Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Kitchen Makeover

Ever since we moved into this house in 1992,I have been dreaming of having a white kitchen.
Jake and I had talked about it, but it seemed like a lot of work and neither of us enjoyed painting so it just never happened.
One Saturday morning, Steve asked I had ever considered having  white kitchen cupboards.Of course I had but it seemed out of reach.Before that day was over both he and I had done some research online and visited a popular paint and decorating store. We had all the information we needed and Steve was willing to do the work. This post has lots of pictures so bear with me.

This is the way the kitchen looked before we made any changes.

The first order of the day was to remove all the brown door pulls.
You may also notice that the wall paint has changed color. That happened years earlier and the rose border above the cabinets is also gone.

The cabinets were washed down with a product called TSP. This takes all the grease and dirt off them.Then they were sanded.The holes from the pulls had to be filled with putty and sanded, and the painting can begin.It was two coats of oil base stain blocker primer that went on first. The primer was oil based but was completely odourless.That was wonderful.

Kai got in on the fun as well and primed several of the doors. Thankfully I had some old long tables downstairs which could be used as work surfaces.

Once the primer had dried Steve put on two coats of Benjamin Moore Advance top coat in a Pearl finish.The top coat was a latex.

This was the primer we used.

This is the top coat.It was tinted in Cloud White.

With each new step.I was thrilled to see  the difference.

Both sides have been painted, now for the backsplash.

The built-in china cabinet has a new life as well and I love it.

On a Saturday,while I was in Winnipeg at Mission Fest,Steve started with the backsplash.
I am super thrilled with how it looks.

The backsplash is something called Smart Tile.These are vinyl tiles which are peel and stick and look like glass tiles.It is very easy to apply them and according to the research I have done, they are very durable. Numerous reviews said they were the best brand to use.

We had at first considered refinishing the counter top as well, but I really like the light and bright look it has now,so we won't be changing that.

I am not getting any endorsements for mentioning the products by name.I just wanted to put the info out there in case someone is interested.

I still walk into the kitchen and stop to admire how it looks.I would never have tried doing this on my own. A huge thanks goes to Steve who has worked diligently to give his Mama a new kitchen.
Perhaps I should spend time in this new kitchen and bake him a special treat.


  1. I have a feeling that several special treats will be made in this beautiful new kitchen. Steve and Kai did a great job.

  2. I know exactly how you feel. It looks absolutely beautiful...so clean and fresh. That back splash is just perfect too. It has been a couple of years since I painted my cabinets and have not regretted it one day. Now with the new floors, they seem new all over again. We also moved into this house in 1992 and it is pretty amazing how even a coat of paint can make it look like a new house! Steve did such a great job!

  3. it looks amazing ruth!!! and i enjoyed seeing jake!!

  4. Gorgeous..... You have a BRAND NEW kitchen for sure. I love it....

    YES---you owe Steve and Kai a very special treat....


  5. It's stunning now! What an excellent project - up the re-sale value - IF you'd ever want to sell!

  6. This is wonderful! What an amazing difference! And Kai is getting so tall and has grown so much. We did this about 12 years ago, when we had dark knotty pine cabinets. We changed them to bleached wood. Yours looks like brand new cabinets!! At at a fraction of the price too. After ours were done, I would just go in the kitchen to stand and look. YES, I have been wanting to get one of these stick on tile back splashes, so now I KNOW what brand to buy!

  7. Oh, I so love the new look...I have been thinking I would love white for a long time now. Just not sure I have it in me to try to do this.

  8. Dear, dear Ruth, this new kitchen look is wonderful! I think the countertop looks great with the white. What a difference paint makes. My husband always had TSP in his workshop and if we needed some we just headed off to HD which is close to us. Zinsser products are GREAT also. I'm going to have to look into that Smart Tile, it is so nice.

    Steve and Kai did a fantastic job and I know they will enjoy many special treats made with love from this new kitchen of yours.

    You will enjoy this for many years to come.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  9. Great job. Looks wonderful! What a blessing your son is to you!

  10. I am glad you included before and after pics, it looks fantastic. my favorite part is the china cabinet. gorgeous. and the back splash is perfect. Steve and Kai have made your kitchen beautiful for you to enjoy PLUS they have upped the equity value in your home. they did a professional job.

  11. It's quite a transformation! Steve and Kai did a very professional-looking job. You're blessed indeed.

  12. Oh yes, it looks so nice. I love a white kitchen. Great job.
    I am doing the same thing. Last May I painted the top cabinets white. I haven't gotten around to doing the bottoms ones yet. You have given me the motivation to finish my project.

  13. I love it. Would like to do that, but not sure who to get. Hard to find someone to trust and do a nice job. My entire house is the same way it was built in 1964. Still have paneling in the kitchen den.

  14. Wow, this looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing all the details involved!! Now if I could convince someone over here....hmmm!! :)

  15. It looks absolutely stunning!!!

  16. What a big change! It is so beautiful. Dreams come true. Sometimes.

  17. Ruth, great job! Well done Steve! It's always nice to have a change! This looks great!

  18. It look really good Ruth. Looks like a professional make-over. Your son did a wonderful job! Now your kitchen is all updated and bright!

  19. have kitty on lap and can't type very well...I'll just say Beautiful!!

  20. Wow....that was a job of work!! And I'd say well worth it all.

  21. How wonderful to get a new kitchen. It just brightens up your whole life. I, too, enjoyed seeing Jake. Diane

  22. Wow! I love the transformation! We have the exact same kitchen cupboards and I know firsthand what a thrill it is to paint that dark wood. I did the same thing to my cupboards a couple of years ago. It took us weeks to finish the work, but so worth it. We never did change the backsplash ... I think we just ran out of steam ;) That was a great gift your son gave you!
    ps I popped over here from Flower Lady's blog

  23. Amazing how a few changes can make such a big impact. Love the bright white! And the backsplash!


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