Friday, February 24, 2017

A Cup of Coffee and Some Manitoba Winter

I have one more set of winter pictures to share. Each of these was taken, around the middle of January.
Steve, Kai and I went out for a Sunday afternoon drive to see what the conditions were out in the  country. So come along with me and see a little of what a Manitoba winter is like.

This is a well used road but with the blowing snow it has become  more difficult to drive. No I dd not go any further.I really had no desire to get stuck.

Here is  another road, also one that normally would be well used. I do think we went down this one. It was open, but likely would not be for very long. Our road maintenance crews have been kept very busy this winter, trying to keep the rural roads passable.

Back on my yard,Kai has a large hill to play on or slide down. I don't remember when we last had such large piles of snow on the yard.

The last three pictures were taken on a different day. It was calm, so no blowing snow and no partially closed roads, just beauty everywhere.

Upon closer inspection some of the snow has been sculpted into lovely shapes.

The force of the wind has carved detailed designs in the snow.

After all that snow, would you join me for a cup of coffee.please?
Do you take it black or-------

would you prefer it with some frothed milk?

Thanks for spending this time with me.I enjoyed your company and look forward to meeting here again.

Until we meet again,rememeber:
A person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected.


  1. I do enjoy the frothy milk on top of my coffee! Thanks - yum! We had a few very cold weeks too, but it's been mild now. There was a greenhouse place just outside Edmonton that shared a photo of geese that are back! Wow, eh, in February!

  2. Gorgeous pictures, all in white. I think my favorites are the sculpted snow shapes. I'll have mine with froth please. I drink it this way most mornings.

  3. Good Saturday morning dear Ruth. Those lovely snow photos are so 'cold' looking. It looks like Kai was having a great time in your yard.

    I drink my coffee with sugar and half-n-half. I'm finishing up my 2nd/final cup of the day as I sit here reading posts.

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  4. Since it doesn't seem (at least not in the near future) that we will be getting any more snow, I will just enjoy your beautiful photos! Although I am looking forward to spring, I know what comes shortly after....a LONG, HOT summer! These lovely snowy shots may come in handy..maybe I will revisit them in August, LOL! I like my coffee with a little French Vanilla or hazelnut creamer :)

  5. Oh my Ruth! So beautiful but so dangerous under that pure whiteness
    , you were wise not to go further & risk being stuck!
    Thanks for the warm coffee!

  6. Yummm----that coffee looks good (frothy for me, please)... Hubby drinks black but not me!!!!

    I have really enjoyed our winter pictures... We are almost into March and have had almost NO WINTER at all here this year... I'm sad about that ---but seeing your pictures brings me so much JOY. Thanks.

  7. I must admit that your Manitoba winter photos are beautiful, and although I would love to share a cup of coffee with you, I think I'll enjoy your Manitoba winters from the relative warmth of Tennessee.

  8. the frothy one for me please. love the cup and love the photo of the mountain of snow in your yard. it is all so very beautiful

  9. I used to live on a road that, after a snowfall, especially one accompanied by strong winds, would look very much like those you've shown here. They're beautiful to look at but treacherous to drive. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I could almost be tempted by the one in that final picture. :)

  10. Oh, those snowy roads look dangerous! But the scenes are so beautiful. We've had such a mild winter here in MO this year. Our temps this week were in the 70's. Very unusual for February. It's much cooler today tho. Thank you for the cup of coffee! I like mine black. Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Brrrr! I am so glad we have no snow and our few storms were so brief and much less than yours!

  12. Hard to keep the roads clear when then wind blows the drifts across the road like that.
    Wonderful snowy photos.
    I am not a coffee drinker but I'd love a cup of hot chocolate. : )

  13. those roads look very dangerous! Glad you will stay away from those roads Ruth. It must be hard to get out and around with all the cold and snow you have. I could not survive there I think. Oh but I did love the photos of the snow that look like icing or cream.

  14. It nice to see winter photos since we've ha very little snow here.

  15. Gorgeous Ruth, I really like the sculptured snow...and I am enjoying hot tea as I view!! Enjoy your Sunday!!

  16. Thanks for sharing these beautiful winter scenes with us, Ruth! I love the snowy pictures, even though I live right here too! And I love coffee with froth on top.. :)

  17. Oh my....looks like the great northern tundra in winter! [I guess...I've only seen stuff like tundra on Nat. Geo. LOL] Now the idea of sliding on a sled down a snowy snow drift sounds fun to me!!! But, oh the cold blast of wind on those country roads, no thanks!!!

    And as for the coffee, that too would be a 'no thanks'. I'll take hot chocolate or hot tea, I'm not a coffee drinker.

    Beautiful winter scenes today Ruth, from my comfy room that is.

  18. It would have been fun to drive around and see the power of the wind against the snow. Nice to know you didn't need to be anywhere and could keep off any roads that were looking a little dubious ;) We didn't have the huge piles of snow along the drive we normally get, but looks like your piles kept the kids entertained! I nice hot coffee after a chilly drive sounds just the ticket. Frothy milk on top looks delish!

  19. Ruth, beautiful winter images! This winter seems to be lasting forever. We had snow again last night. I was looking at some photos from this time last year, and we had lots of things in bloom already. We had quite an early Spring last year. Today, we have a couple of Crocus trying desperately to bloom on the sunny side of the house and not much else!

  20. Oh, those first two photos--can't describe how they make me feel. I missed seeing that scene this winter....

  21. That snow is a bit too dangerous to go out in what beautiful to look at and not have my cup of coffee that you offered black please although if you have a cappuccino I would have that.

  22. really depends on who is making the coffee? i have had it both ways .. but i prefer with a bit of cream and sweetness too. i love the blow snow shots ... i always find it really peaceful to watch and day dream about. so calming. ( ;

  23. I like your drifted and sculpted snow - I'm seeing that here in Breckenridge, too! I'll have mine black, Ruth - unless you're serving hot chocolate...


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