Monday, November 21, 2016

Pelican Lake

Let's go visit Pelican Lake.
Here is what Wikipedia has to say about this lake:
Pelican Lake is the largest lake in south western Manitoba, Canada. It is about 11 miles long and 1 mile wide with a surface area of 10.2 square miles.

Those are the technical details, but I just think it is a pretty place and gives great opportunities for photos.
Since there is a yacht club at the lake, this is a fairly common scene.

On a windy day the waves break on shore and give even more photo opportunities.

The sun causes the water to sparkle, like it is covered in diamonds.

Now be honest, wouldn't you love to join me at this table for a picnic lunch?

This to me is a scene of peace.
I read the following;
When you do the right thing,God will give you peace.

God's love is unfailing.Praise Him.

The beauty of the lake and sky were stunning on that day.

I changed one of my photos to black and white and kind of like that as well.

A Great Egret was not about to pose for pictures.

Nor was the Great Blue Heron.

The Turkey Vulture,on the other hand is more beautiful from this angle than close-up,in my opinion.

On my way home from the lake,I came upon this unusual scene. White-tailed Deer and Wild Turkeys,side by side in the field.This is most certainly not a good picture, but to me it is unusual.

Closing Thought:
God is with you today—— just like He promised He would.


  1. Indeed, your photos make it look like a great place to while away some time, camera in hand of course. Comforting closing thought.

  2. Wonderful photos! This is a HUGE lake! I think my favorite is the fifth picture, the little sailboat with the sparkling water.

  3. Wonderful photos, Ruth. The birds in flight look especially beautiful. I, too, often feel God's greatness in a place such as this!

  4. This is indeed a beautiful lake! Lovely to see the sun glinting off the ripples and the birds in flight! Now if we could just find that picnic table!

  5. it is a beautiful lake, I love the wave action and the diamonds on the water.. sitting and looking out over it would certainly give me a peaceful feeling.

  6. Your photos are a beautiful, Ruth, Oh yes, it is absolutely a gorgeous, serene place...and I would LOVE to share a picnic lunch with you! :)

  7. These are all beautiful, Ruth. I did a double-take on that last shot, thinking that I saw a hawk in the picture, as well as the deer and vultures. On closer inspection, though, I see that what I had thought were the wings of a hawk were actually the ears of a deer that was lying down. I, too, think turkey vultures are beautiful in flight...not so much on the ground. :)

  8. Enjoyed the pictures today, as I do each time I visit. Wondering why the turkey vulture/deer photo is not a "good" one. I thought it was rather neat. The lake is beautiful. I like the tree growing close to the water, and can picture a family picnic under to the tree.

  9. Hi Ruth, I would love to join you at that table for a picnic lunch. And I also love the way you experiment with your photos like the one you changed to black and white. Congrats on another excellent post!

  10. It was lovely joining you at the leak and I certainly wouldn't joy your picnic with you in that peaceful setting watching the birds and the waves crashing in

  11. it is a gorgeous lake - from your images, i would not have guesses it was so big!! i like the white caps and your gorgeous flight captures. looks like a great day - i can feel it!!!

  12. Beautiful shots. I love the bird captures.

  13. Wow beautiful pictures. Yes, I would love to have a picnic with you there. : )
    Those birds may not have posed for your pictures but wow, in flight they are beautiful.

  14. Ruth, there's nothing nicer than the lake in Summertime! Very nice images! I didn't know there were any wild turkeys in Manitoba! Thank you for showing me the error of my ways!

  15. What a lovely lake! Had no idea! You got some fantastic shots. Yes, I'd love to have a picnic there; guess I would have to take a trip again, eh!

  16. Hi Ruth, Just stopping by again to say thank you for your kind Happy Thanksgiving on my blog. In my earlier comment I should have mentioned one of my favorites in this post is the picture of the lake with the sparkles like diamonds. Sometimes I get that out here on our water and it makes for an especially beautiful scene. The Lord blesses us with beauty, doesn't he? Thanks again and have a great day!

  17. Nice set of photos!!!! They sure give a peaceful feeling!

  18. What a lovely lake and you captured some wonderful photos of the day. Diane

  19. O ja, I will join you at the table there for a picnic lunch! Let's talk about God's love and about how nice the sparkles are on the water. xxx

  20. very beautiful pictures of the lake. Though the egret and heron were not ready to pose, but you capture them very nicely..

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