Thursday, November 2, 2017

Photo Editing

In this post I am showing you some before and after shots.
I have been using Adobe Lightroom,almost exclusively for my photo editing.This is a very good program and gives a lot of flexibility.
Now,If I was a professional,I could take the photos even further in Lightroom,but I am not at that level.
Recently Steve made me aware of a fairly new program for photo  editing.
I could try it for two weeks but after that needed to buy it.
Luminar from Macphun is an easy to use program, in fact it's so easy that even I can get amazing results with just a few clicks.

So here are two sets of pictures, which I have recently taken.
The first picture is edited in Lightroom.I should say that I start out with a RAW file
I thought this looked quite good.

Then I took that same photo into Luminar and with a couple of clicks I got this result.The color is more vibrant and the picture looks so much better.

I love getting sunset pictures and here is one, again edited in Lightroom and looks OK.

Once again,I took it into Luminar and this is what I ended up with. I am sure that in the right hands, the same results could have been achieved in Lightroom,but for an amateur like me, Luminar is much easier to use.

I have not been asked to make this post, nor am I endorsing one or the other product.
I am just sharing what I have experienced, as a friend shares with a friend.
I am always interested in what kind of editing program others use and so I thought you might like to know what I'm doing.
Whether you use any editing program or not, the important part is that you get out there and capture the beauty God has created all around us.


  1. The program you used has enhanced the color and the clarity of the pics. God gave the beauty for you and us to enjoy and take pictures to capture that moment in time.
    Even though we can capture the scenery God gave us, only He creates the masterpiece.

  2. I received an email today from a professional photography site to which I subscribe, with a link to a detailed review of Luminar. After seeing the results you've achieved with it, I'm tempted. So far, I've not used any real photo editing software. I do some cropping and adjust brightness or contrast; but that's about it. But you're sure tempting me to look at Luminar.

  3. Wonderful results! So are Lightroom and Luminar free? Do you have to download them?

  4. I think you tweaked them perfectly in Lightroom. I use Photoshop CC, but the principles are the same, since both programs are from Adobe. Keep on the good work. Your photography excels as usual.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. Thank you for these lovely before and after shots. I use an older version of Paint Shop Pro.

    Happy Autumn ~ FlowerLady

  6. wow, gorgeous. i did google the price. i am still looking for free. you please enjoy though. have a super great weekend. ( ;

  7. Very nice. Do you buy Lightroom or pay monthly? I decided to pay $10/month and get Lightroom and Photoshop because in my experience it cost that much to keep both updated.

  8. I really like the editing you've done with these photos. I've used Luminar, and I really like it.

  9. I would like to have lightroom, I have seen amazing edits done with it, and yours looks like you have conquered it very well. I love the way the first edit looks in light room even more than Luminar but the second I think I like the Luminar best. you know I will be checking out the Luminar

  10. Yes, even though your photos are beautiful the editing does enhance the pictures.

  11. TEMPTING...... I may try it sometime. Your photos are GREAT.... I feel as if my Photo Shop program does a good job --so never sure I can do better... BUT--maybe sometime I will check it out... Do you use it as part of Photo Shop --or stand-alone???? Does it have something to take the wires/poles/people out of pictures? That's one thing I LOVE about PS...... Compare them for me sometime. Thanks.

    P.S. I am one who wants the pictures to look 'normal'... Some of the pictures I see look almost FAKE to me... SO---I try to lean the way of 'natural'..... Thanks.

    1. Now Betsy no software can take a bad picture and make it into a winning picture. :) :)

  12. Your photos look amazing even without further enhancing! The blue in the river really comes out with the second edit.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  13. Wow! Amazing difference, though your raw photos are terrific.
    I'll have to mention this to my husband. :-)

    So nice to stop in and see your beauty

  14. good information ruth!! i don't edit my pictures, sometimes i crop them or add a little color with my mac program. rarely, nothing special. these look really good!!!

  15. Your photos are beautiful edited or not. I'll have to check out Luminar. I use PicMonkey for editing. Mostly I just crop and resize my photos, and occasionally sharpen a little or add some contrast. I love natural photos best, but sometimes one needs a little enhancing. Just for fun, I'll go to Photoscape and play with the water painting edit.

  16. I like both editions, but I do like the second one better. I am still using Picasa...I keep thinking I might need to find something new.

  17. Ruth....your pictures are always so peaceful looking. I love visiting here.

  18. I love having editing options available. How things have changed. I haven't used those, I have a Chromebook and I'm still learning how to use different editing. They're wonderful when they work right!! Have a great weekend Ruth. By the way, thanks for the lesson, your shots are beautiful both ways.

  19. I love Lightroom. I have been using Topaz Studio after LR. It is a free download.

  20. PS your images are beautiful.

  21. I do love your photos Ruth, both the enhanced and natural ones. I don't edit my photos apart from the odd cropping. I don't have Photoshop or Lightroom or any of the others mentioned here actually. Maybe it is something I should learn but don't really have the time to be editing my photos anyway at the moment. I'm doing well just keeping up with my daily photo blog!

  22. To me your images are always wonderful. I like the first edited one beter thanthe second. I use Piscas but do only a small amount of editing. Have a great week ahead.

  23. I enjoyed seeing your comparisons with the two different photo editing software, and will definitely check out Luminar. I currently use a variety of different software. I like Gimp, which is a free photo editing program, but requires a lot of time to understand all it will do. I also use Picasa as well but I am sad that you can only download it now. I currently have the old version on an old computer that I use. I am happy we have met in blogging world, and look forward to getting to know you better, as I see that we both love to capture the beauty of the Lord's creation around us!

  24. mine just basic photo editing that comes with my smartphone. Quality just so so. Will check out Luminar. Thanks

  25. I find that half the fun of taking photos is editing them ;) I used picmonkey for a long time, but recently finished editing a picture, went to save it, and they demand I sign up for a trial (which I know will only end up with me being billed once I forget the trial is over!). I couldn't save the photo. I just don't want to pay the big price they ask. I have photoshop on my computer, but find it confusing to use and I give up. Thanks for sharing your experiences Ruth.
    Oh, and your photos look amazing with the Luminar!!

  26. I really like both versions of tbe two!

  27. I have been using Lightroom for so long, it is easy for me now. I am glad you found one you can work well with.


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