Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Views Along The Way

Back in early July,I made my annual trip to Red deer,Alberta,for Canada's Gospel Music Celebration.
As expected the event was wonderful, the music uplifting and meeting old and new friends was a thrill. Today,I want to show you a few scenes that I was able to capture along the way.

We,I went with two other friends, spent a night in Swift Current,Sasketchewan,I won't go into the details of that, just to say that I have noted the hotel and will never stay there again. You know that I like to find the positive if I can and the next morning I was out of my room early and noticed a good sized patch of Tumbleweed near the hotel. The next two pictures show you what I saw.It was a patch of beauty in a less than desirable location.

I think this is so pretty.

Upon looking around,I noticed a couple of other flowers and took a moment to capture their beauty as well.

After breakfast it was time to head down the road again.This is what I saw for mile after mile.It may look boring, but I find it peaceful and also beautiful.Yes,we did see some animals, mostly domestic cattle, but that too has some beauty. I spotted several Antelope,but had no chance for a photo.

Stopping at the side of a busy highway may not be the best idea, but when a scene like this presents itself,I had to do what I had to do. I love the layers of color in this scene. The yellow in the background is a field of blooming Canola.

On the way home a few days later, we were treated to this scene. The setting sun was painting these storm clouds with such beautiful colours. Once again,I had to stop to get a few pictures.

After being away from home for one week,I was happy to go home.I love going away, but home is still the best place to be.

Closing Thought:
We can’t always choose the music life plays for us but WE CAN choose how we dance to it.


  1. I like your closing thought Ruth. I am glad you stopped to take the pictures. The one with the canola field is beautiful. It seems to have a texture to it.

  2. outstanding photography!! there's no place like home!!

  3. Ruth, I want to thank you for the info about the cowbird!! I was amazed to read this! I can't remember if I have thanked you before, but I just loved your comment. The flowers are beautiful! At first it looked like snow! and canola plants, I have never seen one. Are they called Rapeseed as swell? I love your beautiful cloud picture! The light on it is glorious.

  4. What wonderful photos dear Ruth.

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  5. You captured some beautiful pictures, Ruth. I'm glad you went and had a great time. Hope you're well. Hugs, Diane

  6. Antelope usually won't stick around and pose for the camera. :) Wow! I love that last shot of the beautiful clouds and the warm light on the field in the foreground.

  7. The pictures are stunning. Every area has its very own beauty.

  8. I truly admire your ability to find beauty in even unfortunate experiences. And I am very thankful you share that beauty with us.

  9. Beauty EVERYWHERE we look, isn't there????

    Have you heard from Sandra (FL) since the storm???? Hope they are okay.

  10. Ruth, beautiful prairie images! I'm a big fan of the prairie! Simply love the country and all it has to offer, which for me is an awful lot! The fields of Canola in bloom is a sight for sore eyes! We didn't make our trip this year! Decided on a quite summer at home, which we have both enjoyed! But I missed the Prairie!!

  11. Wow the tumble weed looks like snow, til I look closer! So pretty. Cano la field is so vibrant. The clouds look so glorious

  12. Oh how I would have loved that drive...not boring at all with those wide open spaces...and that SKY! I have never seen tumbleweed before...well, except in those old cowboy movies...and it didn't look anything like this. Absolutely beautiful stuff!

  13. I never knew tumbleweed could actually beautify an area in which it grows! Loved your photos Ruth!

  14. I've never seen tumbleweed except in the old westerns ... what a beautiful flowering plant. Love the sky shots and so glad you stopped to captur those moments.


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