Monday, July 4, 2016

The Ever-Changing Sky

Of one thing I am quite certain,if you watch the sky you will always find beauty and constant change.
A few days ago,it had been cloudy all day,but later in the day an slice of clear sky appeared on the western horizon.This could only mean one thing,I had to get out there,to capture,what could be a beautiful sunset.
As many of you know by now,Lake Minniwasta is a close and favourite spot for me to shoot sunsets and this day was no different.

Parking my car on the east side of the lake,I prepared to watch the sky.You can see by the heavy cloud cover that the day had been dull and the sky grey.

As the sun slipped below the clouds,it bathed the whole area in beautiful light.

If you compare this picture with the first one,you can see the dramatic change that happened as the sun lit up the sky and the lake.

The grasses in the foreground were spectacular and shone in the warm evening light.

When the sun had slipped below the horizon,it left hints of pink on the grey clouds.

I loved how the color intensified for a while and just as quickly faded away,leaving only grey clouds once again. If you hadn't guessed yet,I love watching the sky and especially at sunset time.

Closing Thought:

God is always in control behind the scenes,even on "ordinary" days.

FYI   I will not be commenting on blogs for the next little while,at least until after July 11.
Hopefully I will find time to read some of the posts during this time.


  1. Ahh...such beauty! Wish I could have been there to see that in person!

  2. Looking at the sky never gets dull, does it?

  3. I don't know if I have ever seen a sky post from the perspective of the ground. But what glorious and wonderfully green grass and tree. They are lit up by the sun!! So beautiful, almost neon!

  4. That first shot has such a dramatic feel to it. I love the one with the golden light on the grasses, too, and the tinge of pink in the next-to-the-last image.

  5. Great captures of God's every changing beauty.

    Have a great week dear Ruth ~ FlowerLady

  6. A feeling of awe when watching the sky. You captured it well.

  7. truly beautiful and i know how it feels to watch these changes, they are amazing but mine are the flip side of yours, being sunrise not sunset. but the sky does the same thing. i love the glowing grasses today... watching what the sun paints is a favorite thing of mine, every morning i stand in our yard and wait to see what it paints first and how...

  8. Nothing more spectacular than nature doing her thing in the sky.

  9. Jack you are right the changing lights in the sky is wonderful

  10. Lovely captures, Ruth. Sunsets are my favorite time to sky watch, too.

  11. can you believe it is July? time is flying by. i love the glow in those shots. the sun was perfect that the chance!! what a godsend moment. ( :
    take care this month and enjoy every second. big big hugs!!

  12. Ruth, beautiful skies and light! Watching the sky has become a favourite of mine too!

  13. I enjoyed this sky watch with you. Interesting how in just a matter of time, the sky can change from the dark stormy look, to a beautiful magnificent sky! God is awesome!

  14. I love how you captured the changing light.


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