Monday, July 10, 2017

Red Deer,Alberta,Here We Come

Canada's Gospel Music Celebration happens in early July of every year.
2017 will mark the 5th year that I will be attending.I look forward to the music, the morning Chapel services with Leon Throness,and meeting old and new friends.
Today,I share with you a few pictures taken last year on our way to and from Red Deer,Alberta. I wonder what scenes await me this year.

On our travels last year, the sky yielded a never ending display of beauty.

Many,if not all of these pictures were taken from the passenger seat of a moving vehicle. We didn't want to take time to stop all the time, but the beauty needed to be captured on camera as best I could.

While driving along, my friends and I enjoy the uplifting music of many of the artists we are going to hear.The music helps to shorten the many miles of driving.

At a few places, wind turbines dot the landscape. I was lucky enough to capture this scene as we sped on down the highway.

It is 1,487 km or 924 miles, from Morden to Red Deer,so we have lots of time to enjoy the scenery.Last year we went from sunny skies to rain clouds and even some torrential downpours.

Looks like that sky will deliver some more rain. It has already rained as can be seen on the road.

Beautiful rolling hills and farm yards dotting the scene. I used to think that this stretch of road between Manitoba and the mountains in Alberta,was boring, but I have not found that to be the case in these recent years.

So,until I return from the music festival, there will be no more posts to this blog.
For those that follow me on Facebook,I will likely be posting some updates there.
I will also not be commenting on any blogs until I return.

Closing Thought:
Keep calm and listen to Southern Gospel - the music with an eternal difference.


  1. storm during this time of the year are kind of wild around here as well. gorgeous clouds. hope it will be a great week for you! sounds like there are lots of fires around in the US as well as in Canada ... I didn't understand which province though. i know we could all use some rain. i know when it is so warm and no rain things are more chances for forest fires and such. kind of scary. thanks! ( ;

  2. have a fantastic time and a safe trip. the skies were awesome and I pray they will be this time to and prayers for your safety. that field of yellow is fantastic....

  3. Oh how fun to go see and listen to the singers! Yes the music makes the ride go by faster. You sure take beautiful photos from a moving car

  4. your skies resemble my skies, they have been remarkable!! picture #5, a real favorite!!!

  5. What a gorgeous trip that was. I hope you are having a blast!!

  6. That is just so beautiful, Ruth!

  7. Beautiful photos dear Ruth. I know you'll get some more fantastic shots this trip. Have fun at the festival.

    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  8. Have a wonderful time!! Look forward to seeing your photos when you return.

  9. It's great that you can make it to this event every year and even greater to have some good friends with whom to make the trip. Wishing safe travels to you and a time of many blessings. I'll look forward to a photo of you with Scott and Legacy Five. :)

  10. What glorious scenes these are....I loved each and every one. I hope you have safe travels to and from Red Deer, and hope the music is wonderful.

  11. I hope you have a blessed time in Red Deer again this year. Enjoy the music and the time with friends.

  12. I'm so excited and happy for you... So glad you are getting to go again... I know you can't imagine JULY without going to the Gospel Music Celebration...

    I'm sure you will get as many (or more) great pictures this year...

    Have a wonderful terrific and God-filled time.

  13. I always enjoy the scenery from the passenger seat and p asked would never be able to find where I was going! I am so involved in the beauty I pay no attention to direction!

  14. I often take photos form a moving car, Ruth, and most times they come out well like yours did. I hope you have a wonderful time at the Gospel Music Festival. I look forward to hearing more about it when you return. Safe travels!

  15. beautiful skies. have a great time.

  16. That is a beautiful landscape and I love the sky shots. We were treated to beautiful skies with fluffy white clouds on our trip to and from Branson recently and saw various shapes and faces in them. Have a wonderful time at the music festival!

  17. Beautiful shots! I'm following you on facebook- have a fantastic time at the festival. God is GOOD!

  18. sounds like fun. i love the yellow fields so pretty and happy looking!! happy week. ( ;

  19. That's a long drive! But oh such a beautiful drive I'm sure. And with good friends and new friends upon arrival it is all so worth the trip.

    Beautiful Ruth. the header with the Canadian Flag.


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