Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Birds and The Bees

Let's take a look at the birds and the bees today.
These were taken in very early fall and have been hiding on my computer since then.

I like to feed the blue Jays peanuts and in turn they repay me,by allowing me to photograph them.I think it's a pretty good trade.
This picture is not cropped,basically it is SOOC

This one bird was so predictable.He would come to the same perch and turn his head in the exact same direction each time before grabbing a peanut.

Now on to the bees.I have never been very successful with bee photography,but I do like these shots.
My,what big eyes you have,my dear!

The yellow fall Mums seemed to have some food source that brought the insect in regularly.

Even the flies found these flowers to be of interest.

Closing Thought:
To cultivate kindness is a valuable part of the business of life.


  1. Reminds me of Dean Martin:
    Let me tell ya 'bout the birds and the bees
    And the flowers and the trees
    And the moon up above
    And a thing called 'Love'! Beautiful photos!

  2. Love the blue jay, they're so pretty. Nice set, Ruth.

  3. Love the blue jay, they're so pretty. Nice set, Ruth.

  4. Wow great photos. The bee is so crisp and clear.
    Love the blue jay!!

  5. Blue Jays are always here during Spring and Summer... BUT--they leave our area (not sure where they go) in Fall and Winter... I do feed mine (when they are here) peanuts ---and love to watch them when they grab those peanuts....

    Neat bee pictures also.

  6. Living in a newer area of town, the trees are smaller so there aren't many opportunities for bird watching so I enjoyed your pictures of the Blue Jays. Also loved the pollen on the bee so I'd say you got a great shot of the bee!

  7. These are incredible, Ruth. Amazingly detailed and crisp.

  8. Breathtaking beauty in these images. You really excel with these close-ups. The colors are so vivid and striking.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  9. I'm glad you found -- and shared -- these fantastic photos that were hiding in your computer.

  10. your jays have more white on the front, he is just beautiful. i love the first shot, really great shot. and it looks like you do a good job with bees to me.
    i have never gotten a bee that good.

  11. Ruth, it seems they are all posing for you. Obviously, you are feeding them well either through peanuts or flowers....

    1. Ruth, by the way, what lens did you use to get that bee shot? Those eyes are incredible...

  12. awesome close - ups ... i love the bee. very very cool. you must be a very patient photographer. i am not that way, i wish i could be but i want a great shot very quick. point & shot kind of camera is my way. i guess i could learn much from you, my friend. well done. have a lovely relaxing weekend. take care. ( :

  13. Amazing photos Ruth and I love the quote at the end. Have a great weekend!

  14. The first jay shot is my favorite. I have tons of shots of bees. I am working on getting more of the birds in my area! I have one lens to 300 mm and wish I had a 400-500 mm but cannot afford it. Money is very tight since husband died and left me starting over with nothing.

  15. Ruth, those are amazing close ups! The bee is something!!

  16. oooohhhh those blue jays are so pretty and i agree, they do allow photo's!! the bugs with the mum's are incredible, the second to last is just wow!!!!

  17. That first Jay looks like a plush toy! Even birds have a 'best side" I guess. Your macros are fabulous, Ruth. Look at the pollen on those bees' legs!

  18. Ruth, beautiful images! The Blue Jays are such characters!


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