Wednesday, September 6, 2017

On a Day In June

I keep showing pictures that are from a couple of months ago, but I guess that's OK. 
We all enjoy reliving good days and these pictures are from just such a day.Let me explain.
A friend and fellow bus driver and I were asked to transport most of the children from one school to a nearby rural park.The children love this day, it means they get to roam around and explore.
I of course knew that there would be several hours of waiting, so my trusty camera came with me.
All the following pictures were taken from the grounds of the park we were at.
Our Manitoba people will recognize it as Stanley Park.

Often times I find myself looking for that spectacular flower, but this single head of grain shows that beauty is seen even in the simple things.

While relaxing in my lawn chair,I noticed these flowers. The clover makes a nice backdrop for the lone Dandelion.

The park has several picnic shelters and a pair of Barn Swallows felt that this was a good place for a home.Since they had a nest there, they allowed me to get fairly close and capture these images.

This picture is taken with a flash, because it was not very well lit in there.
Isn't he cute?

Mama was faithfully doing her duty, sitting on that nest, keeping the eggs warm.

This is a well treed park so we could not look to the west from where we were.One of the teachers drew my attention to the fact that there were weather warnings out.I took a short walk and looked west, only to see these clouds bubbling up.We knew that it was time to get those children rounded up and into the buses and home to a safe building.

The weather was not severe, but it did rain so they might have gotten a little wet.

Closing Thought:
{I may have used this before, but it's still a good reminder.}
Every day may not be good,but there is something good in every day.


  1. you always close with the best thoughts!! i liked the first image best because of it's simplicity...but they are all wonderful!!

  2. Enjoyed the field day. Perfect closing thought. Always happy when you take the time to visit me.

  3. Very pretty. Nice pictures of the swallows, not always easy to get a picture of them.
    Looks like you got the kids rounded up just in time.

  4. You always find so much beauty wherever you go! This is a gift! I love them ALL.

  5. Oh, I do love that image of the single head of grain. Very artistic. I've been meaining to compliment you on your header, too. It's stunning.

  6. That closing thought is so might be one that needs to be repeated again and again, to set it in our mind.

  7. Great photos, especially of the barn swallow on her nest.

    Love the quote and one I need to remember over the next few days.

    Thanks for your love, encouragement and prayers ~ FlowerLady

  8. Your photos of the grain and despised dandelion are wonderful and as you say even they have their own beauty!

  9. I love dandelions! Such pretty shots.

  10. I am off to find the good in this day that has no been that good. thanks for the reminder. that little bird is adorable and so is momma bird. I have always entertained myself when waiting with camera

  11. Sounds like you had a great day ---and I am sure that those kids enjoyed their day of checking everything out!!!!!

    Great set of pictures... Love the Barn Swallows... We see them when we go to Cades Cove. They live in a little pavilion there. The park people have tried to get rid of them but they keep coming back.


  12. " is seen even in the simple things."

    Sometimes only there.

  13. Love the rain clouds...and the swallows most of all...
    tho, are are stupendous Ruth.

    A glorious day had by all. And for the kids a memorable one indeed.

  14. Love the birds! I have never been to Manitoba but heard of the park!

  15. Ruth, it is lovely to find beauty and even the simplest of things. Sometimes people only see big pictures instead of the smaller intricate ones.

  16. I agree remember those beautiful shots! What a cute bird, good mom sitting.....nest looks neat too

  17. What a beautiful day in June, indeed! What a fun day that surely was and you have captured some wonderful images!

  18. Hi Ruth....such beautiful pictures... Of always have gorgeous photos.


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