Friday, January 22, 2016

Frosty Sunrise

What do bus drivers do on their first day of Christmas Break?
This bus driver and her friend and co-worker got up early on December 19,the first day of our Christmas break,and headed out by 8am to take some pictures.
I will share the pictures and you decide if it was worth getting up early on a day off to see this.

Of course we were out of town before sunrise,and had to stop along the way when the sun started painting the eastern sky in gorgeous colors.

A little later the clouds looked like they were on fire.

The frost covered trees were tinted a beautiful soft shade of pink as the sunlight hit them.

Here is another look at these pretty trees,highlighted by the morning sun.

At the side of the road was another photo opportunity just waiting for us.Some old fence poles and few roles of wire,now covered with snow,looked artistic to me.

As we headed further west the frost became heavier and the scenery more beautiful.

 A closer look at those branches heavy with the frost.

And still closer.It was spectacular to say the least.

We had driven quite a few miles from town with one purpose in mind.Up until now,what we saw were bonuses,but my friend wanted to show me a particular tree.

This tree stands out in the field and it has a piano,complete with a bench,standing under it.
I do not know the story behind this,but I do know that it makes a unique picture

It had been a fantastic morning of friendship,music on her car stereo and pictures,but our tummies were reminding us that we had not eaten breakfast yet. We left this beauty,headed back into town and enjoyed a hearty breakfast.This was a wonderful way to start our two week break from school.


  1. Oh wow, Ruth! what a unique photo opportunity! Gorgeous morning and perfect conditions definitely made this trip worthwhile!

  2. I have never seen a frost like this! And that glorious sunrise...what a super combination!

  3. Oh my, all are beautiful, but I love the lightly tinged pink tree tops.

    Your destination though was spectacular and you got a wonderful photo of that. It would be neat to know what the story behind it is.

    Have a wonderful weekend dear Ruth ~ FlowerLady

  4. now that is the way to take a break and one i would love. that piano tree is wonderful and i love the pink that the sun shined on the snow covered trees. i love to stand in our yard when the sun is coming up and look to the west and watch as it slowly paints the black trees pink or gold.

  5. You certainly had a beautiful start for your Christmas break. Thanks for getting up early and capturing and sharing these gorgeous scenes.

  6. Your pictures are so crisp and clear, and beautiful. The piano and tree are intriguing. There is a story there somewhere.

  7. Nice pics but so glad I am not there. I am not a snow person!

  8. These photos are all so pretty but the shot with e piano is brilliant Ruth. Have a lovely weekend.

  9. OH WOW-----ABSOLUTELY---it's worth getting up early for... We know that for a fact since we have gotten some good pictures of the sunrise when we walk on the golf course EARLY in the mornings... I HATE to get up early--but once I am up, it's worth it!!!!

    Beautiful pictures... I bet there is a story behind the piano one..... WELL---it DOES make for a great picture and STORY... ha

    I love ALL of these photos --but today, the 4th one (sun hitting the tops of the frosty trees) jumped out at me... LOVE it.


  10. Love your whole Christmas Break album! Wonderful stuff to do with friends!

  11. Wow your winter wonderland is beautiful.

  12. Those sunrise shots are magnificent! And I love the soft shading of the light on the frost-covered trees. Would love to know the story behind the piano under the tree. My first thought was that it might be a unique grave marker. So interesting.

  13. The last picture was worth the drive but it was all beautiful in between, too. Sounds like a perfect journey.

  14. Stunning...why in the world would anyone sleep in?!

  15. A piano? Oh how sad to see it being ruined in the snow like that, but the composition of that particular photo is outstanding!!

    What a wonderful, lovely, colorful and spectacular early morning be there to witness such a muted, peaceful scenic sunrise. Wow!!

  16. Oh, YES! Getting up to take wonderful photos like these is definitely worth it!

  17. What great photos, Ruth! I love the pink glow on the snow. That piano and tree should be framed - it's a real conversation piece. I hope you go back and photograph it again.

  18. Ruth, beautiful images! It was indeed a great way to start holidays!

  19. i always think, now my Mom would say i am silly, but i have always enjoyed anything vampire since i was a young girl, i always think how can i remember a sunrise/sunset like i will never forget. these kind of views are so pleasing to the eyes. curious - did i miss the reason for the break from school? have a great cozy warm week. ( :

  20. looking at these again, #2 is just amazing!!!!


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