Saturday, November 11, 2017

Bison to Birds

Time to visit my favourite bison herd.They don't seem to to think of me as a favourite,because they totally ignore me when I show up.Today I chose to get up close and personal with these guys.No,I was not that close, since I really don't even want to be that close to these animals.A good telephoto lens does wonders,at times like this.

That is a very serious look.

I wonder if he thinks he can hide behind those few pieces of dried grass?

The White-tailed Deer of course keep a safe distance from humans.Yes,all these pictures were taken before we got snow.

It doesn't matter what I'm trying to get pictures of, I am always mindful of the sky so seeing these clouds,I had to get a picture of them.

In fall we see large skeins of Canada Geese heading north. They are usually heard even before they are seen.

Canada has had the official Thanksgiving Day,but my friends in the US will be celebrating later this month.I do hope these turkeys escape the kitchen. This is a poor picture, because I was shooting through the car window.

Closing Thought:
“Being negative only makes a difficult journey more difficult. You may be given a cactus but you don’t have to sit on it.” –Joyce Meyer


  1. Ruth, your photos are great. When we were in Yellowstone, we became very fond of the bisons. In fact one came so close to the car we could here him breath. I really liked your photo of the Canadian Geese...they always seem to fly in such an orderly pattern.
    Thanks for sharing...

  2. I have never seen a real wild turkey! But my favorite is the geese in flight. We have many here, a year round. They fly over our house at least once a day,and yes,I can hear them first. but I have never been able to get a good shot of them in flight. Yours is beautiful!

  3. What great photos! That bison does look serious! He's an awesome creature. Seeing & hearing the geese must be such a treat. A sign of the changing seasons.

    Happy Autumn dear Ruth ~ FlowerLady

  4. love the cactus and not having to sit on it quote. so true. and bison to birds or birds to bison is fine with me. I hope the turkeys survive and also the bison to. Bison meet is big here now, they are selling bison burgers and I have trouble eating beef burgers and if I had to see them and doit could not. this big guy is just gorgeous.... I am with you, not ready to meet one face to face but I sure like him with the zoom

  5. Love that quote at the end.... SO true... My saying on my blog is "Surround Yourself with Positive People".....

    Great set of pictures.. Seeing the bison made me homesick for Yellowstone... Need to go back there sometime!!!!

    Hope you are still feeling better today....

    Hugs and God's Blessings on YOU,

  6. You got great pictures of the bison, but I love the clouds as well.

  7. Fascinating creatures and creation! Glad you're having fun!

  8. Bison are such interesting animals, looking so docile and almost lethargic, but capable of doing a lot of damage if they decide to. The deer seem so fragile to be facing your Manitoba winter. Looks like there a three fawns in this group. Your shot of the geese is wonderful, and you did very well on the shot of the turkeys in spite of the window. Love the quote about the cactus. :)

  9. Love the close ups of the Biscon and the wonderful geese flying. HAve a fabulou week Ruth

  10. The turkeys will escape me. They roam our neighborhood and I love them. Very nice pictures of the bison and Canadian Geese.
    Those two again are some of my favorites. The geese are almost mystical to me, love them. And for some unknown reason I always feel very sorry for the bison. Don't know why. Nice pictures, Ruth. Diane

  11. Great shots of the bison.
    The quote made me smile.

  12. I don't know if it is true or not, but I have heard that buffalo are temperamental. I wonder if there is any truth in the deer photo.

  13. Wow...those are awesome photos of the bison. I don't think we have many of them around here. We just returned from TN and there were many turkeys around. They must have known that it's not turkey hunting season...HAHA! I love the quote at the end. :D Have a blessed week!

  14. I remember how big those bison are! Someone here in Oregon City actually has a few on their land and i discovered them during a wandering drive once!

  15. Some lovely animal pics. I like your bison :>)

  16. ooooh man, i love that closing thought, so many people i would love to share it with!!

    beautiful captures in the wild - those bison are huge - good thing for your special lens!!!

  17. I'm glad you could use your telephoto lens to take these photos of this amazing bison! I have never seen one in real life so I enjoyed your shots.
    The clouds were so beautiful too!

  18. Run turkeys, run! After seeing one upclose for the very first time in my life...I never realized how HUGE this birds are. Great shots of the bison. I forgot to tell you Happy Thanksgiving, so belated wishes to you. Have a blessed day!

  19. Love the curled horns on the bison...GREAT telephotos Ruth.
    And the wild turkeys through the car window ...excellent images.
    I remember in Colorado, when we lived there long ago, the Canada Geese never was always a puzzle to me.

    Beautiful sky.

    Oh, and LOVED your feathered friends post below this one.

  20. Oh, I love that quote, Ruth. I promise not to roast your Canadian wild turkeys! I like the scruffy bison.

  21. I love this set of photos and especially loved seeing the bison. The Joyce Meyers quote is a good one.


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