Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Scenic Eighteen Holes and More

Do you like to golf? If your answer is yes,then you need to visit my hometown of Morden.
I am not a golfer,but I can see that golfing this course would be an enjoyable afternoon.
Minniwasta Golf and Country Club is a scenic place,just west of the City of Morden.
As I said,I am not a golfer,so my pictures are views of the course from the parking lot.

The Club also has a beautiful restaurant with patio dining,so you can overlook the course.

I particularly like the little lake with a fountain in it.

OK,let's move on to things that are more my interests.
With all the rain we have had this year,mushrooms are popping up everywhere.As a photographer,it is my duty to get pictures of these small specimens while I can.

My Hubby,Jake,loved Daisies and the look of a wildflower meadow,so parts of our yard were left un-mowed most of the year.It was really very pretty,but now,in the interests of keeping things simple,I have instructed the fellow who mows the lawn to keep it all short. Every once in a while I get a reminder of what used to be,when a couple of Daisies pop up beside a tree.

When this happens,it brings a smile as I remember what used to be.I am so thankful for those sweet memories.

As the mushroom gets older,it often splits and curls in interesting ways.This just creates more reasons to get the camera out and start shooting.

Closing Thought:
There is no limit to God’s love.It is without measure and it’s depth cannot be sounded. 


  1. Well----we don't play golf either --but we love walking on our community golf courses (there are several golf courses in our area) when we can....

    Your golf course is gorgeous ---and I'd love FLAT walking... ha ha

    Love the mushrooms and of course the daisies....


  2. photos are the pilot light of memories. i love the quote and it is so true. i would never be able to focus on hitting a ball with that spectacular sky up there to watch. just awesome. i love daisies also.

  3. Thanks for sharing your beautiful golf course with us. It may not have as many hills as the one behind our house, but it is gorgeous. I also enjoyed your mushroom and daisy photos, and I'm glad they (the daisies) can bring you such happy memories.

  4. The views over the golf course are very pretty but I really enjoyed your focus on the mushrooms & daisies!

  5. Beautiful pictures of the Golf course, the Daisies and the Mushroom! I found one like that a few days ago. Of course, it's our duty to photograph them and share them!!!

  6. Golf courses are always so pretty! And yours is prettier than usual. But the star of the show are the mushrooms and daisies. Your photos are gorgeous!

  7. Ruth, looks like a very inviting golf course! I love Daisies too! Definitely one of my favourites!

  8. no golf here. nature is amazing, the mushrooms, spectacular!!!!!

  9. Don't like to play it but I did give it a good try. I just gave away my almost new set of clubs. I like miniature golf. : )
    I certainly like to walk around golf courses though.

  10. What a beautiful golf course. I like daisies, too. They're such "happy" flowers. It's sweet that these little visitors show up in your yard from time to time and bring back those sweet memories.

  11. Loved all your photos - very special area and great shots!

  12. Theres beauty everywhere. Sweet reminders of Jake - they come back with a smile and a tear I'm sure. Diane

  13. Lovely view- I don't play golf either...I'm sure I would not be able to hit that tiny ball into that even tinier hole! Beautiful daisies.

  14. It is lovely to have those sweet memories pop up. Daisies are so cheerful.
    I'm not a golfer - but what a course to play on if one was.

  15. Hi Ruth, I loved the pictures of the golf course. I don't golf either, but I admire the pretty courses. Those are some excellent photos to be taken from the parking lot! Nice work. Love the macro shots too. You are really doing some wonderful work with your photography. Thank you, as always, for sharing and for your kind comments on my blog ... I appreciate all of them! Have a great weekend!

  16. i love daisies, too. my sis loves them and it makes me think of her. :) the golf course is beautiful!

  17. Beautiful photos as always. I especially like the flowers.

  18. Beautiful photos as always. I especially like the flowers.


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