Monday, August 28, 2017

Cloud Filled Skies

I am pretty sure that all my friends know that I love watching clouds.
Today's post proves that, once again. The following pictures would not be as good without the clouds in the sky.
All the pictures in this post were taken around southern Manitoba about the middle of June.
I am adding random quotes that I have found.

Sunshine and fresh air are blessings much too grand to take for granted. 

We’re all a little broken, but last time I checked, broken crayons still color.

Be happy, not because everything is good,
But because you can see good in everything.

It’s up to us to see the beauty in everyday things. 

Today is a beautiful day simple because God made it.

These are wild Saskatoons. When ripe, they can be turned into tasty pies or jams.

My prayers are with the many who are feeling the effects of Hurricane Harvey and it's aftermath.

Closing Thought:
Instead of focusing on a to do list,why not start a to be list? 
Things I want to be: 


  1. Beautiful photos and words Ruth, God bless you and yours...⛅⛅🌥🌹💝🌄🌜🌠🎵🎶

    1. Kathy Edmister, as it says my comment unknown??����

  2. Your quotes are wonderful, and ones I have not heard. I love how you have a wonderful meandering path, and the next photo is the same kind of path, but with water. Saskatoons! I have been seeing these everywhere to decorate for fall!! Artificial ones, of course. Could not figure out what they were. The extra pretty cloud shots are the fence post and corn ones...they just add to the beauty.

  3. the skies are beautiful and I like the road that bends and goes off into infinity. or appears to..i like the photo of the berries at the end, am not familiar with them. we are just now watching on our news the Harvey Horror that just refuses to leave.

  4. forgot to say LOVE the Header

  5. You're one of the best at seeing (and photographing) the beauty in everyday things. These are all lovely.

  6. I LOVE that To Be List!! Beautiful captures Ruth! Have a Wonderful Day!

  7. You did a great job of finding quotes to go with your gorgeous sky photos!

  8. i always ask for God to allow me to be more patient. i truly have no patience ... i wish i did. but i want things to be better now. i don't wanna wait ...but always wonder why we can not have a notice saying just a few more months or just a bit ... just so i don't give up hope. that seems fair to me. i love the clouds. love the winding road shot. have a blessed week Ruth. take care. ( :

  9. Wow---beautiful clouds.... When looking at the landscape, all I could think of was: "in a few months, that will covered with SNOW".....ha ha (Sorry---bet you didn't want to hear that yet.)

    Never heard of Saskatoons..... Hmmm--interesting.


  10. Such beautiful skies!!
    I like your idea of a to be list instead of a to do one.

  11. A truly wonderful post filled with much beauty and inspiring words. Thank you.

  12. Those clouds stretching off along the horizon are breathtaking!
    I enjoyed the quotes also.
    Have a blessed week ahead!

  13. Oh, we sure like a lot of the same things...I have been a sky watcher since I was in high school...I think that is when I really, really started falling in love with clouds and sky....but love the clouds that are so dark but have a glowing edge. The ones that make you think of the lines from a poem that says:
    Be still sad heart and cease repining,,
    Behind the clouds is the sun still shining.

  14. Beautiful clouds indeed.... though could have done without them when we journeyed to Kansas City to see the eclipse...:)

  15. Beautiful Ruth, I could get lost in the clouds. I love love love your closing thought. A new list for me coming soon!!

  16. What a beautiful set of photos, love th look of the fluffy clouds in the blue sky.
    I hope the rest of September will be as nice.

  17. I like your cloud pictures and your "be" list. Fall is always a great time for cloud watching. they seem to be so close to the ground.

  18. Wish we could see clouds here in Oregon, but too many fires has the sky filled with smoke and ash. It is unhealthy to be outside. Lovely photos.


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