainy downfalls. This is the fault of man breeding them bigger and bigger.

  9. Hi Ruth, I like the photos and the quote, and yes, you do look happy in that picture! Very nice! John

  10. Hey Cutie, I love that photo of you. You look SO happy and SO beautiful.. Can't wait to meet you.

    Great set of photos.. Beautiful clouds --and what fun to be with your son...

    I love peonies --but don't really grow them since they stay pretty for such a short time --and get so heavy that they won't stand up very long...


  11. I love the quote and your last picture just fits it. Diane

  12. Oh're such a doll!! Love the photo of you.

    And your cloud images, wow.

    The peony brings back fond memories of my's one of her favorite flowers. AND!!!---I have never seen a Ninebark Shrub.

  13. my favorite is the mother/son pics.. you are blessed with a son who loves what you love... i have never seen peonies growing, only cut. they are so beautiful...

  14. I LOVE the photo your son took of you!

    I hope you are nowhere near the flooding happening in Manitoba right now.

  15. Awesome captures, Ruth! I love peonies too...always had them in the yard when I was growing up. What an adorable photo of you! I love seeing pics of my blogging buddies!

  16. That peony looked good enough to "smell." I just love their fragrance.

    I agree about the mother/son time--it's special!

  17. Love your pink Paeony and the reed with the ripples of water and the reflections. It is indeed lovely to have a hobby the same as your son. Love the phot of You

  18. Ohhh, the one of the water reflection would look so great photo-shopped to look like a watercolor!!

  19. I love the idea of mother and son photography time. And that peony is just gorgeous.

  20. Isn't nature amazing Ruth?? That first bloom is unknown to me and it really is a very special beauty!!

    I really enjoyed the pics of the two of you!! You are looking really good and it's just wonderful that you two share such a passion for photography!!

  21. I love the photos of you and your son. You are a pretty lady and look very happy! It's wonderful that you two share a hobby!

  22. All lovely photos, especially the reflection shot. Lovely that you and Steve can go shooting together--you each captured wonderful photos of each other.

  23. Ruth, great images! Nice to see you!


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