Thursday, October 16, 2014

Minnesota Bound

On Friday,October 3,a friend and co-worker,Gwen and I took the afternoon off from bus driving and headed to Brainerd,MN.It was a nice and sunny start to the day,but it seemed that once we had crossed the border into the US that all changed.

This is what we met up with. Snow flurries.Yes,I did say snow.It was not cold enough to stay on the ground but it sure gave some interesting photos.

Here you can actually see the snowflakes.We certainly did not expect this,but that did not deter us from going on towards our destination.

Sometime during the day the clouds parted for a while,but that was short lived.We had a cold drizzle most of the day.

Of course we did not set out on a sight seeing trip alone,we had another reason to be there.
Yes,the next day we did look around and I tried to get some scenic pictures.Those will come in another post.

We had tickets to see these guys at the Tornstrum Auditorium in Brainerd,MN.
Legacy Five came close enough that we decided to go see them.It was only a 5 ½ hour drive and well worth the effort.
They don't usually use a book to sing from,but in this one song they do.It happens to be a favourite of mine,called, 'It's a Grand and Glorious Feeling'.
Pictured L-R Trey Ivey(pianist),Gus Gaches,Scott Fowler,Scott Howard,Matt Fouch

I got the above shot from my seat in the front row,but I wanted to get closer,so I got up and walked to the edge of the stage and look what happened.
They stopped singing in mid-song and gave me this pose. Made my day,I must admit.
The concert was amazing.We came away with our hearts filled with blessings and joy.

Here are the words to this song:

CHORUS: It's a grand and a glorious feeling just to be a child of God.

How His love comes over me stealing making my pathway brighter as I plod.

Everyday I'll tell the old story of His love

I'll ever sing what a grand and glorious feeling just to be walking with my



I am so glad I heard my Saviour gently pleading

Now I'm an heir and child of God I truly know

All the way home His precious hand is daily leading

It's a grand and a glorious feeling as I go.


Jesus is mine and to His hand I'm every clinging,

I am so glad I plunged beneath the crimson flow;

As I press on the homeward way my soul is singing

It's a grand and a glorious feeling as I go.


Happy am I along the way to life eternal,

Jesus has saved and washed my soul as white as snow;

Some of these days I'll reach my wondrous home supernal.

It's a grand and a glorious feeling as I go.


The author of this Christian hymn was Albert E. Brumley in 1942.

This hymn was copyrighted in 1942 to the Stamps-Baxter Music


  1. glad you enjoy the concert, even if the US weather wasn't very welcoming!

  2. How nice that they stopped in mid-song and posed for you. That alone would make the trip worthwhile in my opinion. I'm sorry you ran into snow flurries when driving south into the U.S.

  3. Oh how wonderful that you all got to go to MN and see your favorite group... I'm sure they know you well now, don't they?????? That was neat that they posed for you... Cute!!!

    I have a blog friend in Upper MN... I think it snows there when one sneezes... ha ha .... Hope you had a wonderful trip and I love your photos.


  4. Wow, awesome! And they really care about their audience, they stopped everything just for YOU! I have never ever heard of that happening before.

  5. That front row seat was worth the $ and the drive! Looks like you had an adventure both getting there and during the concert.

  6. So glad you got to go Ruth. It's wonderful to have an inspirational break. It lasts a long time. Diane

  7. I'm glad you were able to do something that you so enjoy. So sweet that they stopped and posed for you.

  8. Dear Ruth ~ What a wonderful, exciting time you had! The photos of the snow falling were great.

    The photos you took of the guys were fantastic too.

    The words to the song are deeply moving and I thank you for posting them here.

    Have a nice day and a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  9. Snow? But....since you're back home safely from the wet/slushy travel time....I'm happy to read that you enjoyed the concert! A trip well worth the effor.

  10. I am listening to the song on youtube while i type... i have not heard this one before. great song and i am so happy you got to see them and that pose is fantastic.. what a memory

  11. What a wonderful experience, despite the snow! I love the words to the song...I think my grandmother knew that one. Love the photo and the story behind it! Belated happy Thanksgiving!

  12. awww ruth, i can really feel your joy!!

    sorry we did not greet you with better weather!!!!

  13. Ruth, so glad the weather was't a deterrent
    to your concert! Sounds like you had a great time!

  14. You are definitely a Legacy Five groupie, Ruth! How neat that they even posed for the picture!

  15. Snow? I know this was a big surprise!! I'm thinking that you have become their biggest fan!! Great picture and I love how they poised for you!! What fun!!

  16. Oh how cool that they actually stopped and posed for you. : ) What a great shot.

    We had a few flurries mixed in with rain here last Saturday.

  17. Gosh, snow already in the US? Amazing. The concert sounds beautiful. Glad you took some time off to enjoy.

  18. Hadn't heard this song before Ruth, so looked it up on Youtube. Great ! Looks (and sounds) like it was worth the trip down (despite the weather). And very gracious of them to stop and pose for you too!

  19. You were close to my neck of the woods. And yes, we have had a few snow flurries. So glad for the reprieve though. Looks like a memorable evening for you.

  20. Love how they posed for that wonderful shot. What nice guys!

  21. I'm glad for discovered your blog, you have beautiful pictures!


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