Sunday, January 28, 2018

Just Because

I've titled this post Just Because.
I am sharing the following pictures, just because I happen to like them, and this is a time of year where I get few new pictures, and because it's cold outside and I thought some summer scenes might be the thing to view right now. Oh,I also share them because the photographer was someone very dear to me, my husband Jake.all pictures were taken well before any digital cameras were available.

Because I have many pictures to post,I will keep the words to a minimum.

Flowers growing in our garden years ago.

Windblown flowers.

A clump of Prairie Crocus in early spring.

Yellow Lady Slipper and Wood Anemone.


Steve at about 3 or 4 years of age.Taken on a trip to Colorado.

Monarch Butterfly on roadside Aster

Unknown location.I just like the reflections.

Also unknown location, but just a pleasing scene.

Back in the day when farmers used the small straw bales.Now we mostly see the big round ones.

Another shot from the trip to Colorado.I'm not sure he was always pleased to pose for pictures, but he did it and I'm glad he did.Now he is the one with the camera in hand.

Closing Thought:
One of my many favourite Bible verses.
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. 
Jeremiah 29:11 (ESV)


  1. Oh, those crocus can't come soon enough; but after that dump of snow we got - who knows! Years ago, I did dig out some anemone from the woods and planted them in my garden - so pretty! Love the photos you've chosen!

  2. One of my favorite verses. Jake had photography in his soul. He was well acquainted with beauty.

  3. I was thinking . . . every photo could be title just because. Very appropriate.

  4. Jakes photos are always amazing, he had super skills with his camera. and the fact these are film not digital is totally amazing to me. i never got film photos worth keeping.

  5. I hope you feel like posting more of Jake's photos just because. These are all gorgeous.

  6. I have never been to CO but the scenes are so lovely. My hubby's sis just moved there so there just may be an opportunity to finally get out there! Steve was a little cutie. :D

  7. Gorgeous pictures.... Three jumped out at me... Two were the two from Colorado... I LOVE that state and would probably live there IF I were younger... Steve was/is a cutie pie..... The other one is the clump of Crocus.... I love them --since they are some of the first flowers to bloom in spring here.... I love Jake's photos... Are you digitizing them????


  8. Just becasue and why not Ruth each and every one tell a story and for you a very happy memory. Thanks for brightening up a day.

  9. Fabulous photos. All are beautiful and what a great post title.

  10. Love photographs. My favorite is the backlit crocus.

  11. Ruth, wonderful images! Don't we live in a wonderful world!

  12. Expecting snow tonight so your pictures hit the spot. The reflections are beautiful. I long to see a crocus. ..soon. Won't happen.

  13. With this being such a colder winter, these pics that Jake took, makes me feel warmer and know that spring is not too far around the corner. Ruth, thank you for sharing them.

  14. i've only seen a lady slipper on the screen never in real life. gorgeous blooms. i love the flower blur. chance of snow last night but no show ... kind of a let down ... i love your happy flower views ... some of my faves u do share. take care this week. ( ;

  15. it must be wonderful to scan through jakes pictures, picking favorites. steve is adorable and yes, i enjoyed the pretty flowers as we got a dusting of snow last night!!

  16. These are all stunning examples of Jake's talent. I love them all; can't pick a favorite.

  17. One of my favorites - the Prairie Crocus. Love them. But if I were to happen upon a Ladie's Slipper in the woods I would be thrilled. Great photography fron Jake, Ruth. I'm glad to have been blogging with you when he was still alive. Diane

  18. Love the beautiful simplicity of the lady slipper image!


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