Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Typical September At The Lake

Even though the calendar shows almost the end of November,we still have no snow and green grass.
So with that being the case, I will show some more fall scenes. As the title says, these are taken at Lake Minniwasta around the middle of September.

A nice little part of the path around the lake.

Of course some flowers/weeds were still blooming.

This lake may not be all that big but it does make for some pretty pictures.

I really like being at the lake when the water is calm like this.

I love the color in this shot. The blue of the sky and water and some fall colours on the trees.

A few subtle reflections show up in the ripples of the water.

Fall is the time when the Milkweed is ready to disperse it's seeds.

Oak leaves are slow to turn color and often just turn brown.These have some interesting color on them.

I have too many lake scenes,but when there is so much beauty,I have a hard time not taking more and more shots.

I'm not sure, but I think these pretty leaves may well be those of the Poison Ivy plant.To be safe,I didn't touch them.I do think they are pretty.

One more shot of the Milkweed seeds.Those tiny, shimmering filaments are just what a photographer likes to see.

The sparkles at the edge of this rock were worthy of a picture, in my opinion.

Thanks for joining me at the lake. Until we meet again right here, find the beauty all around you and pause to give thanks to God who created all this.


  1. This is a beautiful area with wonderful photo opportunities & the lake is perfect!

  2. I'm loving your lake photos, Ruth. The lighting is just beautiful. So much tranquility. Thamnk you.

  3. Ruth, thanks for the visit to the lake! Just what I needed! It's very gloomy here and it's been raining for 24 hours! Our winter has arrived.
    Great images!

  4. All your pictures are so pretty. I noticed that path around the lake. Can you walk all the way around it?

  5. Ruth, these are breathtaking shots! LOVE milkweed!

  6. You captured some beautiful pictures, Ruth. I especially like the milkweed but they're all pretty. God bless. Diane

  7. Milkweed! So that's what my picture was that I posted a few days ago! I did not know. I love these green leaves with the sun on them. And the sparkly rock edge. I think picture #5 is my favorite. Beautiful lake, with just a touch of yellow in the trees. Your yellow flower is likely Mouse eared Hawkweed. It is hard for me to tell them from Dandelions, but Phil can.

  8. You got some beautiful shots of the milkweed. I loved the green leaves, too...and the diamonds on the water. Well done.

  9. Gorgeous autumn shots. The lake is really beautiful as are the fall colors.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  10. oh those little dirt paths are so cozy!! great captures of the milk weed, so lovely/silky!!

  11. such a beautiful lake and the colors are perfect. I like the view of the lake with the dead tree. it is odd for you to look like this at this time of year. the path looks like a place I would love to wander. your macro shots are amazing and I felt like I could touch and pluck the milkweed. beautiful

  12. Beautiful path...gorgeous floer & seed! Awesome lake scenes!!

  13. Lovely, beautiful scenes. I so would love that lake. Do you like to fish at all? Not that I would have to fish to enjoy it...but I sure do love fishing. And yes, that is poison sure can be a riot of color.

  14. I agree never too many shots of such beauty! I like the different color leafs also. I never knew those fuzzy things that float around are milkweed seeds....never thought of them

  15. i have noticed this year around here the golden yellows are most present. so lovely. they really glow. what an enjoyable walk we just had. so pretty & fun! have a lovely week. we are calling for rain around here ... sounds like for the next 2 days. i know we need to so much. lucky us. take care. ( :


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