Thursday, November 30, 2017

Welcome December 2017

December is upon us, the last month of 2017.
This is a month of busyness, celebration and anticipation. We anticipate celebrating the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. This is a story we have all heard for many years, but it never grows old.
This post has in it some of my favourite things, although there are many more than these few.

The red berries on the Mountain Ash decorated with some white snow, is a pretty sight.
Yes,we did have snow for a short time, but is has since all melted away.I hope we get more soon.

During the winter,I have less birds around, but the ones that stay, like the Blue Jay are a joy to watch.
A small Oak Tree not too far from the house is the perfect place to stop for a moment before coming to the feeder.

The snow on this Jay's face, tells me that the has been hiding peanuts in the snow and now he's back for more.

This looks like a good one.

Wait,maybe I can get a second peanut in there.

For those that may be reading this and prefer the summer season,I add another favourite of mine  a beautiful yellow rose. In my opinion, all roses are beautiful.

Closing Thought:

I’m so glad friends don’t come with price tags.
I could never afford the wonderful friends I’ve got. 


  1. Lovely pictures and perfectly focused! I enjoy the winter season, but wish we had a little more snow!

  2. Love this post!!! I love the snow but we rarely get any in Alabama (where we live). It is certainly a huge treat when we do!! Your yellow rose is fact all the photos are gorgeous!!! I am trying to learn more about photography and maybe one day I can capture such beauty as you do!!

  3. We need more snow, too. I love seeing your berries and birds. My mother grew roses. I think of her when I see them. Your yellow bloom is lovely.

  4. I like your December header! We have blue jays all year long. But I did not know they hide nuts in the snow! When there is no snow, do they bury them? Just like squirrels! I love that snow on his beak! And what an intense yellow the rose is!

  5. Your blue jay shots are superb, Ruth! Love the snowy face. And the image of the mountain ash berries is beautiful.

  6. Wow your blue jay pics show them so happy, eating the peanuts! Gorgeous bird. I prefer the summer but the snow is so pretty too

  7. Ruth, you did a great job at capturing perfect detail of the blue jay and his expressions! I love that they hide the peanuts in the snow, so funny! We have stellar jays here which are a relative of the blue jays and they love coming to eat our suet that we put out. I agree with you about the Christmas season, and I love your blog header, it is wonderful to make this time all about Him, and not the materialistic version. Blessings to you today!

  8. I just love the blue jay with the snow on his face. Amazing! I love your blog header also and the message there.

    Happy Christmas holidays ~ FlowerLady

  9. The photos of the bluejay are marvelous. I also like your wonderful quote.

  10. Oh wow, Ruth! Your photos of the blue jay are fantastic!

  11. the jay pics are amazing. I love seeing him saving for a snowy/rainy day...

  12. The pictures of the blue jays are wonderful. My favorite one though is the first one. Great expression on his face. : )
    I really like the closing thought. So true!!!

  13. The bird is wonderful. I love your photos! Thanks. Also thanks for your other (spiritual) words.
    Greetings form your European sister in Christ.

  14. our blue jays are twins, but i have not seen mine in the snow yet!! great captures...

    another great closing thought!!!

  15. Love the blue jay photos. Made me laugh!

  16. I am waiting the return of my winter birds. These are fantastic photos, Ruth!

  17. Hi There, Love your header..... Welcome to December... AND--I always love your snow pictures.... My Photo Blog is similar to this one featuring a couple of my birds in winter..... Our Blue Jays leave us during the winter. Maybe they come to see you!!!!!


  18. In elementary school the Bible Ladies came to school about once a month and told Bible stories...I am sure now they were from the Gideon's, but we always called them the Bible Ladies. The story of Christ's birth was always a favorite of us kids.

    Beautiful photos, here, too.

  19. Your closing comment is just so true. Wonderful photos as always Ruth.


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