Saturday, December 17, 2016

Roses and Winter Snow

I have a few odds and ends of pictures, pictures I like but which have nothing in common with each other. The first two are the floral arrangement I received from my neighbours last year
I have chosen the words from a rarely heard Christmas song to go with today's picture.

Snowy flakes are falling softly

 Clothing all the world in white.

High above the stars are shining,
Twinkling through the winter night.

Was it just like this we wonder,
Starry bright and crisp and cold,

On that Christmas night of old?
(Picture taken on my yard)

                                               Angels spread their wondrous story:
Jesus Christ is born today.

 "Peace on earth",they sang,"and glory 
Be to God on High alway"

So we sing the sweetest carols
Telling how the King of love
Came to save from heaven above.


  1. These are such gorgeous photos and lovely words to accompany them. Wish I could have captured our morning sun - absolutely brilliant with huge long sun dogs on either side! Brilliant!

  2. The words of the song are beautiful, and need to be heard more often. Your photos are gorgeous.

  3. I love the cute little pot the flowers are in. And your snow pictures are truly divine!!

  4. Wonderful photos, Ruth... like always... and beautiful words to accompany the lovely pictures.. :)

  5. beautiful words and oh so lovely flowers. I really really really LOVE the container. it will be beautiful after the flowers are gone.

  6. Perfect words for greats pictures.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. This is beautiful, Ruth. May you have a beautiful and blessed Christmas. Diane

  8. your snow is brilliant and nothing goes better with that snow than red roses. lot's of beauty today ruth!!!

    1. ps ruth, i love my rooba - who wants to spend time vacuuming when you could be taking pictures!!!!

  9. God be with you through the holidays and the new year.

  10. Beautiful pictures of beautiful colors and wonderful words.
    Love the drifting snow picture too.

  11. What lovely photos dear Ruth. That old hymn is a new one for me.

    Have a lovely Christmas ~ FlowerLady

  12. What a lovely Christmas post, Ruth. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  13. Thank you , Ruth, for this beautiful post :)

  14. Ruth, beautiful images! Our temperature has gone back up above 0 and we have rain!

  15. Oh - fabulous snowy shots, Ruth. I love the light shining through the trees! I know you had an early Christmas with your family. I hope you have a spectacular 2017!

  16. i love the shots through the trees ... what gorgeous sunshine-y-ness ... so pretty!! what a great capture. my fave. ( :

  17. Oh this is just beautiful!I love finding carols that aren't so familiar Thank you!!

  18. Hi Ruth, As the year draws to a close I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed following your blog all through 2016. Beautiful shots in this post indeed. Thank you for all your visits to John's Island and all the kind comments! Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year 2017!


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