Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A Final Look At Fall 2017

One more month closer to the end of 2017.
The fall color has come and gone in my area, but thanks to photos,I can enjoy it as long and as often as I want to.
Once again,I invite you hop in my car and come along as we explore some less traveled roads.

Most often I stay on the more traveled roads, but sometimes a side roads calls so strongly that I must check it out.Such was the case this time.I had seen this one road many times, but never took the time to check it out.Please hang on as we do just that.
The scenery along the way is quite pretty.

A few brightly coloured leaves are reason enough to stop the car and get  some pictures.

I'm sure you are wondering how this road looks.Well,let me just say that I would not be trying this road after a rain, but when it's dry it's ok, just hope no one comes from the other direction.

An immature Bald Eagle does a fly-by at another location.

I am always exploring Southern Manitoba,but a few weeks ago,Steve and I went across the border into North Dakota,to check out the Pembina Valley in North Dakota,or as they call it, the Pembina Gorge. We found pockets of pretty color.

We were stopped at the side of the road and I saw the patterns in the shale hillside.I thought it looked interesting.

The mixture of muted colors gives a special look to the scene.

One last look at the layers of color. No,this isn't as beautiful as the Smokey Mountains,but I still like it.

I hope you enjoyed this brief time exploring, first Manitoba and then moving across into North Dakota.

Closing Thought:
Let's thank God for His countless blessings to us.


  1. Yippee, I get to go on another walk with you! My two favorites are the last two, and the gorgeous grove of birch trees!

  2. We visited the Pembina Gorge this fall too & it sure is a beautiful spot close to home.

  3. It is different than the smokies and that is what makes that pretty too. I love that back road you took,it takes you up close and personal. Thank you for sharing your outing with us.

  4. I love that first photo, with the white trunks and yellow leaves. You were quite adventuresome to tackle that road, but the beautiful fall colors you captured were worth the effort. And what a great shot of the eagle!

  5. What a wonderful back road to explore more of God's beautiful creation. You took some wonderful photos and I thank you for sharing them here. A real treat for me way down here in tropical s.e. FL.

    Love & hugs dear Ruth ~ FlowerLady

  6. Thanks for taking us with you when you traveled that back road. We have lots of roads like this here in Tennessee! I also enjoyed the autumn colors of North Dakota. I'm not sure our Smokey Mountains color will be much better this year.

  7. I really like that 2 track road, and agree, not if it rains. might have to back up aways if you meet someone. I have not seen beautiful shale like that for years and years.

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE that little backroad... That is OUR kind of road to check out!!!!!! Great set of pictures and as George said, our colors here are not that pretty this year (due to the very warm weather and dry conditions)....

    Love your header also... SO pretty and creative.


  9. Aside from the odd tree here and there, our color isn't so pretty this year. I really enjoyed seeing the road you were traveling on and all your photos. The last ones may not be the Smokeys, but they have a beauty all their own. Enjoy your week!

  10. You got some very pretty pictures traveling along that back road.

  11. Ruth, stunning images! I love the Poplar grove! Always have like them! Our Fall colour is about depleted too! We had some wind over the weekend that took a lot of it down. We have rain and cold and maybe snow later this week, so that will take care of the rest!
    It's been a nice Autumn!

  12. Such beautiful images, Ruth...and I would LOVE to drive down that road too!! But not after a rain, like you said. :)

  13. Ruth, I would love to travel with you down some of your roads....and I would return the favor and take you down some of ours. These call to me...

  14. The color was very beautiful in that back road area, Ruth. Western Aspen trees may not be as colorful as eastern maple trees, but their golden yellow and flame orange leaves have their own special beauty. The shale ledges you showed had me intrigued. I imagine there would be quite a few fossils in that shale. from long ago!

  15. I aparticularly likethe irst 2 shots and that road looks like one I would go down Ruth.

  16. Lovely photographs. I keep wondering why this year has gone by so fast. Too fast!

  17. Both north and south look gorgeous! Love the rolling yellow hills of North Dakota! Seeing these areas through your lens makes me want to come out there for a long tour :) Enjoy your weekend Ruth, and I hope the snow holds off for a teeny bit longer.


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